Friday, July 6, 2012

Andromeda: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 1 – Gather the Immortals)

 A few minutes later, Roxie felt a strange power overflowing from within her, right after Turn A held her hand.
“All right Roxie, time to test if you really became one.”
Turn A launches a TF-777 attack, which is known to be fatal in one blow, towards Roxie. And she was surprised that she had survived, without a scratch.
“Amazing! So…so like…anyone can be a Beethoven Immortal by just touching real ones?” Said Roxie.
“That may be true but,” said Ircan. “Recipients only become standard immortals – they have fewer powers than purebred / in-born ones. But hey, at least we already have three.”
 Turn A remembered something. “How about your wife, Miella?”
“Oh yeah, that makes four. I already gave her immortality a few years ago, I totally forgot.” said Ircan.

Ircan and Turn A went to work, calling out as much as Immortals there are around them. So far, they were composed of the following:
  • Ircan Seyton
  • Turn A Yukosena
  •  Miella Nezzoforte
  • Roxie Syanji
  • Khivena Riles
  • Xenia Adagio
  • Kevin Seyton
  • Ran Zieghart
“Well, that makes eight, but…” Roxie had the guests in her big mansion to prepare for a meeting. “…we’re still missing two.”
Ran Zieghart raised his hand. “I think I might know two more people, but we have to travel through time to get them.”

The audience became silent – they began murmuring and whispering to each other.
“Friends, do not worry – I’ll bring in some allies to come with me to the time machine.”

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