Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turn A: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 2 – Roxie)

Turn A once again heads to HQ for work. But a great surprise blew him away.

“R-roxie?” He gasped.
“Oh, hi Turn A!” Roxie smiled.
“W-what are you doing here…? Don’t tell me you’re…”
“Yup!” she smiled again. “I’m the newly recruited member of IX! How about that?”

Both of them were given assignments in Asteroid 5AB-Y1. Dr. Z’s gang was there stealing rare gems.

“You guys again?” Said Turn A.
“You know these guys?” Asked Roxie.
“Defeated them yesterday. Heheh.” Said Turn A, as he went towards them.

“Don’t you guys know when to quit?” He said to the evildoers.

But Dr. Z had a grim laugh as he looked at Turn A.

“Don’t be so sure that you can easily trash us this time.” Dr. Z said. “I actually happened to have discovered your one and only weakness. And all Beethoven Immortal’s weakness.”

“What is he talking about, Turn A?” asked Roxie.
“Oh, forgot to tell you. I’m a Beethoven Immortal, or a being that has infinite life span. We can live forever and never be killed, except when we decide to do suicide.”
“Wow…so when did you—”

Dr. Z fired a laser from his hand towards Turn A’s left ear, where he wears a certain ear device with an antenna on it. It broke into pieces and Turn A fell on the ground unconscious.

Meanwhile, Chaos 9 was sent to the asteroid knowing that Turn A needed back up right away. Roxie took the opportunity to rescue Turn A and take him into a hospital.

In the midst of his unconsciousness, Turn A had a dream.

There was an old man, sitting with him inside a music room. This man looked like some sort of European musician in his old-fashioned clothes. Turn A felt like it was a time warp.

“The device had been broken,” said the man. “And now you have to be extremely careful. Being deaf is the worst curse a man can get…”

Afterwards, Turn A regained consciousness in the real world, and found himself in a hospital with Roxie beside him. There were still many questions inside his head. One of them is why he started to lose a bit of hearing when the device got broken. That device was given to him by his mother when he was young, as he could recall.

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