Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il Passato~ (04. Ta ga Tame no Sekai)

Akiko and Yukiko went to the farther end of Pantalea, which is near an industrialized town. Just as they arrived, a huge mob was approaching towards the forest entrance.

“These morons are going to cut down the trees. Back then there were only a few of them, so I could handle. But now, it’s completely different.” Yukiko said. “Come, let’s fight! Remember how we did it before.”

Akiko remembered something in her deepest memories – the way a Pantalea guardian fights with magic. Unleashing her power, she helped Yukiko defend the forest. 

“You cannot proceed with your selfish desires! This is the forest of life that gives blessing to the Earth and all its energy!” shouted Akiko, still fighting.

All of a sudden, Akiko stopped. “Yukiko…where is Makiko? Where is he? I traveled on my own as well just because I wanted to find him. But I failed and eventually hurt myself in an accident a while ago. “

“That I don’t know.” said Yukiko. “However, all we can do right now is -

And with that, a man covered in a brown cloth swiped the enemies away. 

“H-he used magic!” Akiko was surprised. “If he’s against the villagers, then…then…!”
She ran towards this man and quickly unveiled him.

“Makiko…it really is you!” Akiko’s eyes were covered with tears as she embraced him. 

“Where have you been all these years?” 

Makiko smiled. “I have always been beside you.”

“What?” Akiko was shocked.

“So you thought you were trying to follow me?” Makiko gave Akiko her map that she lost when she entered Pantalea. “Actually, I was following you ever since I heard about your accident. I quickly ran to the town you were in and hid myself.”

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I thought you would hate me.”

“You’re still the same as before.”Akiko said. “Now c’mon, let’s finish our promise to Pantalea!”

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