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.hack//G.U.: Fan Fiction (.hack//POLICE)

A year has passed since Haseo and his friends saved the world from threats like AIDA and Cubia. Now "The World" is at peace...or is it?

Her name is Kiori. She is a member of Kestrel, a guild of PKers. Despite the fact that a lot of players fear her, she never PK's anyone. Instead, she gets PKed by her guild mates, especially Bordeaux, who was jealous of her.
Her job class is an Edge Punisher, a common PK class. She was recruited to Kestrel by Alex, a steam gunner. Just like her, Alex never PK's anyone. He even helps those players who were being PK'ed by misbehaved PKers.

However, their 2 friends, Jouka and Taimus, are straight PKers, and will stop at nothing to PK someone just for fun or kicks. Because of this, they often give lectures to the two.

"When are you guys gonna learn that PKing isn't evil?" said Jouka, the Blade Brandier.
"Yeah! Besides, only your characters get killed, not your real selves." said Taimus, the Flick Reaper.

"But guys," said Alex. "It's still...kinda evil to take out poor noobs like that. Not only will they feel ashamed, they will also feel humiliated, and never come back to The World. And because of these, your PK targets are going to run low pretty soon."

It was always like this in Kestrel for them. But one day, Alex heard something from a friend named Frad, a Shadow Warlock, who is associated with the player Yata (the one who controls the Serpent of Lore). CC Corp is going to add a new job class specially made for those who want to be PKK's (Player Killer Killers), but in a formal way. The job class is called System Police.
It's the only job class that can be attained inside the game itself, by ANY player above level 25, in any job class (except Adept Rogues). The System Police is a special job class that resembles a system admin, but they can fight and play like normal players. They take out hackers and misbehaved PK's.
System police resemble Adept Rogues, since they are required to take a special quest, and they can use maximum of 2 weapons (Dual Guns + their current weapon). It was also believed that the System Police class was a tribute to Haseo's Xth form. But nobody knew who suggested it.

Alex told Kiori about it via e-mail, and so they had a talk in Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.

"So, it's like an Adept Rogue class, with Dual Guns?" Said Kiori.
"Yeah. And rumor has it that they based it from Haseo's special form. You know Haseo, right?"
"Uhm, well, yeah. We're classmates in the real world, you know."
"R-really? Y-you're classmates with the so-called Terror of Death? Unbelievable! H-how did y-you?"
"Well, it must be fate, right?"
"Yeah. Or coincidence. You know, he's one of Kestrel's main targets. But none of them were able to defeat him. LOL"
"That's because he's very strong, not just as a player, but as a person. He also has special people he wants to protect."
"Like..uhm...he has a girlfriend?"
"Something like that. But there are many girls who like him. ^^;"

Alex changed the topic.
"Anyway, so about the new job class. They're going to have a special entrance quest for those who want to be one. What do you think? Shall we give it a try?"
Kiori held her breath for a few minutes, and said "Yes, I'll do it...with you guys. But...."
"But what?"
"I-I don't think Jouka & Taimus would agree for that job class, since it's against misbehaved PKers."
"Geez, you're right. So we'll have to find another one. I'll e-mail you soon. I'll find us a third party member. OK?"
"Alright then. Thanks!" Both gated out.

The next day, Kiori received an e-mail from Alex.
Hey Kiori! I found someone! My good, good friend, Frad. He's a shadow warlock.
He said he'd be happy to meet you, and help in your job quest.
Let's meet at Mac Anu's chaos gate! Be prepared!


Kiori logged in. Near the Chaos Gate were Alex, and his friend, Frad.
Alex introduced his friend to her and vice versa. After that, they went to a special hidden Quest Shop, near the Alchemy District.

"All right, according to the NPC's, the area words are Δ Attaining Grand's Hyperspace." Said Alex. "Our objective is to go find 15 PKers and defeat them."
Frad added some details. "However, near the Beast Temple, 2 powerful PKers are also waiting for us. If we lose to these PKers, we'll have so start over again."
Kiori was amazed. "Wow! How did you know those stuff? Have you already taken the quest?"
"Not really. Some friend of mine did." Frad answered back.
"That's my buddy! He knows a lot of stuff! So be nice to him, okay?"
"Okay. Well then, let's go for the quest!"

And so they went to Δ Attaining Grand's Hyperspace for the quest. It's a dark dungeon, where they have to defeat 15 PKers while heading for the Beast Temple.

A few hours of hard work, they were almost near the Beast Temple, when...

"Aha! Nice of you to take on this quest..."
Kiori & Alex were surprised. It was Jouka & Taimus.
"W-what are you guys doing here?" Asked Kiori. "Are you participating too?"
"Ahahaha!!....Why PKers!!!" Said Jouka.
"N-no way! Not you guys!" Alex was worried. "Why did they pick you anyway?"
"Well.." Taimus explained everything. "Master Gabi said we've got a lot of potential for this quest. What do you think?"

Frad looked amused. "These guys are your friends? You mean you're all from Kestrel?"
Alex felt nervous. "Uhm...yeah...sorry I didn't tell you before...."
"But I thought those with PK records cannot join?"
"They never had any PK records." Said Jouka. "They're soooo innocent, and they don't want to 'hurt other people's feelings'!!"

"Hey, how could you say such a thing to your friends like that?" said Frad.
"Never mind." Alex said to his friends. "Allright you two, we'll take you on, no matter what! Kiori wants to have this job class not to eliminate PKers, but to find her sisters who are missing both here and the real world!"
"Oh...I'm sorry I had to say that. I got carried away. Anyways, let's fight them!"

And so the battle between friends. Everyone did their best, but the two PKers were defeated.

"H-how could you defeat us?" "Y-yeah! You're not our friends anymore! You're nothing but PK prey! Remember that!" and they ran off.
Alex felt angry. "Allright, that's it! I'm quitting Kestrel! I don't want to be involved in more PK trouble!"
"I'm quitting too." said Kiori. "Besides, I don't want people to think I'm a PKer turned System Police, and say that I cheated the quest!"

And so it happened. They both quited Kestrel.
Kiori is now a System Police, equipped with Dual Guns, and she can still use her Broadsword.
"I will protect this world from evil PKers and hackers, and I swear to get my sisters back. I swear!"

They want to start a guild by their own, but there are only three of them.

One time, they were going off to an adventure in Δ Destroying Dragon's Blue Sky. And unexpectedly, there was a mysteious PK. At first, they thought he was a Doppleganger.
But when the looked close enough to see him, he looked like an AI. He was wandering around the area.
Meanwhile, Kiori saw a young girl. It was one of her lost sisters, Mayori, an Adept Rogue.

"Sister! I-I finally found you!"
"After all these years...I"

Suddenly, she was fiercely attacked by the PKer. Kiori wasn't able to save her.
And without any warning, it also attacked Alex. Only Frad & Kiori were left to fight him. However, they lost, and Kiori was Data Drained by this PKer AI. Frad couldn't revive her.

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