Monday, April 16, 2012

Moon Angel: The Ascent (Chapter 1 - Wings of a Return)

Seven years have passed since Shigarume and her friends brought back a certain Moon Angel named Aricada her powers to be able to return to the moon, her home. Now at 22, she works as a teacher in a preschool, her life-long dream. One night, when the moon was shining bright, she was walking home with her favorite student, Esther Skywalker, son of Jonen Skywalker and Karen Berlyphon.

“Say teacher…” asked Esther.
“Yeah?” Shigarume wondered.
“I wonder what Moon Angels really look like. I’ve never seen one. Mama and papa saw one, the one you helped out, right?”
Shigarume smiled. “Yeah. Her name is Aricada Rasmus. She’s a beautiful Moon Angel with blue hair, green eyes, and a graceful figure. I respected her so much.”
“Wow…she must be very beautiful!” said Esther. “I wish I could’ve met her though…”
“You will…someday.” Shigarume looked at the full moon. “After all, he promised to visit me here…”
“Who are you talking about teacher?” Esther was curious.

Just then, they already arrived at Esther’s house.

“Oh, here’s your stop!” Shigarume accompanied her home. “Don’t worry, I’ll tell you tomorrow right after class. Bye for now!”
“Aww. No fair! Heheh. Okay, I understand, teacher!” Esther bid goodbye too as she entered her house.

On the same night, after Shigarume ate dinner, she went on her outside terrace to look at the moon again. Memories return to her mind, including Eluda Mari’s promise to her, that he’ll return to earth someday.

Then, a strange wind blew. There was light from above. At first Shigarume couldn’t see what it was. But as it got closer, a smile slowly appeared on her face, and tears fell from her eyes.

It was Eluda. He is now the same height as Shigarume, and still the Moon Angel he was when he gained his powers from the jewels.

“Y-you came back for me…?”
“Of course…I couldn’t forget about our promise. You said that I’d visit you here. Right? We’ll…” Eluda grabs her hand. “I’ll do something better than that. I’ll take you to the moon!”
“Y-you what?” Shigarume blushed. “I-I would love to.”

The next day, Esther was expecting her favorite teacher, but she didn’t show up the whole day.

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