Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 1 – Encounter With Her)

The moon is shining bright. It looks like a huge golden crystal ball to the people of the earth. Now it is year 2351 A.D., and the human race is divided into two: the Ordinary Humans and the Moon Angels. What are Moon Angels, you ask? Well, they are entities that live in the moon, although they're not really angels. Because they are the "advanced" version of the human race, they possess great powers and magic skills. However, when a Moon Angel commits a serious crime, they send him/her to Earth, and can only come back when the Moon Officials/Royal Angels says so.

But not all angels who fell down were evildoers. Some just fall by mistake.

"Finally, I can have some private time for my own." Misaka Shigarume was walking by the park under the bright moon. "I wonder what's up the moon. I wonder what they do..."

Misaka Shigarume, a 15-year old girl who lives in the common towns of Megizo-North Metropolis, always wanted to go to the moon to see how Moon Angels live their lives. That night, she saw something falling from the sky...something bright. "An..a-angel? It's a Moon Angel!!" She shouted. The angel fell on the green bushes. She went closer to see if she's ok. To her amusement, the angel opened her eyes.

"Hello there!" Shigarume said. "Are you ok? Are you hurt?"
The angel was confused. But she knew that the girl was speaking "Eath Language", which is English. "Yes. I'm fine, thank you." She said in a calm but serious voice.
"Uhm...Hi!! My name is Misaka Shigarume, but everyone calls me Shigarume, my surname. Weird, huh?"
"Well, it is nice to meet you, Shigarume. My name is Aricada Rasmus." The mysterious angel said.
Aricada is a lovely, blue-haired Moon Angel. She usually speaks calmly, but has great magic skills. Unfortunately, she lost some of them when she fell down to earth. She can't fly above earth's atmosphere anymore.

"So Aricada, what will you do to go back to the moon?" Shigarume asked.
"Well, according to some old people back in Navi Luna City, there are 4 "Sacred Jewels" protected by the Humans here on earth. Meizu, jewel of the wind; Kzeth, jewel of the earth; Omari, jewel of fire; and Urathon, jewel of water. When these 4 are combined, it can restore a fallen angel's lost powers."
"But where can these be found?"
"That I don't know. But they said there are certain signs and clues to where they might be. Meizu, the jewel of the wind, must be in the hands of a person using wind magic."
"Ahh..I get it! So we only need to find people who are most likely to have the jewels."

Just as they were finished talking to each other, the dark clouds covered the golden moon. It rained. Shigarume insisted that Aricada would stay in her house for the meantime, since she lives alone.

The next day, they've decided to look for wind magicians around the town. Meanwhile, a young boy was running towards them. He and Shigarume bumped into each other. "Oh dear, I'm so sorry, miss..." The boy helped Shigarume get up. "No, it's okay. I'm fine." Aricada looked at the boy, and looked back at Shigarume. "Hey Shigarume.." she whispered. "Do you think this boy is..."
"Hey, can I ask you something?" Shigarume startled everyone.
"Eh? What is it?" The boy asked.
"Do you use magic? Especially wind magic?"
"Ahm...nope. I only specialize in computers and system hacking. I know nothing about magic stuff."
"Oh I see. Well the thing is..."
"Hey..isn't she a Moon Angel?" The boy points at Aricada.
"Uhm...yeah. Well you see, she needs help."
"She fell down here on earth by mistake, and she needs to find 4 sacred jewels to go back."
"Well, she can just fly back, can't she?"
"She lost some of her magical powers, including the ability to fly past the earth's atmosphere. So she really needs those jewels."
"Oh, okay. By the way, what are your names?"
"Oh yeah! I almost forgot to introduce ourselves. I'm Misaka Shigarume and this Aricada Rasmus. And you are?"
"Eluda Mari. By the way, do you know where to find these jewels?"
"Well, that's something we still don't know." Aricada interrupted. "Perhaps you know something about them."
"Well, ok. I'll try searching. I'll just contact you guys if I find any-"

Suddenly, the big horn was heard. It was another war between the Moon Angels and the Humans. "C'mon guys, we have to hide!" Shigarume grabbed their hands and ran off. "But where?" Eluda asked. "I know! In your house, Shigarume! It's safe there!" Aricada said. "Allright, here we go!".

Inside the house, Aricada was cooking dinner. She's very proud of her cooking skills. Meanwhile, Shigarume and Eluda were in the living room, talking to each other.

"So what do you actually do as a 'professional hacker'?" Asked Shigarume.
"Well, lots of stuff. For example, tracking down hidden criminals in the local government and exposing their wrongdoings." Eluda answered.
"Wow, that's pretty cool!"
"And what do you do?"
"Me? I'm just an ordinary student. No, actually I have something special." With that, she transforms herself into a cute little yellow kitty.
"Aww..! That's so cute!" Eluda was amused, but Shigarume transformed back.
"I'm like catwoman, except that I turn into a 'real' cat." She said with a smile. "By the way," She noticed Eluda's hands. "Why does your hands look so stiff? Are you cold?"
"No, not really. Well, the thing is..." Eluda takes off his gloves, and reveals his true self. "...I'm a cyborg, or a half human and half robot. My parents and I were involved in a nuclear accident years ago. I'm the sole survivor, but they replaced my arms and legs with mechanical parts. And..."

Meanwhile, a strange ringtone comes from Eluda's cellphone. Aricada happened to pass by and she heard it too. "BEEP BEEP BEEP" Eluda opened it. It was his 'dad'.

"Hi dad!"
"Hi Eluda, where are you right now? Are you okay?" His dad looked terrified.
"It's okay dad. I'm right here in the house of my new friends. There's another war outside; we don't want to get hurt."
"Allright then. Just call me when you're going home. Take care of yourself there, ok?"
"Okay dad, I will. Bye!"
Shigarume was a little confused. "Eluda, I thought your parents were..."
"Uhm...he's not my real dad. He's Dr. Marethone, the one who saved my life and took care of me."
"Oh, okay."

"Hey guys, dinner is ready!" Aricada shouted.
"Okay Aricada, we're comin'!" Said the two.

That night, the great war continued. Along with it, some 'dark' people passed by Shigarume's house. They might be burglars, or assassins. Who knows who they are!

The next day, the sun was bright. The group went outside to see if everything's okay. But unfortunately, it wasn't. They were cornered by a group of  'dark' people - those people that roamed around their house last night.

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