Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Diary of Debug

She was always alone, but very cheerful. Her name is Naoko Asahi, a.k.a. Debug, the newest member of Computer Connection Brigade, and also the youngest.

Debug was a smart and cheerful AB Multimedia Arts student. She was a total otaku (anime fan) and collects a lot of anime-related souvenirs. She also likes drawing, composing songs, and designing a lot of things. Almost all of the CCB members praised her for being a child prodigy with a leader-like attitude.

But unfortunately, some of the members were jealous of her.

One day while walking home, two women put a handkerchief over her mouth and made her unconscious. Later on, Debug found her to be tied in a chair, inside a dark room (presumably the old HQ of the group). She found the two women, who were Execute (Natsumi Hirase) and Method (Nanami Hirase). She can recall these two very well, from a flashback in her experience with the group.


“Aaaah!” Debug slipped and hurt her back. She bumped into two seniors, Natsumi and Nanami, also from CCB.

“Look at her!” said Natsumi. “She’s so pathetic. How could she be praised by the members of the group?”

“Yeah!” said Nanami. “I mean, she can’t even program like us, right? All she does is do the designs and stuff. What a waste!”

The two girls kept on mocking her, while she cried silently while picking up her fallen notes, until a guy suddenly came to help her.

“You two need to be ashamed of yourself!” the boy said. “What did Debug ever do to you? I mean, she really is talented, and she has a sense of art, something that you guys obviously don’t have!”

And after that, the two women retreated in anger.

“Are you okay, Debug?” the boy said.

“Uhm…yeah…” Debug said. “Thanks a lot…uhm…what’s your name?”

“My name is Vinci de Parda, a.k.a. Filter. I’m also part of CCB, and I’ve seen your works and all those stuff. You’re awesome!”

“T-thanks a lot! I’m really glad that someone appreciates me after all…”
“Oh c’mon! Everyone appreciates you! Self-confidence is all that you need, okay?”

“Okay!” She said with a smile.

---flash back end---

Debug’s mouth was covered in cloth, so she couldn’t scream for help. The two women came in closer, with blades (katanas) known as “Great Swords”, as told to her by Format, another CCB member.

‘I’ve heard about Broken’s death, as well as Format’s and Null’s…but this…’ Debug thought to herself.

“Say goodbye, Debug!” said the two women.

Debug’s left ear was cut off by Execute, and Method slashed her below the neck, slowly hurting her. And lastly, the two women pushed her to the end of the wall where she was impaled with another Great Sword katana. She then breathes her last on this moment, with tears and blood on her eyes.

A few days later, Debug’s soul awakens and soon she discovers that she had been awakened as a Zeryte, or a zombie-like ghost who can still mingle with humans even after death. She saw how her killers pretended to cry over her grave on her funeral. She was angered.

Later at night, Method and Execute were hanging out on Execute’s house. But suddenly, there was a blackout. They couldn’t see anything, and heard an eerie set of footsteps.

“Method…Execute…” a little girl’s voice said, in a whispery tone.

“W-who are you!?” said Method. “Stop playing pranks, that’s not funny!”
“Yeah! Show yourself, you coward!” said Execute.

And then they were pushed to the ground by a girl. It was Debug…as a Zeryte, with a Great Sword on her hands. She tortured and killed the two women in the same way as she was killed.

“Finally, I have exacted my justice over these two.” Debug said to herself. “But what about Filter? I need to see him…”

Debug went to Filter’s house, which is only a few blocks away. But things didn’t turn out as Debug expected.

“N-N-NOO!!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! EEEE!” Filter was scared of Debug’s Zeryte image.

“No, Filter! Don’t be afraid! I won’t kill you! It’s me, Debug! Remember?” Debug said in vain.

But Filter ran away from her and went out of the house.

Later on, Debug heard a voice. It seems to be calling her. She then slowly closes her eyes and passes out.

She finds herself on a dream-like world, where she finds a woman sitting under a tree on top of a cliff.

“You are Naoko Asahi, right?”

“Yes…yes I am, ma’am!”

“I shall clean your image and reunite you with your loved one. Added to that, I shall make you the most blessed child in the world, but in exchange, you must become the president of your group.”

Debug thought. “Yes yes, ma’am! But what can you do?”

“What can I do…? Well…”

This woman introduced herself as Murasaki, a provider of immortality, who also revealed that Debug used to live in Ancient Japan in a former reincarnation, as a girl named Madoka, a student of Ena, the Goddess of Time-Travelling. Therefore, she was born a Time Traveler, and now became a Zeryte. And after Murasaki gives Debug immortality, she also became a Murasaki Immortal. She was to be the most blessed girl in the ‘Supernatural System’.

When Debug woke up, a circle of her CCB friends (including those who died before) found her lying on the streets. This is what Murasaki was talking about. She had reunited the club once again, after the deaths of Broken, Format and Null.

And so, the club re-assumed operations on Kaizen University. But because Null was already the president, Murasaki requested to him (Null) that Debug be made as internal vice-president, and Broken as external vice-president. Format became the secretary and Filter became the treasurer. The rest were members.

All those who became Zerytes now gained the power to transform into their human forms once again.

But there was still something that bothered Debug. As she spent a lot of time with Filter, she began noticing some strange things.

And on one time, during a party, she found him all alone, sitting under the moonlight.
“Why are you always on your own? Don’t you like being with other people?” Debug asked him.

“Well…I’m not really that good at socializing and all…but…”

Filter then leaned closer to Debug and embraced him. She somehow blushed but something startled her. She felt pain on her neck, as if someone was biting her.

“Filter…w-what are you…? W-what is this…!?”

“Debug…I’m a free vampire. Not technically a traditional vampire, but one who doesn’t completely depend on blood alone, although I could use some now, since it’s been years since I had some…I’m sorry. You have already become a Zeryte, right? So it’s okay…”

Murasaki also explained that Zerytes have unlimited blood and so does Murasaki Immortals, so it was really okay.



“Grazie per essere gentile con me (Thank you for being kind to me).”

Filter replied. “Come si fa a parlare italiano? (How can you speak Italian?)”

Debug replied. “Io sono un Immortale Murasaki (I am a Murasaki Immortal).”

And the group became at peace at last, and was reunited. Debug and Filter eventually fell in love with each other.


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