Monday, April 16, 2012

Moon Angel: The Ascent (Chapter 4 - Deceit)

Eluda couldn’t sleep well that night. He could still her Shigarume’s words in his mind.

“I just don’t feel the same feeling of happiness seven years ago!”

‘What could she mean by that?’ Eluda thought. ‘What did I do wrong that changed everything?’

Just then, he heard Lili in the hallway, talking to someone on her cellphone. (Yes they have cellphones in the Moon as well). And it turns out that Eluda had a secret ability of hearing things from another person’s mind (and Lili didn’t know about this).

“You what?” Lili said.
“As I said.” A male voice said. “I caught her, and now the soldiers locked her down.”
“She’s going to die then? Very good, Dylan.”
“So…I guess I payed my debts back at the Place of Void, huh?”
“You sure did. And when Shigarume’s weak-minded friend Eluda finally falls into my trap, I’ll have my revenge against Aricada for not having Xenzo as my husband! Because when that time comes, I shall become a royal angel, and I can grant you anything you desire.”
“Humans really have weak hearts, too, right Vera? I-I mean Lili?”

Hearing this conversation, Eluda ran to his sister, Aricada, for some advice, and help.

“I knew it. That woman was no good. She’s still alive, and putting her transformation skills to a cleverly sinister use. We must stop her.”

“Yeah, but who’s the guy he made a deal with? He mentioned something about the ‘Place of Void’…”

“That must be Urah Phester, Haru’s brother, remember? He was imprisoned by Karen in that place to prevent him from taking over Haru’s body. Looks like the seven-year term is over. He must be looking for revenge as well.”

Eluda became upset. He felt guilty about things. “I never should’ve accepted her as a fiancĂ©. I didn’t know what that completely meant. Dad said she will make me happy, but I don’t think that’s true when I got to be with her.”

“Eluda…you’re still young. I understand that you’re still confused. Dad was very forceful with things. I guess now you understand why Shigarume left…but anyway…don’t lose hope! We can do this. I’ll tell Xenzo to get some help from our friends back from earth. We’ll go see Shigarume. She must be at the execution place right now…”

“W-what? Really?”

“If you say she was caught recently, then no doubt she must’ve already been brought to the execution place right away. Royal Angels these days are stricter than ever, due to the humans’ rampage on earth, hurting and trying to kill Moon Angels for power.”

Eluda and Aricada flew quickly to the site, hoping to save Shigarume from the hands of the royal executioners. Meanwhile, Xenzo flew back to earth, where he meets Esther.

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