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V3: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 1 – The Peace we Promised to Keep)

I. Introduction

Year 3144 A.D.  The human race is divided into 2 forces; the Earth Forces (E.F.) and the Space Forces (S.F.)...

For many months, people had been fighting with giant robots. But new technology arose, as the EF scientists discovered a new battle system: Hyper-Evolution; wherein a person's energy is converted into something that can make his/her mass/size 10 times larger, and becomes stronger than usual. It also helps them unleash "virus" attacks against opponents to make them weak. But this technique was also adopted by the SF, the EF's mortal enemies. They have battled for so many times, and neither side would give up...

Our story begins when Blue-haired, 17 year old Miella Nezzoforte starts her career as an EF agent/cadet...

II. Miella Nezzoforte

(inside the EF headquarters)

"Cadet Miella reporting for duty, ma'am!"
"Ah..we have a new comer here. I expect more from you, my dear. I have called you because I personally think you will be the perfect cadet for the job."

"Pardon ma'am, but what are you talking about?"
"I'm sending you to the front lines on our upcoming battle, my dear. This is to test your ability as an EF agent."
"B-but ma'am--"
"No buts, my dear! Just follow my orders, ok?"
"Yes ma'am!"

'Jeez...I can't believe Captain Khivenna chose me, a newbie agent, to be the front soldier for the battle tomorrow! But how come? There's no way I'd survive just like that!' Miella kept wondering about these things in her room, until she falls asleep. The next day, she woke up early and geared up for battle.

'All right, can do this...just keep your senses sharp!' She murmured to herself as she approaches the battlefield. And with the battle signal, light comes out from Miella and she magnificently transforms into a 50-foot warrior with a cool battle costume and awesome powers! Everyone does the same, especially the warriors of the two forces. At the battle, Miella encounters the front man and captain of the SF: A long-brown haired, masked, 19 year old Ircan Seyton.

"Ah…so you must be the Captain Seyton they were talking about. They say that you're a very strong soldier."

"Why a matter of fact...I'll give you an example!! TAKE THIS!!" Captain Seyton unleashes a deadly TF-256 attack, which is a very rare attack among normal Hyper-evolution (HE) users. Miella successfully dodges the attack and reflects it back. But Seyton avoided the attack. They keep exchanging attacks, but none of them would go down. So Seyton decided to end their battle, and continue it some other time.

"Let's fight again...once you have remembered..."
"...huh? ’Remembered'? What are you talking about? Captain Seyton..." But he warped back to their HQ, and Miella returned back after the battle.

That night, she kept wondering about what Captain Seyton said...about something she needs to "remember"...

III. Ircan Seyton

The next day, while Miella was takinig a break, staring at the skies, someone tapped her from behind...

"Excuse me, miss..."
"...who the---? You! Captain Se--"
"Shh. Don't tell anyone I'm here. Please my dear cadet, you must listen to me."
" mean the 'thing' I'm supposed to 'remember'? What the heck is that anyway?"
"All right listen. I'll whisper it to you" Said Seyton in a calm voice. Then after he whispers some word into Miella's ear...

"WHAAAT!?! That can't be possible! We've!?"
"What's the matter, don't believe me?"
"No, I don't! And I don't wanna hear from you stuff like that ever again...even if it were true!, there's absolutely no way that could happ-"
"As you wish my dear...but don't expect me to give up on showing you the truth...”
"Just shut up and leave already!" Miella pulls out a Red-FV68 gun. "I don't have time for people like you...Seyton!"
"Ok then...but call me Ircan; I prefer to be called by my first name."

As Ircan heads back to their HQ, he makes up a lame excuse...

"Captain Seyton! Why aren't you back so soon?" Asked their main leader.
"Uhmm...very important appointment...sir!"
" made that excuse 20 times already! Can't you think of a better one?"
"But sir..."
"No more of your lame excuses, Seyton! Off to your office, now!"
"Yes sir."

IV. The Promise

The next day, Ircan sneaked in again into EF's HQ. He just had to clear up something with Miella that bothers him.

But unfortunately, Miella was out in a battle. So he left her an envelope, which Miella soon discovered upon her return. It had pictures of....

'Hey...this is...US? Wha~? So it is true...."

She also found a note with the message:

"Please do try to friend. "

From Ircan Seyton

Upon reading it, her memories flashed back...'Those happy days in the park, those pretend battles, those dreams we I remember! Ircan is definitely my long lost childhood friend who disappeared for a long time! But why is he hangin' around with SF? That I gotta know...' Miella said as she held her bracelet...a "gift from someone"...

As Ircan exits from the EF's HQ, he took of his mask and said, "I hope you we can meet again..."

V. Acceptance

Another battle's about to begin. Captain Khivenna called for Cadette Miella..

"Cadet Miella reporting for duty, ma'am!"
"All right Miella, I noticed your bravery & leadership skills. This time...I need a would you be kind enough to accept my responsibilities while I'm gone?"
"Me? Sure, no problem."

'Oh cool! I get to be captain for a few months! Yay!' She said to herself as she heads onto the battle field. Everyone transforms. There, she faces Ircan again...

"Ah so we meet again, my dear.."
"Ircan..." Miella stares at him.
"I can tell you seem to remember now..."

Miella smiled, and they started battling again. And again neither of them would fall on their knees. It's like both of them knew each other's techniques very well. After the battle, Ircan did his usual sneaking in the EF's HQ.

After days of talking with each other, telling about their memories and what happened to them, their friendship grew stronger. Ircan also told Miella that his father was a general of one of the SF's main spacecrafts. He decided to train hard to become a strong SF warrior which almost no one could easily defeat.

"Say Ircan, in case I die on the battlefield..."
"Don't say that Miella, you won't die. I won't let you..."

VI. Jealousy

Meanwhile at SF...

"Cadette Xenia reporting for duty, sir!"
"Xenia, I've been worrying about your fiancé's absence. He's always making up stupid blasphemies when he arrives. He will eventually lead our race to a huge failure!"
" what do you mean, sir?"
"I'm replacing him!"
"Huh? With who?"
"Me? Well...ok...if you say so sir..."
"Make sure that your dear fiancé doesn't cheat on you..."
"Yes sir.."

'I do have the feeling you're abusing my love, dear fiancé, but if you're really a cheater then I'll bring you back here by force and make you confess you love to me, Seyton!"

VII. Disguise

"Here, put on this uniform so no one will recognize you here."
"Are you kidding? I'm just gonna hide from everyone here?"
"I thought you said you wanted to hid from the people you betrayed..."
"Oh...that's right...sorry..."

[in the corridor]

"Hey, who's he? Haven't seen him around...."
"He's...uhm....Canir Notyes (read as "noh-yeh"), a new warrior!!" Said Miella in defense.
"Cool!" Said the other agent. "Welcome to the Earth Forces!"


"Gee...thanks for coverin' me up!"
"Ah...It's nothing! I just put your name in reverse…They'll kill me once they see you around. They always blame me for everything since I'm the 'chosen newbie'..."
"Hey…don't put yourself down. At least you're the chosen one and not them..."
"Hey...yah! Thanks. That made me feel better."
"Anytime, Captain Nezzoforte."
"Oh please call me Miella. Let's not be formal, though."

Later at the battlefield...

"Attention, Everyone!!" Miella shouted as loud as she can. "We, the EF, are going to introduce you our newest soldier!"

"Wha~ you don't have to do this Miella…" Whispered Ircan. "Don't worry; leave it all to me…" Said Miella.

"Please welcome...(drum roll) Cadet Canir Notyes!!"
The EF soldiers clap. Then the battle resumed.

Battle after battle, they fought with all their heart for justice. But no one can run from what their hiding from that easily...

At SF...

"Captain Xenia, I have the strange feeling that that man IS your fiancé..."

"Common sense, my lord! He is trying to run away from my love; he couldn't see my affections for him. I must drag him back the next time I see him! I must!!" She snaps the table in half. "That Miella Nezzoforte must be gone and leave him alone! He's disrupting our relationship! I must get rid of her at once!"

VIII. My True Love

At SF's outside terrace...

"WHAT? You're actually gonna betray me like that? You're just gonna give in to that 'pretty princess' of yours? Have you gone insane?"
"You're overreacting again! You're always like that! That's why...I DON'T love you...Xenia!"
"Wha~? Wait..Ircan!"
Ircan left her and flew off...
"Grr..I'll have my revenge on you two! Remember that!"

In EF...

"Hey there Miella.."
"Oh Hi! Glad you came! I have something to ask you about."
"It's about the upcoming 'ultimate showdown': the battle that decides the world's destiny."
"You mean the battle between EF and SF?"
"Yes, and many people will be affected by the war. Lots of families and children will lose their homes because of the explosions! Besides, from the beginning, how could we stand to live in a place where there is no peace at all?"
"Woah...never thought about that though. To be honest, I also wanted the wars to end, but not even I, one of the strongest cadets around, could order their minds to stop. Just like you said; 'They'll kill me..', so ....what do we do?"
"Uhmm...Ah! We battle a little first, then stand in the middle and shout real loud!"
"Uhm..isn't that too childish to do?"
"Childish is my way of peace! And so should be yours!"

Miella was going to leave when..

"Hey Miella!"
"I...I have something...I wanna...err...ask you.."
"Really? What is it?"

"Well...we're friends and all...and…well.....I just wanna say this..."
"I...really..really love you with all my heart! I had loved you from the moment we first met...when we were kids! Please accept my feelings for you…"

Miella suddenly burst into tears.

"Huh? What's wrong? Did I make you cry? Do you hate what I said?"
"Nope...I just feel so touched when you said those they were from the very bottom of your heart..."
Miella embraces him...never letting go 'till the sun went down.

IX. The Ultimate Showdown

"Ok folks!" said the representative of EF to the soldiers. "Today will be the moment of our lives! If ever one of you must die, we will honor that someone with all our heart and respect his/her fight for justice!"

"Are you ready, Ircan?" Miella asked.
"Better than ever. Remember Miella, I WON'T let you die there..."
"Same for you..."

At last, the battle had begun. Just like Miella and Ircan were talking about, many families and cities on earth were affected by the war. So they started the plan…

Meanwhile at SF...voices were heard...

"Three engines running normally, three to fuel belt..."
"Roger that Bravo...Prepare Immediate Virus..."
"Good. All Systems OK?"
"Yes, ma'am.."
"What's the password?"

Amidst the raging fists and violent strikes, a couple of both sides stood up...

"HEEEEEYY!! Listen up people! We don't have to do this just because we need to protect our dignity!"
"Yeah she's right! How 'bout the poor families and cities affected by our war? Don't you people even care about them? Or have you lost your hearts?"

They said more stuff but the people kept on fighting. All of a sudden, there was a big flash of light.

"Trans Viruses!" All the soldiers were surprised...except for some in SF.

It's an explosion of a giant spacecraft containing the "deadly viruses" which inflicted great damage to the people in the war. Most of the EF's soldiers were killed, but they didn't lose hope.

"AHAHAHA!! I thought you'd fell for that little trap I've set up, you idiot humans! Now that your puny little army has been greatly reduced in number, what are you going to do (points at Miella and Ircan) eh..lovely and pathetic couple?!?"
"Don't you 'lovely & pathetic couple' us you traitor! Your black heart will end up with the destruction of your race!"
"As I've said before, 'honey', you're such a noisy cat on a summer's day. You're even more annoying than a doggy licking someone's face and asking for food!"
"Don't you dare talk to me like that you cowards! I'll make sure I'll finish off all of you!!"
"Hey…now, 'cowards'? Don't think so! C'mon Miella! Let's show 'em what we've got!"
"Yeah! We're in this fight for PEACE!!"

Miella and Ircan joined hands, and they've created a destructive circle of light. The light engulfed the lives of the SF warriors, including Xenia.

Ircan & Miella looked sharply without regret. But as a result of emitting their full energy, they both blacked out. They were carried back to earth by some of the EF soldiers, where they lied on a hospital in a main city.

Inside a vast dimension thingy..

"Miella...we did it.."
"Yeah! We did. So...we'll be together?"
"Yeah...not even death could separate us..."
"I promise...I won't leave you..."

X. The Farwell (?)

Miella could barely open her eyes.

"...huh..? Wha~ Where...where am I? And where's Irca~"
Alas she saw Ircan on his bed...his breathing was over..
"Wha~? Ircan!! NOOO!!! Please!! Don't! Don't ever..!! Darn it's all my fault! Now he's gone! And…wait..."
Miella wiped her tears and suddenly remembered those words...that he said...

'Hey...don't put yourself down. At least you're the chosen one and not them...'

"That's right! We were in this together! And not even death could separate us two!!"
As she looked behind the glass, she saw her love, smiling peacefully. "We did it all for peace. Thank you...Ircan..."

A few weeks later...

" I am again..."

As she laid down the flowers, Miella looked sharp and said, "I'll never forget our promise...I'll even remember what you said to me..."

"Don't say that Miella, you won't die. I won't let you..."

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