Sunday, May 17, 2015

KaibaCorp vs. ArcGenesis: Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfiction

“It’s been a long day, Seto.” Mokuba came into his big brother’s room in the attempt to cheer him up.

“What are you implying, Mokuba?” Seto, in his desk, seemed irritated as the CEO he always was.

“We should go for a trip downtown to lighten things up!” Mokuba insisted. “CEOs need a vacation, too, after all, and there hasn’t been much needed to be done in the company right now!”

“Hmm…” Seto thought for a short while. “Alright, go ahead. I’ll catch up soon as I analyze our stocks.”

“Sure!” Mokuba happily exited his brother’s office.

But Seto was in for a big surprise. From the numbers, it looked like someone was buying parts of his company in the attempt to control it.

“But who? Who would do such a thing? Pegasus is out of the option, and Alister is out the way…”

Friday, April 17, 2015

Missing Information (DHMIS Fanfic)

I have all the information in the world. I know of everything! Just name me your search terms and I can Google everything in a flash! I’m like a walking computer!

Hello, friends. My name is Colin, and I own one of the biggest computer database systems underground here in my digital lair set many stories high above the ground. I have my colleague and assistant, Gilbert, who is very much of a geography expert who traveled the world and the seven seas.

However, one day, just when I thought I could get the information I need from everyone and everything, something else was blurred.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Resonamber (Diary of Broken Remix Story)

"Could you help me with the stock room stuff?" Muji asked, patting Hibiki while staring at the codes on his laptop. "The school festival's happening in a few days."

"Uhm, sure. I'll continue this later." Hibiki gets off his chair and goes downstairs with Muji to the stock room to pick up boxes of decors.

It was a dark and gloomy night, but the sky couldn’t be seen from within the school premises. They just knew that it was around 7 PM on that time by looking at the computer’s clock before leaving towards the stock room.

“Say, Muji.” Hibiki stared at the boxes of festival decors.

“Yeah?” Muji was trying to find something from the boxes.

“What do you plan to do with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

All You Need Is Love (DHMIS Fanfic)

It was a hazy afternoon. The clockmaker just went upstairs to his so-called "time tower", hidden between the trees in the upper part of town. He was about to get his son outside again.

"Tony, it's time to go home."

"Yes, father." the boy said obediently as he tightened his coat, which somewhat grew small on him.

The clockmaker was careful not to let his son be seen by a lot of people and wrapped a scarf around him. As they have reached their humble house, they started discussing results inside the underground laboratory.

"Alright, let's see how much you've aged..."


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Immaculatum Gemma

“All hail Princess Garnet of Austerdelphia!”
“All hail the Princess!”

The deafening crowd cheered from the front to the back. Rising from the velvet throne in which my mother and father, the rulers of this kingdom, have chained me for years and years to come.

I waved gently, glancing at my audience from right to left, as if imitating the gods above. I was not to shed a single tear of remorse for I shall be looked down upon.

I must remain noble, feminine and most of all…


Friday, December 19, 2014

Hunny Series (Crossover) Ch. 1: The Energy Never Dies

Coming home from a book signing, she hurriedly dived into her soft but cold bed. Good thing she got her CDs of The Script out of the way or they would've been crushed to pieces.

"What a relief..."

"Now...what's on my sched...?”

Getting up and stretching a bit, she noticed some strange and foul smell coming from the Diary ng Panget book on her desk. There were red stains on the right side of some pages.


"What on Earth..."


As if a horn startled him, he woke up to his desk, with Adobe Photoshop on and an unfinished doodle of a troll was on the workspace.

"Now where did I left off...?”

Looking to his right to check the time, the first thing he noticed was the smear of blood on the screen. His face instantly went from “drunk mode” to "wtf mode” in milliseconds.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Game is not Zover (Crossover Fanfiction)

From the crushed GRAVEL of Wall Maria, many brave warriors have died. But little did anyone know, especially Armin and Hanji, that their plan still left an outsider struggling to keep himself alive.

He was no other than Eridan Ampora, who spewed violet blood from his troll mouth as got up and saw the same Titan that almost crushed him. He saw the corpses of Asuna Yuki and Sophia Pelletier.

“you’re not getting awway monster”