Thursday, July 5, 2012

Turn A: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 3 – Zieghart)

Turn A went back to his usual job at IX. But on his way there, a certain man stopped him and gave him a new headphone thingy, in replacement to the broken one that was destroyed by Dr. Z. Turn A didn’t get the chance to say thanks because the man hurriedly walked away with a short phrase:

“Sorry for dragging you into this…”

When he wore it, his hearing somehow went back to normal.

In curiosity, after he was done with the day’s works, he decided to make a research on Beethoven Immortals, or people like him. He wanted to find out why they exist and who gave them powers. During his childhood days, his parents only mentioned that he was born with it.

There was his cousin, Ircan Seyton, who was also like him. But like him, he was only told that he was born with this power.

Meanwhile in a certain mission with Roxie, they encountered Dr. Z again. But this time, the strange man Turn A met the other day came by.

“I’ll handle this.” The man said. “You still don’t know your weakness. In fact, a lot of people like you also still don’t know about their weakness. I have that weakness too, but I know how to get over it!”

With that, he attacks Dr. Z with virus attacks.

“Is he…a Beethoven Immortal too?” Turn A said.

“Do you know why we’re called Beethoven Immortals?” the man said as he fought Dr. Z and sealed him to the next galaxy, so that he couldn’t escape to harm anyone temporarily (for about a few hours). “We were cursed by the demon that haunted the German composer Ludwig Van Beethoven before he died.”

“C-cursed?” Turn A asked. “What do you mean?”

“Our only hope rests on the angel of hope – the one that represents the light in Beethoven’s soul. Although he is dead, we have the power to resurrect him. However, we need ten people. Ten immortals.”

“W-well, there’s you and me, right? And my cousin Ircan.”

“My name is Ran Zieghart. Pleased to meet you, Turn A.”

“H-how did you know my name?”

“Turn A…my true name is…”

And before Turn A could say a word, Ran used a teleport virus to exit the scene.

“The weakness he was talking about was our hearing.” There was a voice heard behind Turn A. It was Ircan, his cousin.

“Hearing?” Turn A wondered.

“We have no time to lose, you have to share your immortality with Roxie. Only a few hours are left until Dr. Z is released again.

“R-roxie? Why her?”

“Like Ran said, we need ten people to revive the angel of hope. This person will defeat the demon.”

“Demon? Who is this demon?”

Ircan smiled as Turn A began sharing his immortality with Roxie via physical contact.

“The demon is…the one Ran just fought recently.”

“What?” Turn A was surprised, but Roxie had now become an immortal. “How do you know all these stuff?”

“Ran told me. Ran Zieghart…a.k.a. Lu-”

There was a sudden attack. It was the Z-gang. They were looking for revenge for their master while he is sealed.

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