Friday, July 6, 2012

Andromeda: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 2 – Canon Contract)

And so it was decided: it was Ran, Turn A, and Ircan who went on the mission: to travel back in the year 2000, when a little Korean girl spends her time reminiscing in some old ruins, somewhere in Korea. Her name is Ami Sang, but she preferred to be called Amy.
“She is the second Beethoven Immortal, only being born a few years before I was born.” Explained Ran to the two. “Amy once visited Europe and met a boy named Simon John Stallavia. They were classmates in a music school. Unfortunately, Simon died when he was attacked by a mysterious man, who is actually Dr. Z today. He is the demon known as the Mephistopheles, the one who offered Beethoven a dark deal and cursed his bloodline.”
“Really?” Asked Turn A. “So what’s about this Simon guy? Is he the first immortal? But why did he die?”

“Good question.” Said Ran. “Simon was a descendant of Beethoven, and very much enthusiastic of meeting him. It was said that in a dream, he met the maestro himself and he (Beethoven) explained to Simon that his bloodline was cursed by immortality. However, Simon must not meet the demon or else he will be put to sleep, and great tragedies will occur, not after he becomes 18. But this had occurred while he was only 16, so the demon was successful. Good thing however, Amy was also chosen by the maestro in a dream and was given powers. However, she will also die in the near future.”
“Why?” asked Ircan.

“Let me tell you Amy’s story. Before Amy went to Europe, she was abducted by an alien race known as the Canon tribe. However, one of the Canon tribe rescued her and sent her back home, but sacrificing his own life and resulting in the tribe’s land falling down to Earth, which eventually became the ruins. According to my research, the friend she is talking about is the soul of Kanon Zyder, a German boy who died and accidentally placed his soul in one of the Canon tribe empty shells. His soul now lies within the ruins, and only we new-generation immortals can do something about it. Amy decided to commit suicide because of her miserable life. And you guys already know the immortality rules of suicide, right?”

“Sure do. But how will Simon be able to do it if he died without being an immortal?” asked Turn A.

“The immortality process was only interrupted, but not completely terminated. According to the maestro himself (I spoke with him in a dream on one night), the presence of 10 immortals is enough to awaken a person like Simon, and continue his immortality process. Also, because he is the direct descendant of Beethoven himself, if he becomes an immortal, he will be 10 times stronger than each one of us, and therefore, he will be able to beat the demon and bring peace to the world. This is what we should do…”

Ran approached Amy and touched the stones in the ruins. This led to Amy and Kanon being able to talk with each other again. Later on, Ran performed a spell that no other immortal can ever do: soul materialization. He brought Kanon back to life by giving him a temporary body of a pale-looking 18-year old guy with white hair, who also becomes an immortal due to Ran’s spell. 

“Don’t worry about Amy.” Said Kanon. “You have my thanks, and I will continue to protect her until the day comes when we meet again.”

And the three guys traveled back to their own time.

The crowd of immortals in the guest room was waiting anxiously for the travelers’ report.
“Mission accomplished guys.” Said Turn A with a smile. The immortals cheered.
“But where are these two immortals?” asked Miella.
“Oh they’re just somewhere in this area already.” Said Ran. “You’ll see.”

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