Thursday, July 5, 2012

V3: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 3 - The Wedding)

It was 3 days before the wedding day. Everybody were busy; Capt. Khivenna Rhiles was in charge of almost everything: the food, the mass, the gown,the reception...

Some of Ircan & Miella's relatives helped too. They arranged for the bridal car, the guests, and others.

At last it was the day. Ircan was feeling nervous as his parents accompanied him to the altar.
The same thing Miella felt. 'I can't believe this is all happening...'  Miella murmured to herself. The church was filled with all kinds of people; fellow EF and SF soldiers and captains, as well as their friends.

After the wedding ceremony, there was joy in the air.
Everybody's heart was filled with happiness. But Miella saw some people she never expected.

"X-Xenia? B-but I-I thought...?"
"Oh hi Miella! I'm so happy for're finally..."
" did you...and Kevin?"
Ircan interrupted. "Well, let me explain. C'mon Miella."
"You see, Kevin is my brother, and Xenia was my fiance.
They had direct contact with me. When an 'Immortal' like me gets in contact with others, they begin to share one of our abilities: being able to survive death and not growing old. But their powers are only half of ours. Thus, making them 'half-immortals'."
"Oh...I get it..."

It was 7 pm. The streets are dark, and a car is passing by. In it was 2 men, and another who was sleeping.
"Wait for us, oh grateful world." Said the black-haired one.
"I will fulfill this prophecy, and continue my mission..."


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