Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il Passato~ (05. Byakumu no Mayu ~Ricordando il Passato)

The guardians of Pantalea: Yukiko, Akiko and Makiko, kept fighting the angry and selfish villagers to protect the forest. Because of their overwhelming powers, some retreated back to the village and swore to do good things, but some were persistent and died.

Until at last, every single enemy was defeated.

“We did it!” Akiko said, hugging Makiko afterwards. Yukiko was behind them, smiling. “Now we can live peacefully.” Yukiko said. “I am contented now.”

But as the three were celebrating their victory, one of the angry villagers was still alive and aimed a shotgun towards Akiko. But quickly, Makiko pushed her away, and took the blow.

In her frustrated feelings, Akiko killed the villager with her fire magic. And there laid Makiko, who protected the life of his trusted friend.

“W-why did you do this?” Akiko was crying. “You’re an idiot! Losing your own life for me…I should’ve been the one…”

“It is better this way, Akiko.” said Makiko with a smile on his face but tears in his eyes. “I won’t go away from you anymore; my soul will continue to protect the forest, Yukiko, and you.”

But Akiko didn’t stop crying, and from the heavens fell great rain, as if to signify the sadness of losing someone. For one last time, Akiko said these words:

“Makiko, I love you. I’ll always keep you in my heart no matter what and no matter where!”

“I love you too...thank…you…Akiko…”

And he was gone.

However, his spirit still lingers on up to this day, watching over the forest of Pantalea, Yukiko, the mother he always cared for, and Akiko, the one true love of his heart.

The north wind still blew the same as that day. All those days with him are now wrapped in a cocoon of white dreams. And now, Akiko has re-assumed her role as a Pantalea guardian, for the sake of her love and for the sake of the world.

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