Sunday, January 7, 2018

NirBanYa Series Ch. 10 – Cross Time

“We’re over at Seoul!” E.C. happily took along Ria to some sort of corporate office, as people around her tried to take selfies with both of them, thinking that they’re some sort of cosplayers.

Ria did wonder why her hair was different all this time and not make a big fuss about it, since her memory was fuzzy and manipulated by her brother, to shield her from the truth that she came from another world, and to protect her at all costs.

Reading the signboard, they saw the words “Andamiro Co., Ltd.”, marking that they’re at some sort of company or firm.

“This is it!” E.C. exclaimed. “This is where Rin says that Y can be found working!”

“Y…you mean the “god” of your world?” Ria asked.

NirBanYa Series Ch. 9 - Go

Ran temporarily changed his look – the look he went as a father figure to two people, also known as “Ben James” in “reality”.

“D-DAD!?!?” Robert and Marina were shocked to find the truth.

“All this time…my dad is from another dimension!? I should’ve known!”

NirBanYa Series Ch. 8 – Twist of Fate

“Ugh…this is embarrassing, but whatever…please wake up, Rin…please…”

As if a miracle occurred, one of Rin’s eyes stopped glowing red, and returned to a yellowish color, in contrast to Ria’s blue eyes, and tried to take control of his original body. Everyone else started to unfreeze and went towards the siblings.

“Rin…keep fighting…please…”

NirBanYa Series Ch. 7 – Worrisome Reality

“Now…we can be together…”

“Young girl, it’s a trap!” Ria heard Ran Zieghart call out to her, despite being frozen. “Your brother’s being possessed by a fragment of Vulcan! Get outta there!”


Suddenly, large and dark claws grabbed Ria and Rin, who did look as if he were possessed with reddish demonic eyes, much like the ones on Vulcan. It was somehow absorbing some form of energy from both of them, to which Rin was laughing psychotically.

“Yes…now we shall become one again…” It was indeed, Vulcan’s fragment, who possessed Rin.

“Their crystals…” Ran exclaimed. “…Vulcan will use them to summon Rio and Rou…”
“Uhm…what’s a crystal?” Marina was confused.

NirBanYa Series Ch. 6 - Interference

Ria, Robert and Marina all went out safely to witness the red demon disintegrating, but falling into a void, to indicate that he won’t enter “god mode” at all, and will be kept imprisoned for the rest of eternity inside that void.

“However, whether he likes it or not, those who did more harm than good to others during their lifetime won’t really enter “god mode” anyway,” Ran chuckled. “Just like in your world’s concept of “heaven and hell”, am I right?”

“Y-yeah…guess so…” Robert replied.

Just then, interfering glitches started to surround the area. Jeanne and her team prepared for battle, and so did everyone else. Strangely, Ria felt very weak and dropped to the floor, to which she accidentally let go of her CD player, which got slightly damaged.

“A-are you alright?” Marina helped her get up. Ria was slightly conscious but couldn’t make out what was happening. A bright light shone from where Vulcan’s throne once stood. It revealed a higher set of steps that led to a higher throne, with a young teenage boy sitting in the shadows.

Another wave of glitches froze everybody in ice, except Ria, who had somehow regained strength to get up, but was shocked when Marina, Robert and everyone else were frozen. Their eyes were moving and she can hear their thoughts, but she was frozen in fear.

She looked upwards to the throne, feeling scared.

“Where have you been…Ria…?” the one who sat on the throne answered.

NirBanYa Series Ch. 5 – Jonathan’s Dream

Based on Marina’s memory, they infiltrated the giant room in which Jeanne was held hostage, and was attached to some bizarre experiment that’s attached to her brain.

“Vulcan, the red demon, will use her crystal, since she’s part Moon Angel (from Hestia) and part Beethoven Immortal (from Ran Zieghart, her father, who is also Amaria’s father).” The sheep whispered and explained to them. “Please, save her at all costs, or we could never get out of this place.”

“But we don’t have any powers…” Ria was worried.

Just then, Marina saw the Cleaners, led by the Outsider, as well as Minhyung, taking down the soldiers one by one, as well as the guards. They were helped by Jeanne’s team members: Choi, Sun, Zhuge and Robin. This helped them get Jeanne out, and make their way into the throne of Vulcan, straight ahead.

NirBanYa Series Ch. 4 – Dignity

The blue figure, who introduced himself as the Outsider, talked really fast, but Robert could somehow understand it, since half of his brain has autistic genetics. He translated what Outsider said to Ria, that the two ninja guys were the Cleaners, and they are protecting newcomers to the city from the army of the red demon.

Just as Robert was about to ask about Marina, a strange-looking sheep-like animal with bat wings came flying from the sky and had a rider.

“Marina!? How’d you escape?”