Friday, February 17, 2012

Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 3 – A Certain Gratitude)

"So..uhm..where do we go now?" Karen wondered.
"Didn't you hear?" Answered Eluda. "We're going to Hanz Island!"
"Yeah. We'll find the 3rd sacred jewel there, remember?" Said Jonen.

They kept walking, until they saw a ferry boat. Shigarume ran off to check it out.

"Hey! We can use this!"
And with that, they casted off to the sea. Off they went to Hanz Island. But before that...

"Waaaa~!" Everyone was panicking. There was a huge sea storm.
"Everybody hang on!" Jonen tried his best to control the ship. Successfuly, they made it through.

"Look!" Shigarume said. "Allright, we found it!" Said Eluda.
"That's great!...but...I hope there's no.."
"Aww come on Karen.." Jonen said. "Besides, if any shadows show up, we'll fight them!"

Hanz Island was a very beautiful place. It was full of trees, nature, animals, and a very calm atmosphere. But while searching, they've encountered shadows once again.

"What the-?"
"Here too? Man, this is getting annoying.." Jonen was fired up, but this time, the shadows surrounded him.
Suddenly, Eluda came strolling into the picture. "I'll help you! Don't worry..." With that, they fight the shadows. But one powerful shadow was going for Shigarume.

"Shigarume, watch out!" Eluda came to the rescue, but was attacked.
"Eluda! Are you allright?" He got up. "Yeah sure. No worries..!"
And with that, a bright, blinding light came from inside him. He had transformed into his other form--an older, more mature, and more powerful personality from Eluda. And then he started defeating the shadows one by one...

"Wow..." Aricada was amazed.
"I-is that a new move?" Jonen said.

Eluda looked at them. "What? This?"
And then he turned back to the shadows. "Oh...this is my other power. I use it when I'm in a sticky situation like this."

Shigarume stared at him so much that she didn't notice what was going on.
"Hey! What are you doing? You'll die if you don't do something!"
"W-what? Oh! I'm sorry....!"

After defeating the shadows, they continued walking. When it got dark, they found a nice cabin to stay for the night. The boys gathered wood.

Aricada cooked dinner again, with the help of the girls.

"The atmosphere here is amazing..!" Said Aricada as they eat their dinner.
Eluda agreed. " feels like...were on the moon..."
"What do you mean? You've never been there yet!" Said Shigarume.
"Well..what I mean is...this atmosphere...I want to feel this same thing when I get to the moon..."
"And when is that?" Asked Jonen.
"Someday." Eluda answered proudly.
"Someday?" Karen asked. "Why not ask Aricada to take you to the moon?"
Eluda paused for a moment. "What I mean is that someday, we will find the 4 sacred jewels, and bring peace to this world."
Shigarume interrupted too. "Yeah! And that's when Aricada will get her powers back, so she can go back to the moon!"
Aricada smiled. "Yes..that's true. And even in just this time I want to thank all of you."
"Huh?" Shigarume wondered. "For what?"

Aricada paused for a while, and said, "You see...moon angels in the moon often tell me that humans are evil. They say that most of them are selfish, and would only think about themselves. But when I met you guys, I proved them wrong. Humans are...just like us.....except for our wings."
" didn't have to...not at all.." Said Shigarume and the others.

After that, they went outside to see the stars. Shigarume was all alone in a corner, when Jonen came near her.

"And may I ask, why are you all alone, my dear?"
Shigarume was startled. Her face turned red. "H-hah? N-nothing really....just watching the stars.....! Ehehe...."
"Say, is it OK if I tell you something important?"
"S-sure! Anything at all..!"
"Look...It's just that...."
"Y-yes?" Shigarume was nervous.

"It's just that I'm very happy I got to meet you guys...."
Shigarume felt a little shocked. "O-oh....OK..."
"You guys are the reason why...I found....Karen."
"K-karen?" She was shocked once again. "Y-you don't mean..!"
"Yes. I think I like her.”

After Jonen had left, she whispered some thoughts to herself. {Oh...and he was such a cute guy...!}
"Hey, Shigarume!"
"Wh-whaaa~!?" It was Eluda. "D-don't scare me like that...!"
"Huh? Oh...sorry...Anyways, what did Jonen tell you?"
Shigarume's face turned red again. "Oh that? N-nothing! Nothing really. It's not important!"
But Eluda looked at her face closely. " that so? How come your face is all red?"
"W-what? What do you mean red? It's not what you think!"
Eluda paused for a moment. "Ahh....I get it!"
{Oh.....this is embarassing...}
"Don't worry." Said Eluda. "I'm sure you'll find someone for"
"Yeah yeah, I know. SOMEDAY."
"That's right! How did you know I was gonna say that?"
"Simple."  This time, Shigarume stared at Eluda's face, and Eluda was all red. "I have ESP."
"Y-you what? Really?"
"Just kidding! Hahaha! Gotcha!"

It was a lovely night. Millions of stars were watching over them. The heavens will soon grant their wishes.

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