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A man, in his mid 30's, stands on the edge of the cliff, carrying a gun. As he directed it to his head, he uttered:

"Goodbye, cruel world..."

But all of a sudden, just before he pulls the trigger:

"STOOOOP!!" shouted a young girl running towards him.
The man withdrew his gun, and looked at the girl. "Who are you? Why do you stop me from doing this?"
"Because it's not worth it." The girl said. "My name is Aori. Please tell me why you want to kill yourself."
Awed by the girl's innocence, the man's feelings became mixed. "Alright, I shall tell you. Come, let's sit down on the grass."
"Okay." said Aori.

"By the way," asked Aori. "Mister, may I know your name?"
"M-my name?" The man felt terrified, but he stayed calm. "My name is Edward Bristol. I'm a graphic artist and a musician."
Aori got curious. "Ahh, I see. If you have a very good job, then why kill yourself?"
Edward sighed. His chest tightened, and his breathing was uneasy. "Because I lived a miserable life."
"What do you mean...miserable? Did people hurt you?" asked Aori.
"Well, yes. And worst, those people...were the ones I loved." Edward said. "Do you want to know...about my life?"
"Absolutely, mister."
"Why? It's not very pleasing for a child like you to hear such stories."
"I don't mind." Aori insisted. "I may be 7 years old, but I want to help you."
On that point, Edward knew she wasn't just another ordinary girl. And so he began telling her about his life...

---------------------------------------- flash back --------------------------------------------

There was a rich family known as the de Paris, and Edward was still a little boy who belonged to this family. However, he did not grow the right way.

"But dad...I don't want to be an engineer...I want to be a graphic artist...and a musician..."
"Shut up you brat! When I say you become an engineer, you will! I am your father, therefore I must be obeyed! Got that?"

"You can't make friends with that stupid-looking girl who is only the daughter of a prostitute! You know that!"
"But mom...Victoria is my friend...please understand...I want to make friends with everybody..."
"Nonsense! The only friends you'll be making are the rich and famous ones! Got that?"


"And the worst is...." said Edward. "My parents moved me away. Away from Victoria."
"How sad." said Aori.
"She was the only good friend I had. Actually...."
"You loved her?"
"Yeah, that's it." Edward sighed. "So...I decided to run away and find her."
"Run away?"
"That's right. I packed up my stuff secretly that night, and ran for my life. And that's when I changed my identity as Edward Bristol, discarding my de Paris life."
Aori thought for a while. " did you survive?"
"I found myself on this so called 'adoption center'."
"Adoption center?"

------------------------------------- flash back ----------------------------------------------

"Hello." Said a boy to Edward with a smile. "My name is Julian, what's yours?"
"I'm Edward." Edward said with confidence. "And my parents just died, so I don't have anywhere to go. Can I stay here?"
"Sure, you can." Said Julian. "We'll be happy to have you here."


"I almost thought I was going to paradise." Said Edward. "But...there was one problem."
"Huh? What do you mean?" Asked Aori.
"The mistress was so mean to us, that she even tortured the other orphans.........tortured to death."
Aori was shocked. She didn't know what to say. " did you two survive?"
"Well...." Edward thought deeply. "We ran away."
"Ran away?"
"Yeah. Luckily we didn't get caught. It was no fun, even on a beautiful house with lots of food and comfort, to have a demon mistress. Seriously."

Aori asked for more stories. "Would you mind telling me what happened next?"
"Sure." Said Edward.

------------------------------------------ flash back --------------------------------------------------

"Hang on tight, Julian! I got ya...."
There was a strong hurricane. The whole city was covered in flood and chaos. But in the end.....


"We got separated."
"Aw, that's sad." said Aori.
"I thought I was all alone, until I found this woman who took me into her house."
"Really? What's her name?"
"Maria Bristol. She lives all alone in her house, since her husband and only child died in a terrorist attack."
"Wow...she's strong!"
"You can say that again..."
"Alright. Wow! She's strong! Heheheh."
"Hahahaha. Very funny." Edward smiled at Aori. "Just kidding. Alright, I'll continue."

------------------------------------------ flash back ----------------------------------------------------

A few years have passed since he was adopted by Maria Bistol. But one peaceful night, Edward was startled by a loud explosion - their house was set on fire! He tried his best to save his 'mother', got out of the burning house, and into the hospital.

Luckily, his mother was safe, but all of their possessions are now lost.


"And this was the time I've decided to work as a graphic artist, and a musician, writing songs for animated films." said Edward.
"Oh, I see." said Aori. "So, where is your mother now?"
"Actually, she's bedridden, because of old age back at our new house."
"Then why don't you help her?"
"Because of my job, I am able to hire people who will take care of her. That's better than abandoning her in a home for the aged, right?"
"I guess I agree with that." said Aori. "So what happened to your real parents?"

Edward pulls out a newspaper clipping. It read on the front page: "Wealthy business people Odin and Freya de Paris found dead".

"Aww....that's really sad." said Aori.
"I never even got the chance to see them." said Edward.

"So, what happened next? Did you find Victoria?"
Edward's face became distorted. It's like he couldn't say anything. " dear Victoria...."
"Julian.....took her away from me..."
"WHAT?" Aori was surprised. "Your best friend is alive?"
"Yeah. He betrayed me."
"That creep!"
"Don't say that, Aori." Said Edward. "I think this is just right. Maybe Victoria just....forgot all about me."

"OR..." Aori looked at Edward's face. "Julian told her that HE is you, then tricked Victoria for a marriage! How about that?"
Edward thought for a moment. Then he said, "You know, for a little girl, you're packed up with smart opinions."
"Ahehehe. Not really." said Aori. "So, what do we do?"
"Simple. We'll go to her house."
"Do you know where it is?"

And so, the two went across the town, toward the place where Edward's most important person now lives in pain. At the gates, he notices her.

"Victoria?" Edward shouted. "It's me, Edicius! I have returned!"
"Huh?" Victoria noticed him. "That can't be....I know he's dead....but...."
Edward ran to the streets without noticing a speeding vehicle coming. He got hit and fell down.

"Oh dear!" Victoria came out of the gates to help him.
"Quick, let's bring him to a hospital!" said Aori.
"Right!" Victoria replied.

As Edward opened his eyes, he was already inside the hospital, with Victoria and Aori beside him. His face was filled with joy, but not too much.

"Victoria?" Edward looked at her. "It's me, Edicius de Paris...your childhood friend. Remember?"
"Edicius?" Victoria was confused. "But...they told me you were dead."
"I ran away." he said. "I ran away from my parents, in the hopes of a better life. I met Julian, your husband, but we got separated in a tragedy. I thought he was dead, and found myself adopted by a woman named Maria Bristol. Then I came searching for you...but I had doubts that you have forgotten about me..."

Tears fell from Victoria's eyes as she listened to every word that Edward, rather Edicius said to her. "I never ever forgot about you, Edicius. But now...I need your help."
"Why?" asked Edward.
"My husband, Julian. Actually, I didn't really love him, he just tricked me for marrying him, saying that he really is Edicius. And then after we got married, he revealed that Edicius is dead. I.....I don't know what to do..."
Edward was surprised to hear about that.
"See? Told ya." said Aori to Edward.
"What should I do...." said Edward.
"You mean...what should we do." said Aori. "Victoria, you should just run away with Edwa--I mean Edicius to another country. You can't endure this pain forever."
"I can't." said Victoria. "Julian threatened to kill me if I did."
Edward stood up from his bed. "I've made up my mind." he said. "Victoria, Aori, we'll run away from this country. And if ever someone threatens our lives, I'll be right here to protect us all!"
"Oh, thank you so much, Edicius. But....I don't have my stuff."
"Don't worry!" said Aori. "God will always provide us the stuff we need!"
"What do you mean?" Asked Edward.
"Don't you know?" said Aori. "My name is Aori Nomura, and I come from Japan! Well....actually....I ran away from my dad's a long story.....BUT luckily I brought here some stuff we might need." She showed her bagpack.
"Wow, that's neat." said Edward. "Allright then, let's go."
"Yeah!" said the two girls.

The trio secretly traveled on a ship coming from their country, United Kingdom, all the way to Canada. They had to spend their days and nights inside the storage room to keep them from being discovered.

As soon as they got to Canada, everything was peaceful...or it seems so.

Edward noticed there was a gunman behind the large boxes, aiming for them. "Run!" he shouted, as the gunman fired. And it turned out that there were so many gunmen chasing them!

Unfortunately, as they ran all the way, one of the gunmen took Aori away, so they borrowed a vehicle to chase the crooks. It led them to a beautiful park, where a man held Aori hostage. It was none other than Julian.
"Aha! So you two came after all. I never thought I'd see you two alive and kicking once again." said Julian.
"You're never gonna be my best friend, or even my brother, ever again! You hear me?" said Edward.
"Hahahahaha! So you treated me as your best friend, and even your brother? How pathetic. You rich people are so weak-minded and weak-hearted. And how about you Victoria? I thought I told you to stay home! But what did you do?"
"Listen Julian!" said Victoria. "How many times have I told you that I don't love you at all, because you just tricked me! My true love is....Edicius de Paris!" Edward blushed to hear those words.
"Look I told you darling, he's dead.....or at least, he WILL be today."
"You took him away from me!" said Victoria.
"So what? Is that a bad thing? Money can change everything. Only those who have money and power can win. Only those who know how to take advantage of others....only those who...."
Suddenly, Julian was shot, not by Edward, Victoria, nor his troops. It was a masked man, and then the action started.

Gun shots were flying everywhere. The masked man gave Edicius and Victoria guns, and Aori hid in a safe spot. It was like a dance of death. However, Julian suddenly wakes up and shoots Edward. In turn, Victoria shoots Julian in the head, which instantly kills him for good. And finally, the police arrived, arresting the rest of the bad guys. It turned out that Julian was part of those syndicates who trick others for money and supplying illegal drugs. Now that everything was done, Edward and Victoria embraced each other.

"I love you Edward....I love you so much....thank you for rescuing me."
"I love you too, Victoria. I have searched everywhere for you, and thank God I found you again."
Meanwhile, the masked man revealed himself.
"Daddy?" Aori shouted.
"Aori!" He ran to his daughter and held her tightly. "I'm sorry I made you ran away....I'm really sorry.....I'm sorry for not giving you attention and love.....please forgive me..."
"That's okay daddy." Aori said, crying a little bit. "Thanks for saving me, and my friends. But how did you find me?"
"I was actually following you guys secretly. Heheh."

Aori introduced his father to Edward and Victoria. However, Victoria noticed that Aori's father was wounded. And so, they brought him to a hospital.

On the bed, he told something to his daughter. "Aori, the doctors said I can't live much longer, because of the complications of my cancer, and this injury that I had. So...I'm entrusting you to Edward and Victoia as their daughter."
"What?" Aori said, crying.
"I had already talked to them recently, and they agreed. Please be a good girl. I love you..."
"I love you too daddy...."

After her father died, Aori lived with her new parents, Edward and Victoria Bristol, who got married to each other. Inspired by Edward's strength and determination, she also decided to change her name: Alice Bristol.

--- THE END! :D ---
Thank you for reading! :)

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