Thursday, October 9, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 3: Calling

Later in the afternoon, Harry was tasked to shop for food supplies. At a local grocery store, he bumped into a weirdly-dressed woman. She wore a chef hat, a large apron that looked like a blue-white striped gown, cooking gloves, candy-patterned boots and hair that smelled like pasta, matching his own spaghetti-like hair.

But unlike what he’d expect from Tony and Paige’s eyes, this person seemed sober as she read her grocery list.

“S-sorry, miss…”

“N-no, it’s ok—OH! Harry…! Whoops—I mean random strang--”

“I...don’t remember you…but you got my name right…” Harry tossed his spaghetti hair. “Are you, by any chance, an ‘agent’, too?”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 2: Melvin

With that, the trio said a temporary goodbye to each other, gaining contact numbers for reference. Manny went back to his apartment, but received a call from his iPhone as he entered the door.



“Y-you’re coming over? With dad?”

“Tomorrow? S-sure! Take care!”

The next day, Manny prepared his apartment. He tidied up the pizza boxes and swept the floor. He arranged everything to make it more presentable for his dad and little brother.

*doorbell sound*


Manny opened the door.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Don’t X Me I’m Sober (DHIMS Fanfiction) Chapter 1: Soberia

“Listen to your heart; listen to your brain,
Look in the mirror for the growth you have gained!”

“No…please stop…”

“Time is important and isn’t it strange?
How time can make your appearance change!”

“No more…please…”

“Harry…Robin…wake up…you’ve got to wake up…please…”

“My clothes are strangling me…I can’t breathe…”

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Congress Bae

Malungkot as usual ang buhay namin dito sa baryo. Walang kuryente kaya puro kami kandila na nagkakanda-ubos na. Halos kalyohin na ako sa kakapaso ng kada patak kapag ililipat ko ito sa banyo, sa kusina, sa kwarto, etc.

Ito ang simpleng buhay ni Riza Ponteverde. Simple at walang kwenta. Buti pa ang kapitbahay namin sa malayo, may videoke gabi-gabi. Kami, matutulog nalang.
Isang gabi, may narinig akong ingay sa labas. Umuulan at bumabagyo. Sabi sa radyo, may bagyo daw. "Glenda" ang pangalan.

"Sino bang sira ulo ang maglalakad sa gitna ng bagyo?" Inisip ko.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Free! Eternal Summer Fanfiction: Nagisa's Birthday

The sunset became the backdrop of the five swimming boys who went to the hot springs. 

"Why are we going to the hot springs?" asked Nagisa, excited.

"Well..." Makoto scratched his head. "Gou did say we need to relax a bit."

"It's also a good thing that we get to invite Rin to come along." said Rei.

"My pleasure...haven't relaxed in a while!" Rin put his arms on his back as they approached the hot springs.

Much later on, Nagisa was falling asleep while in one of the hot pools, but he wanted to stay awake for a while. 

"W-where are you guys going?"

Monday, July 28, 2014

Fleshless (Voiceless Crack Fic)

"As usual, ang burara mo kasi, eh."

"Huhu...pano na ito..."

Dahil gustong-gusto ni Momoxhien na makapanood ng kanyang sinasambang Syntax Error band at ikamamatay niya kapag hindi niya ito nasulyapan, nag ala-Mission Impossible siya sa may guard house kasi nga, di mahanap si ticket.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cross-Over Attack (SnK / Multi-Non-Fandom Fanfiction)

As Hanji was still seated on her workstation, trying to figure out how to make this “time-space-distorting” 3DMG, Armin tried to help out, since he was the brains of the group.

“I seriously can’t believe you actually got to travel to another period of time with this thingy!” Hanji sneered while twisting the nuts and bolts with her rusty wrench.

“Well…” Armin picked up some pieces of paper that were scattered on the floor due to the strong winds outside. “According to these plans, not only could we use it as a gate, but it can also lure in other beings from different time periods…”