Thursday, August 16, 2012

Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il Passato~ (01. Pitalacta~陽月の舞~)

The north wind was blowing steadily towards the girl who was traveling aimlessly. She couldn’t remember where she was going so she looked at her map again. Unfortunately, the wind dragged it away from her. But persistent as she is, she chased down the map. And alas, she’s reached a beautiful forest but her map suddenly disappeared. 

Slightly confused, the girl looked around. The forest is overflowing with beautiful flowers and butterflies. The scent was so nostalgic that she felt like she could sit on the ground. Where could she be? Is this a dream?

“Hello there, young traveler.” A woman with the clothes of a goddess approached her.
“Uhm…hello…may I know what place is this? I’m kinda lost here…” The girl said nervously upon seeing the deity-looking woman.

“I knew it. You’re lost, aren’t you?” said the woman. “What is your name, dear?”

“Akiko.” the girl said. “People from the town said that I had a terrible accident. I could only remember my name. I don’t know where I live so I’m traveling randomly. Maybe I could…”

“Welcome to the forest of Pantalea.” said the woman. “If you’re not in a hurry, please stay here for a while and relax.”

“Really? Thank you very much!” said Akiko. “But is it safe here?”

The woman smiled. “Of course dear. I am the caretaker of this forest so you should be fine.”

“W-what? For real?”
“Yup. So if you need food or anything in particular, don’t hesitate to ask. Now, let me show you around.”

“Yes, what is it?”
“I forgot to ask your name.”

The woman laughed. “Oh how silly of me. My name is Yukiko. Now come, I will show you paradise!”

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