Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turn A: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 1 - IX Hunter)

Four years after the "ultimate showdown" between the Space Forces & Earth Forces,
a new alliance now exists to eliminate evil entities known as "space goblins" who are attacking the human race. That alliance is called "Intergalaxy Extreme" (IX), and is now hiring "IX Hunters" to bring peace to the galaxy. One of these IX hunters is Ardhinjice Yukosena, or more popularly known as "Turn A".

[near the asteroid belt]
"You won't win against us!" said a bandit guy, pointing his guns.
"Yeah, that's right! Don't you ever mess up with us, the Z gang! Or we'll have to call up on our 'Master'!" said another.

But Turn A was defiant. "True, you guys maybe the most notorious gang in the universe, but your actions..." He pulls out his guns. "..are illegal and against the law!"

"Oh really?" said the bandit. "Well, let's see what you've got!"
He pulls out a TF-125 attack, but Turn A blocked it.
"I must not hurt these guys; they're citizens too--they've got rights to live.

IX Rule no. 1: Never kill anyone, unless he becomes hideous like an alien!"

So he kept blocking attacks until the last one - the one he couldn't see.
"Yaaaa!" the bandit stabbed him, and it caused electric shock.
"Allright! We got 'em! We killed that IX guy!" "Yeah, wait 'till boss he about--"

All of a sudden, they heard laughing. Turn A got up,
pulled out the sword that struck him, and said
"You guys don't know me at all, now do you?"
"B-but t-that's impossible!" The bandit was terrified on what he saw.
"You would've been dead by now, 'cuz that sword I stabbed you with has Death Virus in it..."

And without hesitation, Turn A blew them all off using that sword.
"You'll pay for thiiiiiss!!!!" the bandits flew into the air, and were never seen for sometime.

"Well, that takes care of it then. Guess I'll just go back to HQ."

[meanwhile, at Z Gang's HQ]

"Well, where's the gold you guys promised me?"
Dr. Z, their boss/master, was angry.

"Well? What do you have to say for yourselves, you big chickens!"
"But sir.." said a member. "We did all that we can to kill him! It seems like he's some sort of a ghost."
"...Or maybe even a zombie!!" Said another.

"Hmm..." Dr. Z thought, while playing with his long silver hair.
What does he look like?"
"Reddish hair, with white highlights." "Yeah, with space visors,
and a...headphone thingy--"
"Wait. Did you just say, 'Headphone Thingy'?"
"Uhm...yes sir."
"Why, that's the legendary IX hunter, Turn A!"
"You know him sir?"
"Ahh yes. He's really strong. He belongs to the special race of humans called "Immortals",
whose life is almost infinite, but has a certain weakness.
You must find that weakness, so that we, "The Z Gang", can take over the whole galaxy! We will take advantage of those space goblins as well."

After a mere silence, everybody clapped.
"Good speech sir!"
"Heh, that was nothing, really. Just do better next time,
or you'll know what happen. Ok?
"Yes sir!" all the members said.

[near IX HQ]

Turn A was on his way inside when...
"Hey!!" a teenage girl shouted.
"Huh...oh! Hi there!" He waved and smiled at her. Then he continued walking.
"W-wait! Don't you remember me?"
He looked back at the girl. "...huh? What do you mean? Who are you?"
"It's me, Roxie Syanji, your childhood friend from Tokyo!! Remember?"
"Huh? Oh yeah...Roxie! Long time no see!"
"Yeah, glad to see you again 'Turn A'!"
"Aheheh..yeah. But how did you find me?"
"Well I heard you're now a famous IX hunter..."
"Oh really? Well...The thing is...." He was anxious.
He didn't know what to say.
"Well I really have to go back to HQ.
Our leader is waiting for me to make reports and all..."
"Ahh I see...B-but wait!"
"Don't go just yet! Here, I'll give you my e-mail,
so we can communicate through my laptop! Ok?"
"Well, alright. See you soon then. Keep in touch!"
"Bye Ardhinjice!"
"That's Turn A!!"
"Oh..right! Sorry!!"

[inside HQ]

Turn A reports about the Z Gang case. Their leader was very impressed. After a while, he meets Charzen Xeldji, a.k.a. "Chaos 9", his  former rival, and now his friend.

"You know Turn A, to be honest I really envy you." Chaos said.
"You're always making awesome records. Always defeating bad guys so easily.."
" don't have to." Said Turn A.
"I mean, you're an awesome IX hunter yourself!"
"Heh, not really. Anyways, I heard that were going to have a new member here..."
"Oh Really?"
"Yeah. I'm just not sure who it is.."
Turn A then runs off to ask their captain/leader.
The leader replied: "Our newest member will come tomorrow. Just wait and see..."

Later that night, Turn A got to chat w/ Roxie on the computer.
Roxie: You know, I have an awesome surprise for you tomorrow!
Turn A: Really? What is it?
Roxie: If I tell it to you, it wouldn't be a surprise anymore, now would it?
Turn A: Well...yeah ^^; so...
Roxie: So, you'll find out tomorrow what that is ok?
Turn A: Ok then. =)

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