Friday, February 17, 2012

Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 4 – Secret)

It was a beautiful day. Once again, the group went on the search for the third sacred Jewel, "Omari", said to be guarded by the R.B.X. Brothers.

"So who are these RBX brothers anyway?" asked Shigarume to Eluda.
"Well..." Eluda thought. "As far as I know, they are also shadow manipulators."
"Really?" said Karen. "Manipulators again?"
Jonen looked at Karen. "Don't worry..." he said. "We'll take care of them. Right guys?" He looked at the rest of the gang.

Meanwhile, something was moving behind the bushes. Three weird-looking guys came out, and summoned lots of shadows. The group was ready for anything.

"Aha!" Said Shigarume. "You guys must be the R.B.X. Brothers!"
"Why yes, dearie. You are precisely correct." Said the one in the middle. "But first, allow us to introduce ourselves properly. My name is Robi, this is Buzz" he points to the happy-go-lucky looking guy, "and this is Xain." he points to the mysterious-looking guy. "And you are?"

Aricada introduced themselves  and said, "We are those who seek the four sacred jewels. We have gathered information that you are the keepers of the third one, 'Omari'."
"Ah...I see." said Robi.
"Well.... come and get it!!" said Buzz, enthusiastically.
"But first, let's test your strength." said Xain. "Face these wretched creatures!"
With that, they summon more shadows.

Everyone did the usual 'fighting-the-shadows-beating-the-bad-guys-and-winning-the-jewel-thingy. But along with that, the RBX Brothers warned them again.

"You see, we're not the real bad guys you should be after." Said Robi.
"Well...yeah, he's right! You may have the jewels, but there's still someone you NEED to beat!" said Buzz.
"Do you know a man named Master Xenzo?" said Xain.

Eluda thought deeply. "Oh yeah! That's the guy Lhey Zin told us about!"
"Why? Is he your boss?" asked Shigarume to the brothers.
" can put it that way." said Robi, and they left.

"Allright!" said Eluda and Shigarume. "One more to go!!"
They gave the jewel to Aricada and suddenly, she felt strange. "It's like....some

faint memories are coming back..." she said.
"Really?" asked Shigarume. "What kind of memories?"
Aricada thought deeply. "About this guy...."
"A guy? You mean your boyfriend?" asked Karen.
"He's a moon angel." Aricada said. "We first met on the moon...but I can't remember his name..."

"Aww...that's too bad!" said Shigarume.
Aricada smiled. "Anyway....let's get going! We've got one more jewel to find!"
"Yeah!" Everyone said as they continued their journey.

Meanwhile, behind the bushes, there was a little boy peeking. He was watching the group, especially Karen.
"Let's hope that someday...we two shall meet."

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