Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Moon Angel: The Fall (Chapter 6 – The Final Truth)

The City of Altothis is a beautiful city. Yet the group of jewel hunters is still vigilant for shadows that might appear. They asked around for information on Master Xenzo.

“Got anything guys?” Asked Jonen.
“Well, some old folks point out that old warehouse we just passed by. They said Master Xenzo is mostly seen there.” Said Karen.
“Allright guys!” Shigarume exclaimed. “Thus the final battle begins! The jewel hunters versus this Master Xenzo guy…!”
Eluda laughed. “Okay, okay. Let’s go then!”

As they entered the warehouse, they met two shadow manipulators, Nuz and Lec, who are in perfect sync in everything. But our heroes are still victorious over them.

“Now…” Shigarume smiled. “Where’s our final boss?”

“Over here.” A voice said.

There was a sudden lightning attack that almost got them, but they dodged. Then a man came from the top roof through a square hole. He had purple hair and wings like a Moon Angel’s.

“X-xenzo?” Aricada’s face was frozen stiff. “N-no! I-it can’t be…”
“S-so THAT’S Master Xenzo?” Shigarume was surprised, but she was ready for battle.
“My love…why did you…what happened to you…I…”

But Xenzo’s eyes were as if he’s too serious and cold.

“Destroy Aricada.” He said, as he launches fierce magic attacks. Jonen and Karen were damaged severely. This left Shigarume, Eluda (who used his transformation powers), and Aricada to fight him.

“We have no choice.” Said Aricada. “My love is being possessed by a powerful shadow.”
“W-what?” asked Shigarume. “How did you know?”
“Take a good look at his eyes.” Said Eluda. “He seemed to be controlled by something. His face looks so emotionless.”
“Allright then.” Said Shigarume. “Let’s fight!”

And with a heavy battle that was almost lost, they reduced Xenzo’s strength. But with a powerful energy blast, Shigarume was hit and left unconscious. This infuriated Eluda, and charged back with a powerful falcon wing strike.

“That attack…” Aricada thought. “I thought only Moon Angels knew how to use that attack. Who exactly is this boy?”

And with that attack, Xenzo was defeated, and the shadow possessing him left and vanished in thin air. Knowing that her love has returned to his right mind, Aricada healed Xenzo and woke him up.

“My love…” Xenzo looked at Aricada’s tearful eyes. “Thank you for saving me.”
“I’m glad you’re okay!” Aricada hugged him. “I thought Vera got the better of you as well.”
And after that they kissed.

“Oh my!” Shigarume was so happily blushing.
“What a good ending.” Said Eluda. “But what about Jonen and Karen?”
Aricada and Xenzo paused for a while. “Oh, I’m sorry. Sure I’ll heal them.”

And so Aricada healed Jonen and Karen. After that, Xenzo pulled something out of his pocket. The Jewel of Urathon. The fourth sacred jewel.

“Now everything’s accomplished!” said Shigarume. “Aricada can now go back to the moon!”

They put together all four sacred jewels, and they glowed. Aricada touched the light and she gained all of her lost powers back.

“So, this is goodbye, huh?” Karen said.
“We’ll miss you, Aricada...” said Shigarume.
“And Xenzo as well. He wasn’t a bad guy after all…just like Haru Phester.” Eluda said. “But wait…who do we entrust the jewels?”
“Give it to us.” Said Jonen. “Me and Karen will protect them.”
“Allright.” Said Eluda.

But as Eluda picked up the jewels from the ground, he also glowed the same way as Aricada, and green wings came from his back. Everyone, especially Shigarume was surprised.

“N-no way…” Shigarume was surprised. “Eluda’s…a Moon Angel too?”
“I-I’m a Moon Angel?” Eluda was also in awe. “I-I don’t know anything about this…”

“I knew it!” Aricada exclaimed. “Eluda…you’re my lost brother. You fell on earth when you were born…no wonder you had a falcon wing strike attack.”

“I-I am? T-this is too much information for me…I don’t know what to do…” said Eluda.

Shigarume stood quiet for a while. And then she said:

“I’m happy for you, Eluda. Now you can fulfill your dream.”
“W-what?” asked Eluda.
“Going to the moon, remember? You once told me that on our journey. Now you’ll be able to go there with your sister…”
“Oh yeah…I…I didn’t realize that.”

And so Eluda went with Aricada and Xenzo to the moon. And of course, they said goodbye to their friends who helped them on their journey – Jonen, Karen, and most importantly, Shigarume.

“Promise me one thing, Eluda!”
“What is it?”
“Come visit earth again someday. Promise to meet me again somewhere. Okay?”
Eluda smiled. “Of course. I’ll never forget you.”

It was a sad farewell for Shigarume, because he had feelings for Eluda. But she knew this was better for his happiness.

The moon still shines bright, even on that night. Has the story ended? Not quite.

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