Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Affection Series: O2Jam Fanfiction (Chapter 1 - 3.4.4)

It was late April. The James family went for an outing in a place where there are green trees, green grass, and lots of furry animals. But first, let us know who the family members are.

First off, Ben James. The father. A musician/musical scorer guy who usually wears shades, and isn't very talkative. He likes music a lot, and have influenced his wife and children. Next we have Nicole, the mother. This quiet and sensitive woman also loves musical instruments and classical music. Then there's Maria, their innocent-looking daughter who always smiles. And last but not the least, her little brother, Robert, who is, in fact, mentally disabled.

The whole family was very happy that day. But that day was 3 years ago. Now, the world has become a dangerous place for kids to live in.
However, Robert & Maria are now going to school.

"I'm really excited about school! I wonder what it will be like.." Maria happily walked with his little brother, as they head for their school, which has a special school inside it. So there's no problem with them being separated.

Occasionally, there would be shootouts and robberies in their place. Their mother usually gets worried, but her husband calms her down. "Kids these days....they've got good instinct, you know." He said.

Robert is a special child, not only physically or mentally, but by heart, he is. He would always smile at people, and make them smile back. Although he seldom talks, his sweet silence speaks for itself. However, he loves being alone, and staring in blank space. Or doing some other randomly odd things. That's why his sister had to keep an eye on him all the time. One time, Maria was playing the electric piano in their house, and she was composing her very first instrumental song. But she couldn't finish it.

"Hey Robert!"
"Can you help me here? Can you think of a good melody that goes with this one?"
And she plays the first melody she made up.

And without any word, Robert put his hands onto the piano, and started putting a melody together.

After a few minutes of playing & practicing, they finally got it. They called it "Song no. 344", since it's Robert's favorite number. But they didn't know that their dad, Ben, was watching them play from a distance. He smiled, and went outside.

"Hey Robert!"
"Try to memorize that song. It'll help if one of us gets lost."
"Just play the song, and I'll know where you are."
"Good! Now, let's do your homework!"
A few weeks later, the family went to the mall to go shopping. However, there was something bad that's going to happen.

[sound of explosion, firetrucks, people screaming & running]

There was a terrorist attack. The mall was on fire. The family almost got separated from each other. "Maria's here..but where's..."

"Oh my God! Robert!" Maria runs off looking for Robert. Her parents couldn't stop her.

Unfortunately, she didn't find him. Instead, she was found by some firemen, and was returned to her parents. No one found Robert, not the firemen, not even the police.

The family grieved, especially Maria, thinking he might have been dead. But fortunately, unknown to them, Robert survived. He was found by a young lady named Terry. Terry is a club DJ, and also a scorer. She saw the young, innocent Robert lying on the floor in the deep, dark parking area where no rescue team went.

She took the little boy home, and raised him. She was very happy, yet she wanted to find out his real parents.

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