Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ventrice and I were spending a great time in Italy for the summer. The Eiffel Tower looks great, and the food was excellent. She was also very beautiful, carefree and innocent, just like me.

“So you told me the other day that you originally planned on being a priest?” she said to me as we passed by a huge cathedral.

“Yeah, but I found out that I have much more things to discover first. Maybe God has destined me to meet you.”

“Really? Aww, that’s so sweet! I love you, Kurota! You’re the best!”

“I love you too, Ventrice.”

Until one day, she took me to an expensive hotel. But I cleared the fact that we are not sleeping together, but in different rooms. She agreed.

But on that night, some large men came to my room. They laid me down on the floor and…horrible things happened.

I saw one man with Ventrice. They were doing something. She loved it. I don’t get it.

“Kurota…thanks. The money you gave me really helped a lot on our side. Now…you can rest in peace.” She said to me with a smile while…enjoying herself.

I was shot. But I didn’t die right away. I was ripped of my manly innocence before they have tortured me to death.

Maybe this was my curse for not taking priesthood. Or maybe I was destined for a different path…

“Kojiro, this way!”

“Alright guys, we’re heading this way. Everybody present here? Takei, Lorian, Victor, and of course, Ventrice.”

“All present!”

“I see a small cabin in the woods. We can rest there for the night.”

“Boy, it sure is dark here, right Kojiro?”

“Yeah, and the atmosphere’s kinda…”




“Takei? Lorian!? Victor!? What the hell just…”



“I have to run to the cabin!”


“I know it’s you! I don’t care! I’m running!”

“Kurota…what have I done to you…you should’ve been in the light of God. I…I’m sorry…”


“No no no! I’m really sorry! Even if everything’s a lie, I still love you! And I --”



Something felt wrong. My hands felt uneasy over her after she died.

And then, I saw this woman from outside of the window, in a witch’s clothes. She smiled and came inside the cabin.

“You know, that wasn’t very friendly of you. She was already getting ready to repent…”

“She lied to me. She used me. All women are the same! They only use men for their pleasures!”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” She said. “My name is Lercy, and I know that deep down inside of you, I know that you still loved her after that. You were just driven by the darkness that ate your soul.”

“But don’t worry, Kurota. I can help you go back and change everything. I am a time manipulator. Just trade your sword with these nice guns.”

“These guns…” I thought. “They might symbolize a bond of two people…me and Ventrice!”

“I’ll take them! We have a deal, Lercy! Now send me back!”

“Granted! I knew you can trust women again!”

“Kurota…what have I done to you…you should’ve been in the light of God. I…I’m sorry…”



I hugged her. “I forgive you. It’s all okay now. Don’t cry.”

“Kurota…thank you…”

I wiped her tears.

“I promise not to go out with syndicates ever again! I’ll even support you if you decide to go back to priesthood! And I…”

“Shh. It’s okay, I told you I wasn’t meant for priesthood. I’m happy just…being with you.”

And even if I was the only one who died, we still stuck together, because Lercy told me that we, and most people who have strong wills, can still be in human form even if we died. I don’t know how it happens, but it does.

And then, we went to another hotel during our stay in Italy.

“So Ventrice…”


“This time…I think I want to sleep with you. If it’s okay.”

“W-what? You can’t be serious?! You’re a holy guy! You don’t have to…”

I held her face and said, “But my innocence had already been destroyed. I am now just like you. So it’s okay…”

“But what about God?”

“We tend to sin a thousand times. God can forgive a thousand times. There is no problem, as long as we are prepared for the worst. After all, I do love you, right?”

“Of course! And I love you too.”

She blushed a bit when she came to my room, wearing white. I was a bit nervous, but…

After all, this is what guys were meant to do, right?

And she loved it.


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