Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diary of Error

Computer Connection Brigade was back on operations, serving clients who are in need of programmers and digital designers. Broken, Format, Null, Debug and Filter, as well as many other members, resumed their work (and part time work).

But there was a member with a sudden strange behavior.

His name was Ayumu Saionji, a.k.a. “Error”. He was always sleepy and seemed like he was drugged or something. The only person who can seem to boss her around was a member named Alessandra Kobayashi a.k.a. “Trace”, a half-Italian and half-Japanese woman with a sharp tongue but still considerate to the likes of Error.

But one day, members of the club slowly started disappearing.

“Broken and Format went missing yesterday, when Error dozed off inside the headquarters.” Trace said to herself. “Also, Null, Debug and Filter went missing just this morning, when Error fell asleep again. What could this mean?”

And so on that night, Trace visited Error in his home, a few blocks away from Kaizen University, where they are all studying at. The door was not locked, so she checked the whole house. Eventually, she found Error asleep in a room upstairs.

He seems to be having…a nightmare.

And then, a bright light shone. There was a holographic display that came out of nowhere, over Error’s sleepy head. It showed all of the missing CCB members inside glass caskets, asleep and unconscious. Trace doubted what she saw was real.

But Error woke up from the dream, and the holographic display was still there.

“Trace…I need your help.” Error said, with soggy eyes and a dry voice.

“W-what is that…above your head? What---are you!?” Trace said to Error, whose forehead was also bleeding, and blood was also coming out of his eyes. Trace was terrified.

“Listen…I need your help. First I will tell you what I am.”

And so Error told Trace everything. It turns out that he is a “Delusionist Zeryte”, or a Zeryte that was killed in his/her sleep. Error was killed by an unknown killer with a Great Sword katana stabbed on his forehead. He said that Delusionist Zerytes have the power to manipulate dreams, but always fall asleep. But this time, his powers go out of hand because of a “darkness takeover” or meaning, his soul is somewhat stuck in the darkness and the only way to rescue him from it is to have a similar Zeryte (Delusionist Zeryte) with positive emotions to bring him to the light.

“You mean me…?” Trace said, scared. “But I’m not ready to die yet…!”

“Don’t worry, Trace.” Error said. “It will be okay; we can still be alive as Zerytes after this. Beside…I…don’t have much time. Anytime soon, I can’t converse with anyone anymore and my real consciousness will be overtaken by the darkness…so please…”

Trace realized that Error was beginning to lose his breath and his consciousness started fading away. She slightly cried, because Error was pretty dear to her.

“Error…please don’t fade away…” she said. “Alright, I’ll sacrifice my life, to save you and the others!”

“Good…thanks…” Error said softly with a smile. “Now close your eyes…I will make you fall asleep…”

Trace fell to the floor, unconscious. She was sleeping. Error then took a knife from his drawer and aimed it a Trace’s forehead. He was slightly nervous but didn’t have much time.

“I can’t do it…but I have to.” He said. “I’m sorry, Trace. After this, don’t worry…we can be…”

And then he kills her.

“…together forever.”

Trace then wakes up inside the world that she saw on the holographic screen. Seeing the glass caskets of the 5 missing members, she finds a switch with vines wrapped around it.

“I don’t know how to take of these vines…” she said. “It has thorns!”

“Materialize what you need, using your mind.” A voice said.


She saw Error in another casket, much bigger and placed on a higher ground, also covered in thorny vines. But she could only hear his voice; his body is still asleep.

“Materialize…” Trace thought.  She tried thinking of a large garden scissor…

“Whoa! It worked!” She saw the scissor on the ground, quickly picked it up and cut the vines to press the switch. It unlocked the 5 CCB members. She also materialized a ladder to reach towards Error’s glass casket, cut the vines away, and save him.

“Error! Wake up!” Trace tried to shake him and open his eyes.

And finally, he started to regain consciousness. “Trace…”

“Oh I’m so glad you’re okay!” Trace hugged him.

“Thank…you…” Error said to her with a smile.

Everything then faded to white, and all of them were back at Error’s room. Trace suddenly felt different. She felt blood on her forehead, and her skin was slightly pale.
“So…I guess I’m like you now, huh?” she said to Error.

“Yeah…but don’t worry. We can still live our old lives. We can finally…”

Trace hugged him again. “Be together forever, right?”

Error smiled at her and hugged her back. “Yeah.”

And so everyone else was rescued on that day from a world of endless slumber and dreams.


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