Monday, April 16, 2012

Moon Angel: The Ascent (Chapter 2 - Fleeting Emotions)

‘I wonder why teacher didn’t show up today.’ Esther thought as she walked home by herself. When she passed by Shigarume’s house, she decided to knock on the door. But no one answered. However, she found a note on the door.


I’m going to the moon with my special friend today. I’m afraid that I won’t be back for a couple of weeks. Hope you understand. Please tell your classmates and your mama and papa that I’m sick, so that no one will suspect anything suspicious. Take care!


After reading the letter, she stared at the sky.

Meanwhile, at the Moon, Shigarume and Eluda landed on a beach-like place.
“We live close by. But first, I have to disguise you as a Moon Angel, because people arrest humans in this place. Okay?”
“Sure. You can do that?”
“Yup. It’s an ancient magic actually. Only royal angels know of this.”
“R-royal angels?” Shigarume wondered.
Eluda smiled and started the transformation.

Shigarume was transformed into a Moon Angel, with pink wings. She loved her new appearance. And after that, they went to a huge castle, filled with angel guards.

“We’re home!”
“W-what?” Shigarume was surprised. “This is…where you live? You’re a sort of royal angel?”
“Yup.” Eluda smiled at her. “My sister, Aricada, and I…we’re the children of the King and Queen of the Moon Angels. Sorry to surprise you.”
“NOO WAAY…that’s so cool! I guess you’ve finally become happy. Maybe you don’t need me anymore, huh?”
“What are you saying? You’re an important friend of mine. Aricada told my parents all about you – but of course, she had to hide the fact that you were human. And my parents invited you to come – that’s why I brought you here.”

Shigarume felt that she was the happiest girl in the world. Until something went in the way. Something she never expected to happen.

A young seductive girl greets her in the castle.

“Hello there! We have been expecting you.” The girl said.
“Err…hi…I’m…Shigarume Misaka…I’m a moon angel…and Eluda said his sister Aricada was waiting for me here.”
“Nice to meet you. My name is Lili Fichden. Eluda’s fiancĂ©.” She said with a grim smile while holding Eluda’s hand.

Shigarume’s heart stopped beating as she heard the word ‘fiancĂ©’. She wanted to cry but she can’t.

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