Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Photoset

You stared at this image. You wondered what it's all about. You're interested because it makes you feel like one of those Creepypasta stories lurking in the Internet since forever.

You looked at the second image. You wondered why the legs were moved downward. Did something happen? Surely, it is not an animated GIF. You kept scrolling past the Read More line break below because you wanted to find out more about this body.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


During the 1980s, there was a legendary and historical “superhero” who roamed around Enidouka, coming from the Baukizen region, saving the whole country and neighboring ones from crime, disasters and evil deeds. A strong, handsome and striking man in his 20s, he was known to many as “Levitas” yet his existence was cut short by controversy.

According to the written and oral records, the true identity of the Levitas was that of an elementary school boy named Kouru Azurika. His identity was only revealed to the public because of a major upset caused by his fangirls, allegedly stemming from a teacher named “Chesla” who was said to be shocked from finding out that Levitas was actually an EVS user and therefore, she was in a relationship with a young boy all this time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Flashlight: Enigma Fanfiction

It was early in the morning, when he woke me up. I don't remember who he was or where he came from, but I can tell he's a nice person. He looked at me with sad, but caring eyes.

His eyes weren't normal. It was like the eyes of the ghosts that I often read from mystery and horror novels. His hair and facial features, on the other hand, were almost exactly the same as mine, as if we were twins.

"Morning, you pansy."

From his lips came out a harsh voice that somehow stroke a needle within my heart, but surprisingly, the pain had subsided very quickly and was replaced by a gentle feeling.

Could it be that he's wearing different clothes to identify and distinguish himself as a separate entity from me? Who is he? What should I call him? I don't know, but I nodded.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Metronome - Chapter 14: From White to Black

Kodamu thrusted his white blades, which he formed from his hands, towards his own brother, Yasome Luna, as the two battled it out inside his own lair, with the night sky and the bright full moon as their backdrop. Neither Weizan was giving away, but Kodamu was remarkably strong, because he was the first of their kind.

“Yasome…I appreciate how much you’ve grown physically and with your powers, and the way you use them.” Kodamu wiped off a bit of his black blood dripping from his mouth due to getting severely hit. “But just to let you know, I’m not gonna go easy on you, because you owe me a lot…”

“It’s true…I may have been a selfish little brother to you…” Yasome screamed with clenched fists, irritated eyes due to crying and blood almost all over his body due to damage. 

Metronome - Chapter 13: Kodamu the Dictator

Just then, an earthquake-like-explosion was heard on the top of the building.

“What’s that sound?” Maggie contacted Crios and Chiaki to know what’s going on.

“Unfortnately, I don’t know, because most of the controls to the system had been shut down. It seems that the Dictator’s finally found—”

The communication lines were suddenly cut off.

“We have no choice then…” Norr insisted. “Let’s force our way through the very top.”

Metronome - Chapter 12: Crios the Doll

Chiaki suddenly awakened in a secret laboratory. She saw a Doll, similar to her, but a bit older and with a seemingly familiar face…


“Ah, Chiaki! You’re finally awake! I’m glad!”

“W-what am I doing here?” Chiaki went out of the bed to check out her surroundings, full of machines and controls. “I was with my friends…the Weizans…but suddenly…”

“…I made you pass out, I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to be in danger.”

You see…I just pretended to be working with the Dictator,” Crios whispered to Chiaki’s ear. “I was secretly tracking you down, as instructed by LENCO.”

Metronome - Chapter 11: To the Capital

“Isn’t it a coincidence that a LENCO laboratory’s actually in this town?” Yasome patted Makov’s back, in the attempt to cheer him up a bit.

“Yeah…” Makov smiled. “At least from here, we can take a few hours rest before we head to the capital, and at the same time, find out more on Vesia’s remains.”

When they reached the lab, a LENCO scientist approached them.

“Yo, it’s our heroes!”

“No, not really…” Makov scratched his head. “But we do need your help…”