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Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 5 – A Magician’s Past)

The group met an old man standing near their boat. They asked information about where the last jewel could be found.

"Ah, the Jewel of Urathon, you say?" said the old man. "Well, it can only be found in the great City of Altothis. But be extremely careful, dark shadows are lurking. I heard the 'master' of the shadows lives there..."

Shigarume asked the old man. "You mean, a guy named Master Xenzo?"
"Indeed." The old man said. "He is the key to either peace or destruction of this world."
"Allright then." said Eluda. "We must be going now, please excuse us."
"Good luck, young travelers. May God be with you on your journey."

And so, the group sailed to the City of Altothis, hoping to find the last jewel. They landed on the shores, and walked through a deep forest before they can get to the city. But suddenly, something seems strange.

"Where's Karen?" Jonen was surprised.
"I don't know." Said Shigarume. "I thought she was with you?"
"Yeah, but she suddenly disappeared!"
Aricada thought. "Maybe she got lost within the forest."
"Let's go back and look for her!" said Eluda.

The group went back to the deep, black forest. And then, they saw a strange-looking house.

"Wait...I know this house..." said Eluda.
"You do?" said Shigarume.
"Yeah." Said Eluda. "It belongs to the great Haru Phester, a famous spell caster like Karen."
"Ahh, I see..." said Shigarume.
"You mean, Karen is inside?" asked Jonen.
"Well, there's only one way to find out!" Said Eluda. "C'mon, guys!"

They went inside the house, but no one was around...except for Karen, who is all tied up in a chair and unconscious. Aricada started to revive her slowly, and Jonen sets her free. But just then, a young boy with lavander hair and glasses came over with a huge rod.

“Ahh, so you're her friends..." said the boy.”How nice of you to come and take my precious little Karen away from me...that is so UNFORGIVABLE!" He points his rod to the group.

"W-who the heck are you anyways?" said Shigarume.
"Yeah, and why did you take Karen hostage?" said Jonen. "What do you want from her?"
The boy adjusted his glasses and said, "Oh, how rude of me. My name is Urah Phester. You know Haru, right? I'm his twin."
"Oh...but where is Haru?" asked Eluda.
"Haru?" Urah laughed. "I am Haru!"
"What? How could that be?" said Aricada.
"Simple." said Urah. "I took over his body. For you see, I'm actually dead, just a spirit lingering around my pathetic twin brother. She wants Karen, but I deserve her better than him! Get my point?" He begins chanting some magic spell.

"Waaa!" Shigarume got scared. "What do we do? Karen's powers are still in the healing process!"
"I'll battle him." said Jonen, as he powers up, ready to fight. "For Karen's sake."

"Hey now, I won't let you guys leave, no way!" said Urah. "Karen is mine! I won't let her pathetic little friends take her away from me!" And with that, the intense battle between Urah and Jonen began.

Suddenly, Karen began to regain consciousness. She suddenly sees a young boy with glasses. But he is only a spirit.

"Karen?" the boy said.
"H-huh?" Karen was confused. "W-who are you?"
"I'm Haru, remember? I'm Urah's twin brother. I want to save you from him, even if it means I'm gonna lose my original body..."
"No!" Karen said. "I have a spell that can drive another person's soul from his body. I can do that! But I'm too weak..."
"Then, let me help you..."

With that, Haru shares his powers with Karen, and she becomes powerful enough to seal Urah and drive him away from possessing Haru's body.

"Stand back, everyone!" she shouted, as she began to chant a mysterious yet powerful spell. It was a success! Urah was driven out of Haru's body, and Haru got his own body back.

Urah's spirit was gone for the while, and was never found. However, Jonen got exhausted.

"Are you okay, Jonen?" Karen goes to him and gives him some healing.
"Wow..." Eluda was stunned. "I am simply amazed."
"Huh? What do you mean?" Asked Shigarume. "That Jonen and Karen love each other so much?"
"No, silly!" Eluda laughed. "I meant the twins. Imagine...two spirits fighting for one body...what a marvel indeed."

Haru approached them and said, "I am deeply sorry for everything that has happened. My brother is such a selfish being, and I am such a weak soul."
"No no, it's okay!" Said Jonen. "Right guys?"
"Right!" said everyone.
"Let me explain everything...." Haru began telling the group about his past.

-----------------------------------Flashback: a few years ago------------------------------------------
When Haru and Urah were born, only Haru survived, thus leaving Urah as merely a soul. This triggered his jealousy towards his brother. And because his brother was very weak, he can easily possess him. Their parents are yet to be known, and so is the fact that they might have another sibling.

"Oh...I get it now..." said Shigarume.
"Well, thanks to your magic, I was able to seal his soul in the Place of Void for about 7 years." said Karen to Haru.
"7 years?" Haru was puzzled.
"Well, that's the longest lapse a spirit seal magic can make. Anyway, it's a very long time, you can live in peace..."
"Don't you remember? You were our sister who got lost in the woods, and was never found! You must have been adopted then..."

Haru began chanting another spell, and aiming towards Karen. Suddenly, Karen remembered everything.
She opened her eyes and said, "H-haru?"
The two hug each other. It was a very long time of parting.
"It feels very good to finally see you" said Karen.
"Yeah. It's been a long time..." said Haru. "I thought you were lost forever..."

" about that!" said Eluda. "A sibling reunion!"
"How dear...I wish I could meet my brother too..." said Aricada.
"Brother?" asked Shigarume. "You have a brother?"
"Yeah. A younger brother. But I couldn't remember his name. He fell into earth while we were still young, and my parents think he might be dead..."
"Oh....I'm sorry..." said Shigarume.

"Maybe... maybe he's not dead at all!" Said Eluda. "After all, Moon Angels who fall from the moon still have remaining powers, right?"
"Yeah, " said Shigarume. "What if someone saved your brother and adapted him?"
Aricada was amazed. "Yeah, you might be right. Allright then, after I get my powers back, I'm going to search for my brother..."

After the whole thing, Haru agreed to go with them in their quest to find the last jewel. Also, he gave Karen a new magic rod to amplify her powers even more.

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