Friday, July 6, 2012

Andromeda: O2Jam Fanficiton (Chapter 3 – Resurrection)

Outside the mansion, the immortals quickly approached two people: a white-haired guy and a blue-haired Korean girl.

“Guys, I’d like you to meet Ami Sang a.k.a. Amy, and Kanon Zyder.”
“Cool!” said Roxie. “Now we’re all set to—”
Suddenly, there was a meteor-like rush from the sky. It was him, the demon, under the body of Dr. Z.

“All right guys, quickly, form a circle!” Ran said to the group. “Turn A, you’re coming with me!” he said to Turn A.
Later on, the two guys came with a large box, enough to contain a human being. They quickly opened up the box, and it revealed to be a boy with black-brown hair, around 16 years of age. He seems to be unconscious and sleeping.
Ran then instructed the group to think of happy and positive thoughts while the boy was placed in the middle. And as something marvel, the group created a strong barrier which kept the demon from reaching them. With their powers taking effect, the boy slowly wakes up, and receives tremendous power.

A few minutes later, Ran calls off the group’s activity and blasts another temporary barrier. The boy then stands up and asks Amy and Ran. The two explained everything that had happened, and what his true purpose really is.

And with a fierce power coming from within him, Simon took aim at the demon, while shouting these words:

“I shall make my maestro proud of me!”

The powerful beam of light instantly disintegrated the demon, which was never to be seen again from that point. The group of immortals celebrated and rejoiced.

Afterwards, there was another beam of light. A mysterious figure appeared – it was the maestro himself, Ludwig Van Beethoven, in a sort-of holographic form.

“I came to thank all of you for taking revenge on the demon that cursed my life and descendants. Some of them have died not even hearing a sound from the world. Simon was lucky that he was saved by you young and brave warriors of the future time. From here on, this immortality that you have received from me will no longer be a curse, but a blessing. Use it throughout the future and prosper for the betterment of your lives, and the lives of your future descendants. I wish you well, God bless all of you. Farewell.”

After that, the maestro ascends to heaven, disappearing in a flash of light.

Civilization on Earth and in space went back to normal as usual, but for the newly-resurrected and saved people, Simon, Amy and Kanon, many beautiful things are just beginning.


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