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V3: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 2 - The Awakening / Reincarnated)

The sun is shining brightly. Another beautiful day is about to begin. As Miella Nezzoforte walks down the street, she thinks about everything that she and Ircan did...that finally brought the much awaited peace in the world.

Suddenly, she gets tapped by a brown haired guy.
"Excuse me, are you Miella Nezzoforte of the SF?"
"Why yes..." she answered, as if she never ate breakfast yet.
"Well, I've got something that might interest you."
"Really? What is it?"
"If you wanna find out, then come with me."

The guy took Miella to the town's cemetery. "Wait a sec- why are we going here?" Miella asked.
But the guy kept silent and accompanied her to a grave...Ircan's grave. Beside it was another guy...sleeping.

At last the guy finally spoke. "Ircan...wake up~!"
He woke up from a long sleep. "....huh? oh...where am I? Who are you guys?"
"I--Ircan?!? B-But....? I--I though you--"
"See, I told you this will interest you."
"But why? And how did he come back to life?"
"He was just sleeping."
"SLEEPING? But the doctors said he was hit by a death virus! And you know how lethal that is!"
"Well...must be a miracle. You believe in miracles, don't you?"
"Well...yeah, I do. Looks like you got a point."
Miella tries to talk to Ircan. "Ircan...Ircan...Is that really you?"
Ircan was confused. "Huh? Have we...met before?"
"What? You mean you don't remember me?"
"What are you talking about; I just met you here."
Miella started to cry. "H-how could this happen?..."
"He must've had amnesia." Said the guy, who introduces himself as Kevin.
"Then, how can we make him 'remember'?" Miella asked.
"Have you heard of an object that stores memories of various people and past events?"
"Nope. Have you?"
"Why yes. Rumors say that there is a mysterious item that can restore memories and view past events. Such an object is called the 'Beethoven Virus'."
" it can make his memories come back? Cool! Where is it?"
"Some people say it's hidden in some ruins..."
"You the next asteroid? I know how to get there!"
"Great, then let's go!" Said Kevin.
"Wait! How 'bout you Ircan, will you come too?" Miella asked Ircan.
" that my name?"
"Yes. that's your name!"

And so they went to the so called ruins in the next asteroid. Miella stared at Ircan all the trip. "I wonder what's going on...I really wanna find out..."
Ircan fell asleep as they landed on the ruins. "Let's leave him here" Kevin said. "He'll need a rest after all..." And so they went in, all the way to the ruins. They found a mysterious glowing object.
"This is it!" Kevin exclaimed.
"Huh? You mean the 'Beethoven Virus'?"
"Yeah, it'll be the only way to restore Ircan's memories...but YOU must be the one to use it."
"Because you're the 'chosen one'..."
"Huh? I don't get it..."
"Just do it. I promise you won't get hurt..."
Miella touched the glowing object. A huge burst of light glared inside the bright that it woke up Ircan, who was sleeping near the spaceship. "Huh..? What the~? There's gotta be trouble out there! I must help!"
As Ircan rushed to see what's going on, he gets a shocking surprise...
"Hey You!" he shouted before the two, who were...
Suddenly, Ircan felt something in his heart...are all of his memories are starting to come back..?
"Ah Ircan, at long last you have awakened...Finally we can settle what we didn't finish last year..."
"Kevin...why did you...why did you do this?"
"One word: Revenge... I wanted to be just like you, but I failed beating you, so now..."
"Go forth, my love, and kill your archenemy!"
"Yes, my love...You're gonna pay, Seyton!"
Ircan was shocked. "M-Miella? What's gotten into you? Have you gone..."
Miella suddenly attacks Ircan, but Ircan dodges. He couldn't fight back...
"Who are you?"
"What? You don't remember me?"
"Are you....Xenia?"
Miella smiled, and gave him a powerful attack. However, Ircan was able to get up. Suddenly, he gets a flashback of their childhood...


Ircan was sleeping, when...
"Wake up, Beethoven!" Miella startled her.
"Huh? Miella!~"
"You had a looooooong nap! You sure are tired!"
"Yeah, but...why did you call me 'Beethoven'?"
" wouldn't wake up when I called your name~! So I called you Beethoven instead!"
"Well....make sense..."
"C'mon, let's eat snacks! And by the way..."
"Remember what I said. You might wanna use it to wake up somebody too!"
"Ok, I will.."

Ircan paused for a while, then held Miella as tight as he could. "Wake up, Beethoven!!!"
Miella lost consciousness, but after a few seconds woke up. "I-Ircan...what am I doing here? Kevin..? YOU!! [points at Kevin]"
Kevin was awed. "H-how did you wake up from the virus spell I gave you!?"
Ircan rushed to seize Kevin. "I never knew that my younger brother could betray me like this...I should have killed you a long time ago...!"
Kevin defended himself. "W-wait! I can explain everything! You don't exactly understand..For you see..."

Ircan got even more angry and stared at Kevin, almost choking him. "Memory Eraser Virus, right?"
Miella interrupted. "Wait Ircan! Don't kill him! He's not that evil, you know..."
But Ircan was furious... "You killed me once..."


It was after the "Ultimate Showdown". Ircan finally gains consciousness, until a mysterious guy rushes and attacks him...

Kevin couldn't fight back. He was desperate. "A-are you t-trying to kill me?" The whole place earthquakes. Miella tried to stop Ircan, but she was injured. The whole place is about to blow!

Finally, looking into Miella's eyes, Ircan held back and said, "Well...maybe not today." He lets go of his brother.
The earthquake stopped. Everything was covered in silence. "But I still gotta teach you a lesson however...!" And the place shakes again! Ircan & Miella escaped from the asteroid. "But what about Kevin?" Miella was worried. "Don't worry, I'm sure he'll find his way out of it." Ircan answered.

On the spaceship going back to earth....

"How sure are you?"
"500% sure. He is my brother after all."
"But...what exactly just happened?"
"Your memories were replaced of those of Xenia, that's why you attacked me. Kevin copied Xenia's memories that are stored in the Beethoven Virus, and used it on you."
" weird. But there's still something that bugs me."
"HOW did you come back to life? We all obviously know that a Memory Eraser Virus attack is usually combined with a Death Virus attack, right?"
"Well, it's like this. I know you've heard of the rumors of extraordinary beings who can live almost forever, but can end their lives only by suicide?"
"You mean, the so-called 'Immortals'?"
"Yeah, I'm one of them."
"WHAAAT!? How come you never told me that?"
"I wanted to surprise you, that's all."
"But how did you regain your memories?"
"Memory Eraser Viruses only has temporary effects on us Immortals..."
"And another thing; why did Kevin called me the 'chosen one'?"
"Well, basically because your one of the descendants of the first known Immortal on Earth."
"Really? What's the name?"
"That I don't know. But some say that she's a girl..."
" you mean, I went through all that trouble, not knowing that..."
"Aww..I'm really sorry about that. I should've told you sooner....sorry."
"That's ok. I understand...But promise me never to keep secrets from me again, ok?"

At last they landed on a new earth, a very peaceful one indeed. As they walked to their old village, they can see the happy faces of their more war, no more fighting, no more chaos...

"So, where are you going to stay for the night?"
"At your old house here, of course."
"What?'s.. "
"It's ok, I'll help you fix it."
"Really? Thanks!"
"No prob. It's the least I could do."

With the help of some laborers and designers, they rebuilt the old house into its former state; this time, even better. After a week, Ircan and Miella now live in the same house. And every afternoon, they spend time together watching the sunset.

"Miella, I wanna ask you something..."
"Since now that the world is at peace, and everything is settled..."
Ircan pulls out a small box from his pocket. He opened it and puts the ring on Miella's finger.
"Will you...marry me?"
"U-hm...of course I would love to...thank you so much...Ircan....I'm so happy...." Tears fall down from her face as she is hugged by Ircan.

Just a few minutes after, Capt. Khivenna of the Earth Forces came over.

"Haha, I was watching you guys for a few minutes. Aww...look at you two! You guys are finally getting married! Yay!"

Miella: "Haaaah?"
Ircan: "Well....yeah..."

"Congratulations! I'll be in-charge of the wedding stuff, including the gown, the food, cakes, mass, bridal car..."

Miella: "Oh boy...."
Ircan: "This will be interesting.."

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