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Moon Angel: The Ascent (Chapter 5 - Decision)

“A Moon Angel…?” Esther was surprised but happy. “Are you the one who my parents helped from the shadows’ possession?”
“Parents…?” Xenzo spoke in Earth Language. “You mean Jonen and Karen?”
“Yup!” Esther said with a smile. “Why are you here?”
“Listen little girl. I need help right away. Take me to your parents. Right now.”

Meanwhile, back at the moon…

“There she is!” Aricada shouted. They saw Shigarume tied up and a bunch of Royal Soldiers aiming at her.
“We have to do something!” Eluda said.

Aricada stood proud and shouted to the firing squad. “Stop whatever you’re doing! This woman is innocent! She is the one who saved my life when I was trapped on earth! By the authority of the Royal Angels, I demand you to let her go!”

But suddenly, Lili Fichden, along with the King and Queen, came into the scene.

“Don’t listen to her! She’s a disgrace, just like all the selfish humans on earth! She must die!”

The soldiers were already aiming. But Eluda stood in their way. Suddenly, Shigarume woke up from the spell and wondered where she is and what’s going on. Eluda explained everything to her.

“I’m sorry, Shigarume. It’s all my fault. I should’ve…”
“No, it’s okay. It’s better for me to die like this. After all, you’re right beside me. That alone is enough for me to be happy…”

Eluda had mixed emotions. Then he said:
“I can’t let her die! If she must die, then let me die as well!”
“You idiot!” Lili shouted. “You’re willing to sacrifice for that girl? Are you saying you don’t care about me, your fiancĂ©, Lili Fichden?”
“Lili Fichden?” Eluda smiled grimly. “Don’t you mean…Vera Aviona?”

Shigarume and Lili were dead surprised.

“W-what? Y-you heard me? H-how did you? W-when did you…”

Suddenly a bunch of Royal Angels brought a man tied up. It was Dylan Kaleido.

“Your brain-washing days are over, Vera. You and this man are hereby under arrest, and shall be locked in the Place of Void forever!” said the King.

Then the soldiers arrested her too.

“Y-you can’t do this to me! I’m Eluda’s fiancĂ©! You hear that! And besides, she must still die! She’s not one of us! She’s a human!”

“Father…” Eluda said to the King.
“This human girl. Shigarume Misaka. I…I LOVE HER!”

Everyone was surprised, except Aricada who was expecting him to say just that. The King and the Queen also wasn’t surprised.

“Very well.” The King said. “Royal Soldiers, let the girl go. Eluda, you may propose to her.”

There was happiness in Eluda’s face. “T-thank you father! You really understood me after all!”

But as soon as the soldiers were about to take off Lili’s ring on her finger, she launched a poison attack, killing most of the soldiers. She untied Dylan as well.

“Let’s do this thing…” said Dylan, or rather, Urah.
“We’ll have our revenge!” said Lili, or rather, Vera.

“Shigarume, Eluda!” Aricada called the two of them. “Let’s fight them. They are a threat to our kingdom.”
“Sure!” Eluda said.
“Yeah, allright!” Shigarume said. “But…I don’t get it…Vera’s actually a little girl?”
“That’s not her true form.” Said Aricada. “Look closely.”

Vera changed into her true form – a seductive-looking Moon Angel, who looks about as old as Aricada.

“So you think you can beat me? Go ahead, take a shot! Plus, I have my wizard friend here…”

“S-she can shape-shift? That’s really cool!” Shigarume said. “But we must beat her!”

And so the battle began. Vera was cornered by the three, however, Dylan was a powerful wizard. Shigarume thought his attacks were familiar.

“Hey…who is this Dylan guy anyway? He saved me and all, but I didn’t know that he would trick me afterwards!”
“He did, huh?” Eluda said. “He’s actually Urah Phester. The seven-year sentence at the Place of Void is over.”
“What? Then this is Haru’s body? But it doesn’t even look like Haru! Haru’s got purple hair and he’s human…and this guy’s a blue-haired Moon Angel!” Shigarume asked.
“I’ll explain.” Aricada said. “Vera probably gave Urah a temporary body, since he’s only a soul. Haru must still be on earth. Moon Angels are also able to access the Place of Void, like Karen.”

With Urah’s powerful attacks, Aricada and Eluda were knocked down. But Shigarume was able to escape the damage, because she was very fast. However, it’s now two against one.

“Oh man…what do I do now? I’m dead for sure…!”

Vera came close to her with a knife.

“Now you know how it feels to be alone. Without a friend. Without anyone. But don’t worry…the time will come…when you realize…that you don’t need them after all!”

But just as Vera strikes the knife, she gets shot behind by a girl, using a powerful magic attack with sleeping poison.

“Karen?” Shigarume instantly recognized her. “And there’s Jonen, Xenzo, Daniel, and…Esther? What are you guys doing here?”
“I called for back up via Xenzo.” Aricada smiled, finally getting up after being healed by Esther. “I wanted to pay you back for everything you did to me.”
Shigarume was in tears. “T-thank you…thank you so much…!”
“Now, let’s finish this!” Xenzo shouted, and the battle resumed, however, Vera was left unconscious. This time, Urah summoned almost a hundred shadows for the group to defeat.

But of course, Shigarume and friends were able to defeat them all, which left Urah all alone.

“Now, who shall finish you?” Eluda got up after being healed by Esther.
“Well, since he’s still resistant to be arrested…” Jonen said. “We’ll unleash our secret weapon.”
“Secret weapon?” Aricada, Eluda and Shigarume wondered.

Suddenly, a man comes from behind then, in powerful purple aura. He then attacks Urah.

“Brother! I won’t forgive you for deceiving my friends!” said the man, who is Haru Phester.
“H-haru? So you’ve finally grown stronger. Allright, let’s do this thing!” said Urah, his brother.

“Looks like the sibling rivalry begins again…” Aricada said.
“Yeah, and these time, Haru looks more stronger and more confident, unlike before!” Shigarume said.

And with a powerful spell, Haru was finally able to defeat his evil twin brother by himself. Then the King performed a spell on both Vera and Urah.

“By the authority of the Royal Angels, I banish the two of you to the Place of Void, for causing destruction in our kingdom!”

And so the two were sentenced and disappeared in a magic portal. Shigarume then asked Aricada a lot of questions.

“Why did the King change his views on humans all of a sudden? I thought you said he hated humans…and why did Vera wanted revenge?”
“The truth is…me and my parents had a secret deal. Father didn’t really hate humans, it was the humans who were jealous of us. They wanted to have powers like us, so they experimented on different kinds of magic to match ours. Father had no other choice but to punish them, because they were causing destruction to the moon. Vera was once human, but because of a strange-looking old wizard, she became a Moon Angel, although she was illegitimate. This is why she still became jealous of the Moon Angels. She was obsessed with Xenzo, but failed to receive love from him. And that’s why she sent me to earth using her powers, and forced Xenzo into a shadow possession…and eventually, tricked Eluda and hurting you!”
“I get it…but…” she looked at Eluda. “Why did Eluda fall down to earth?”

This time, the King answered her question.

“Deep in my heart I knew the humans would revolt against our race. It wasn’t our fault that we were the chosen ones of the Divina Arcelis centuries ago.”
“Divina Arcelis?” Shigarume asked.
“She is the one who handpicked chosen humans from the earth and transformed them into Moon Angels. She stated that our purpose was to restore peace on earth, but we seem to have failed. So me and my wife decided to sacrifice Eluda on the day he was born, without giving him a name. He must have fallen on the hands of a good human, seeing that he was raised well.”

Shigarume and Eluda were surprised, but Aricada simply smiled.

“We did this because…it would be better if someone from our race would live and understand the humans. Eluda would be the hope of our race…and so are you, young girl.”

Shigarume blushed. “M-me?”

“That’s right. Now Eluda…” The King called his son.
“Y-yes father?”
“Go to her. Do what you must do.”

Eluda, receiving the ring his father took back from Vera, knelt down in front of Shigarume and said the following words:

“Shiargume Misaka of Megizo-North Metropolis…will you marry me?”

Shigarume couldn’t believe her eyes. The one thing she had been waiting for her whole life.
“YES!! Absolutely!” she said eagerly, took the ring, and put it on her finger. Everyone cheered.

The next day, the King, along with the Moon Angels (including Shigarume and friends), went to earth. His majesty made an important announcement.

“Dear humans! I come in peace! From here on, we shall not have conflicts with each other. This was Divina Arcelis’ purpose of granting us these powers…not to overthrow humans, but to guide and protect them! So please, accept our treaty of peace. By doing this, humans and Moon Angels can cross both worlds without having to worry about discrimination. It’s time to make a change. Please…accept us…”

There was a moment of silence. After that, one of the human leaders came towards the King, bowed down and said:

“We accept your decision. Thank you very much for moving our hearts…I’ll make sure the humans respect your decision as well, right everyone?” He turns to the crowd, hearing a unified scream of joy and peace. Everyone clapped their hands as the two leaders signed a contract – the contract that will finally unify the two races and end the war for good.

And after a few days on earth, it was the time for Shigarume and Eluda’s greatest dream. The Moon Cathedral was decorated beautifully and elegantly. There were many guests, both humans and Moon Angels. Everyone was happy, as the two exchanged vows at the altar and sealed everything with a kiss – between a human and a Moon Angel.

And thus, began a new day on both the moon and the earth. Everyone hopes this new beginning shall give birth to more beautiful things.


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