Friday, December 19, 2014

Hunny Series (Crossover) Ch. 1: The Energy Never Dies

Coming home from a book signing, she hurriedly dived into her soft but cold bed. Good thing she got her CDs of The Script out of the way or they would've been crushed to pieces.

"What a relief..."

"Now...what's on my sched...?”

Getting up and stretching a bit, she noticed some strange and foul smell coming from the Diary ng Panget book on her desk. There were red stains on the right side of some pages.


"What on Earth..."


As if a horn startled him, he woke up to his desk, with Adobe Photoshop on and an unfinished doodle of a troll was on the workspace.

"Now where did I left off...?”

Looking to his right to check the time, the first thing he noticed was the smear of blood on the screen. His face instantly went from “drunk mode” to "wtf mode” in milliseconds.


Friday, November 21, 2014

Game is not Zover (Crossover Fanfiction)

From the crushed GRAVEL of Wall Maria, many bravewarriors have died. But little did anyone know, especially Armin and Hanji, that their plan still left an outsider struggling to keep himself alive.

He was no other than Eridan Ampora, who spewed violet blood from his troll mouth as got up and saw the same Titan that almost crushed him. He saw the corpses of Asuna Yuki and Sophia Pelletier.

“you’re not getting awway monster”

Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 5: Dreamer

“My dream for this world…” Manny said as he joined the battle against the tuxedo guys. “…is for children to not be brainwashed…to live freely…to learn without boundaries…to be free of standards…”

“You may say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one.”

“Quit stealing Lennon’s lines, bub!” Pia chuckled as she slays one of the tuxedo guys.

“Hahaha, whatever. I love that guy.” Manny only smiled.

So finally, when they defeated all of the tuxedo guys, it was all clear to Manny and his friends. But Manny didn’t know something yet.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 4: Change

The operation will now begin. Since Robin has an access card to the building (because his company is part of the group of companies of Lumera Order, though he didn’t know it was Lumera in the first place), he entered first, with a disguised Carrie who took pictures of the security stuff and sent them via Samuel’s iCloud-like application. With this, Samuel was able to hack down all of the electrical output, leaving the building in total darkness. All the CCTVs were shut off, too. The employees and the pro-agents panicked in the building, but with the help of Paige’s creativity and Samuel’s technology, they were able to design custom night-vision glasses that are invisible to other people.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 3: Calling

Later in the afternoon, Harry was tasked to shop for food supplies. At a local grocery store, he bumped into a weirdly-dressed woman. She wore a chef hat, a large apron that looked like a blue-white striped gown, cooking gloves, candy-patterned boots and hair that smelled like pasta, matching his own spaghetti-like hair.

But unlike what he’d expect from Tony and Paige’s eyes, this person seemed sober as she read her grocery list.

“S-sorry, miss…”

“N-no, it’s ok—OH! Harry…! Whoops—I mean random strang--”

“I...don’t remember you…but you got my name right…” Harry tossed his spaghetti hair. “Are you, by any chance, an ‘agent’, too?”

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Don't X Me I'm Sober (DHMIS Fanfiction) Chapter 2: Melvin

With that, the trio said a temporary goodbye to each other, gaining contact numbers for reference. Manny went back to his apartment, but received a call from his iPhone as he entered the door.



“Y-you’re coming over? With dad?”

“Tomorrow? S-sure! Take care!”

The next day, Manny prepared his apartment. He tidied up the pizza boxes and swept the floor. He arranged everything to make it more presentable for his dad and little brother.

*doorbell sound*


Manny opened the door.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Don’t X Me I’m Sober (DHIMS Fanfiction) Chapter 1: Soberia

“Listen to your heart; listen to your brain,
Look in the mirror for the growth you have gained!”

“No…please stop…”

“Time is important and isn’t it strange?
How time can make your appearance change!”

“No more…please…”

“Harry…Robin…wake up…you’ve got to wake up…please…”

“My clothes are strangling me…I can’t breathe…”