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Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 2 – Dark Beings)

"W-what are these things?"
"They're shadows." Eluda knew all about them. "They're more like the 'negative side' of people. When a person loses his/her 'light', he/she turns into one of these."

"There are so many!" Shigarume was terrified. "What do we do?"
Aricada pulled out her staff. "We fight."
"Allright then! Let's go!"

And so it was. Shigarume used her 'cat-like' attacks, Aricada with her last remaining powers, and Eluda's 'special' weapon. But there were too many of them.

"Aww man! This is gonna take forever!"
"Yeah, what do we do?"

Suddenly they heard a voice. "You guys need help?" It was a man, who flew from the high building. He took care of the shadows, and finished them off.

"W-wow! T-that was cool!" Shigarume was amazed.
"Yeah..that was awesome!" said Eluda. "Thanks a lot!"
"Heh...that was nothing really. You should be more careful these days."
"Yeah well, thanks again..uhh...what's your name?" Shigarume asked.
"Jonen. Jonen Skywalker. And you guys are?"
Aricada introduced themselves. "Very well then, nice to meet you, Aricada, Shigarume & Eluda. So what exactly are you guys doing? Are you on a mission or something?"
"Well, to tell you the truth, we're searching for the 4 sacred jewels, so that Aricada can go home to the moon. Do you know where they are?"
"Sacred jewels, you say? Well...uhmm...I really don't know. So where are you guys going now?"
"Where are we going? Uhm..." Shigarume then asked Eluda. "Hey! Do you know where we go first?"
Eluda checked his laptop. He opened the map. "Let's see...hmm...Aha! Here we go!"
"Here we go where?"
"The next town. Therquone."
"Therquone? But that's miles away!"
"Not if we fly!" Aricada exclaimed, showing her wings. "But Aricada, I thought..." Shigarume was confused.

"I only lost SOME of my powers and ability to fly all the way to the moon. But I can still fly from town to town."
"Great! You can bring Eluda with you!"
"Only Eluda? But how about you?"
"Well...uhmm...haven't thought about that.."
"I'll bring you there." Jonen exclaimed.
"J-jonen? Y-YOU? B-but.."
"I can fly, can't I? So c'mon, let's go! I'm now part of your journey, so don't you guys worry!"

And so they all flew to the next town, Therquone. Shigarume, being carried by Jonen, felt a little embarrassed. She never felt like this before.
They landed in the town square, where they saw a young girl being surrounded by the shadows. "C'mon guys, let's help her!" Jonen lead the way, and fought the shadows. Shigarume & the others fought alongside him. They were able to defeat them and save the girl.

"Are you alright, miss?" Said Jonen to the girl.
"..uhh..uhmm...yeah. I'm ok. Thanks..Thanks a lot!" The girl said with a cute smile. Jonen's face became red as she saw her cute & innocent face.
Shigarume interrupted once again. "Hey there! Do you where we ca-" Aricada covered her mouth. "Hey now, that's a little to impolite."

She spoke to the girl. "May we know your name, dear?"
The little girl was frightened at first, because Aricada was a moon angel. "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you."
"..uhm...ok. My name is Karen Berlyphon...from Megizoh South Metropolis.."
"South?" Shigarume asked. "But what are you doing here in the north?"
" see, I found this rare item. Grandpa said it must belong to someone from the north, so I came here. It's a jewel." Karen took a shiny red jewel from her pocket.
"W-why that's the 'Jewel of Meizu'!" Eluda knew its name too. "How did you find it?"
"I..I don't know. My friend gave it to me as a birthday present a few weeks ago."
"Where did she get it?"
"S-she didn't tell me. Sorry."
Shigarume asked Eluda. "Well? Now where do we go?"
"Uhm....I know! Let's ask around some old people! Maybe they know a thing or two."

And so group didn't lose hope. They asked around the old folks in the town. They also encountered some shadows along the way, but they defeated them. Karen was a big help too - she performs spells against the shadows to keep them from attacking people.

"Wow! I didn't know magicians are very cool!" Said Shigarume to Karen. "Why don't you join us on our 'special mission'?"
"Well, ok then!" She said with a smile. "I'll be happy to lend you my strength, in the hopes of saving the world from these evil shadows!"

After searching the town of Therquone, they went to the next town, which is across the dessert. Upon getting there, they saw a huge signboard that read: "THANIOS", the name of the town.
The town looked like a scene from a horror movie; there were only a few people living there. But old folks from Therquone say there's an eccentric tombkeeper there by the name of Lhey Zin.

They begin to ask around again.

"Uhm..excuse me sir..." Shigarume asked a young boy passing by. "Do you know where the infamous Tomb keeper Lhey Zin could be?"
The boy answered. "Why yes, mam. He lives right in that corner, near the cemetery."
After they went away, the boy looked at them, and transformed back into a shadow.

"Look!" said Eluda. It was an old gate that leads to the cemetery. They opened it and went in.

"I-I'm s-scared..!" Said Karen.
"Why? Is it your first time in a graveyard?" Said Jonen.
"N-no..! I-it's just that..."

Suddenly, a bunch of shadows entered the picture. "Shadows?" Shigarume got ready to fight. "H-here too?" Aricada got ready as well.
"These guys are everywhere!" Eluda started defeating them one by one before they can hurt anyone.

But suddenly, the shadows all disappeared, and a tall, dark, and weird-looking man stood in front of them. "Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen!" He said with an evil smile. "The name's Lhey Zin, owner of this 'Graveyard of Death'."

"Lhey what? Lhey Zin?" Shigarume was confused. "Don't you mean...uhm....LA-ZY?"

"SILENCE!" He was furious. "Don't you DARE say my name like that,"
He summons the shadows back, along with zombie shadows from the undead.

"Allright guys...there's our villain!" Eluda exclaimed while pulling out his weapon once again.
"Yeah! Let's get 'em!" Karen and Jonen focused on the Shadows, Shigarume and Eluda focused on defeating Lhey Zin who is controlling the Shadows, and Aricada was giving healing support. After a long and intense battle....

" could you"
"Well....because YOU'RE the bad guy here!" Eluda exclaimed. " do we stop these shadows from coming back?"
"HEY HEY NOW!" Lhey answered back. "Don't ask me THAT question...I'm only a subordinate. Go talk to our boss. He's the REAL DEAL, you see." Shigarume thought. "And who might this BOSS be?"

Lhey smiled grimly, and said "Master....Xenzo.."

"M-master....w-who?" Aricada was shocked.
"Why, Aricada?" Shigarume asked. "You know him?"
"Well...I think I've heard his name before...."
"Do you know what he looks like..?" Jonen asked.
"Uhm....." Before she can say anything, Lhey disclosed the information. "Purple hair....wears a black dress....."

Aricada thought deeply. "Purple hair...? C-could Nah......It couldn't be him..."
"Could it be who?" Shigarume asked again.
"N-never mind! It's nothing."

Lhey stood up, and pulled out a sacred jewel from his pocket. "Here....I bet you're looking for this...."
Aricada took it. It was the 'Jewel of Kzeth'. "Cool! We got another Jewel!" Everyone was happy. "Allright! Two more to go!" Shigarume can't wait to go.

"Oh, by the way," Lhey spoke again. "Never let your guard down. There are other stupid people like me controlling shadows out there. Especially when you go the mystic Island of Hanz. Now THAT'S what I call wicked!"

"Gee...thanks for the advice..." Said Eluda. "But, who's side are you on anyway?"

Lhey paused for a while. "You'll see in the end. Only the shadows are your enemies. The shadows of your own hearts..."

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