Monday, April 16, 2012

Moon Angel: The Ascent (Chapter 3 - Despair)

Suddenly, the King and the Queen arrived. Aricada also entered the scene with her husband, Xenzo, and their child, Daniel. Putting her self together, Shigarume bowed down in honesty, as if nothing happened. The royal couple thanked her for saving Aricada from Vera Aviona’s spell. Vera was the one who sent Aricada to earth and forced Xenzo to be possessed by a shadow to keep Aricada from returning to the moon.

Shigarume was given a beautiful room to stay for the night. She was also offered new and delicious food from the moon. She gave it a try, and it tasted good, knowing that Aricada was the one who cooked it, remembering their journey together with their friends. But just as Shigarume went out of the bathroom, she saw Eluda and his ‘fiancĂ©’, Lili, spending time together romantically on the balcony. She went straight to her room without looking, keeping her tears inside.

Eluda noticed the door slam on Shigarume’s room.

“May I be excused for a while?”
“Sure, dear. Why?”
“I heard a noise on our guest room. Maybe there are shadows lurking around” (Even the Moon has shadows, yes).
“Allright. Be careful, my dear.”

When Eluda knocked on the door and opened it. He saw Shigarume packing her bags and getting ready to leave, while wiping her tears with her hands.

“W-what’s wrong, Shigarume?” Eluda asked. “Don’t you like it here?”
“I like it here.” Shigarume said. “I just don’t feel the same feeling of happiness seven years ago!”
“W-what do you mean…h-hey!”
Then she left without a word and flew right through the window. To escape from the guards, she transformed into a cat and scurried outside the royal border. Eluda was left clueless on the palace.

When Lili asked what happened, he said it was just a cat that fell down from the roof, and was injured.

Shigarume ran far away, until she got caught by a man, who saved him from a bunch of shadows. This man, introducing himself as Dylan Kaleido, promised to help Shigarume get back to earth when he heard her story.

“Royal angels are always like that, you know. They make a promise to you then all of a sudden, they leave you behind. But I won’t. I won’t leave you.”
“You promise?”
”I promise.” Dylan said. “Now, let’s go. I shall take you home”.

Dylan carried Shigarume and flew to the sky. However, this created a spell effect on Shigarume – she became sleepy, and eventually lost consciousness. And this was when Dylan had cast another spell on her, which reversed Eluda’s spell, turning her back into a human. She was left still unconscious near a shoreline, where Dylan left her, and where royal guards caught her and brought her to the royal prison.

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