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Hana no Kaze: The Wind of Flowers Fanfiction

Lilia Cress was a silent college freshman. Her fashion. Her smile. Her face. Pure innocence. Three in the afternoon, on one snowy day, a bunch of goons took her inside a van and took off at the speed of light. When she woke up, she was in a replica of hell, chained and unable to move.

"No way..." she said to her self. "These guys are..."

As the bad boys cornered her, she began to panic. Their front guy, Chow, went closer to her as she struggles to get away, still tied up. And with her last bit of energy, she screamed for as loud as a million decibels that shook the whole room. Light came out of her frail heart, and when the smoke cleared, her appearance changed.

"T-this girl....." Chow uttered. "...t-turned into a GUY?!"
"Impossible!" said one of the goons.

But in less than a fraction of a second, this 'guy' took out a fountain pen that transformed into a deadly sword, and killed them all in one brutal blow. That is, except for Chow who was able to escape because of his martial arts stuff. The guy fell on the floor, unconscious. And just as the police went in the crime scene, he transformed back into Lilia.

"W-where am I? What happened?" Lilia found herself in a medical room.
"Oh, thank God you're okay, Lilia!" said Michika, her best friend. "Looks like those goons were an epic fail to steal your innocence, huh?"
"W-well I...." Lilia thought deeply. "All I can remember was that weird-looking guy with a scary face tried to touch me, and then there was a sort of...explosion. And then... and then..." She shook her head. "I couldn't remember anything else."
"Aww. That's just too bad. But hey, at least you're fine and that's the bottom line!"
"Yeah, I guess I am kind of lucky sometimes."

Six in the evening. It was time to go home for Lilia and Michika.

"Oh Lilia!" Her mother anxiously embraced her as she entered the house. "I was so worried. Glad that you're okay."
"Gee...thanks mom." She replied.

After dinner, Lilia went to her room to study for tomorrow's prelim exam on World Literature. Then she tucked herself in.
"I wonder why I couldn't remember anything...

A desk. A book. A fountain pen. That's all she saw before her. She looked outside of the window.
"Tulips?" Lilia wondered. "I wonder...where is"

And just then, a gentle whisper in hear ear shocked her.
"I'll be there when you need me."

The alarm clock beeped. It was morning, and Lilia woke up from her strange dream.
"Oh dear, I'm late! I better speed up!"

She managed to make it to class on time, and all prepared for the test. The moment she received the test paper, she started answering.

"Oh...I forgot the answer to question number 3...who was it again...?" She scratched her head grasping for any ideas. When suddenly, a whisper in her ear shocked her.

"Edgar Allan Poe...remember?"

She thought for a moment. "Edgar...Allan...Poe...Oh yeah! That's right!" she wrote the answer right away. "But who was that just now?"

After finishing the test, she gave the paper to her professor, Mr. Areva, who is an author of best-selling books. The man smiled at her, as if he knew who the voice was.

Lilia was deep in thought. She hit her head many times as she made her way out of the campus. And just as she was crossing the street...

"Look out!" said a voice in her head.

Quickly she ran to the other side before getting closer to death itself. "That was close...but...who spoke to me?" Lilia looked around. "There's no one around here but me."

That night, she couldn't sleep. Something was bothering her. She went to the bathroom to wash her face. And at the moment she looked at the mirror, it wasn't her. It was a guy, who smiled at her.

"H-hey! Who are you?!" Lilia shouted in frustration. "W-what are you doing here?"

"Please calm down." The guy said. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nathan Lorr. I was killed a few days ago. Therefore, I am a ghost."
Lilia shook his head. "N-no way...a-are you the one who whispers in my ear?" She said quietly, to avoid suspicion.
"That's right." Nathan said. "Do you know why you can't remember anything when you were kidnapped?"
Nathan smiled. "You'll see tomorrow. Get some rest for now."

With that, Lilia went back to her bed. She had another dream. It was the same scenery as before, but this time, with Nathan sitting on the desk, writing something. But as soon as she approaches him, the scenery fades into darkness, and Lilia hears the sound of the morning alarm clock beside her.

"Hey, Lilia!" Michika was waiting for her in the library. "You don't look so good. What happened?"

"Well I..." Lilia fixed her hair. "I had two strange dreams in two days, and I feel like I'm possessed by some kind of ghost..."

Michika went to her and smiled. "A ghost and some odd dreams, eh? Don't worry, we'll fix that. Since the exams are over, we could hang out at the mall downtown! What do you say?"
Lilia was not very good in social stuff. "R-really? W-well I..."
"You really need to hang out with the outside world a little bit. You can't become shy forever, you know."
But just as they were having fun in the arcade, some bad guys rushed in with the police after them. There was an explosion, and the two girls were trapped inside a room, with a bunch of goons who got away.

"Hehe, looks like destiny's really in favor of us now..." said one guy.
"Yeah dude! These pretty ladies got nowhere to run now...teehee!" said another guy.
"W-what do we do!?" Michika hugged Lilia in fear.
Lilia remembered the words in her dream. "I'll be there when you need me."
"That's right!" she thought, and closed her eyes. "Nathan...I need you now. Please save us from harm."

Michika wondered what was up with Lilia. Until her body glowed a bright blinding light, unleashing a great power, transforming her into Nathan.

"W-w-ha?" Michika was shocked. "Lilia—just transgendered? That's crazy!?"

Nathan pulled out a pen from his pocket. It transformed into a sword. And with one blow, all the goons were bloody dead.

"You're Lilia's friend, right?" Nathan reached his hand out to help Michika.
"Do me a favor and tell her about everything that happened here. Make her believe it. Farewell for now."
"Ehh? B-but wait!"

But Nathan transformed back into Lilia, who passed out. Michika was confused. "Aww man. What should I do now?"

The rescue team took the two girls home, but left with a question as to who finished the goons.

"Michika said I transformed into a guy...probably Nathan." Lilia thought as she laid down in her bed. "...and then killed the bad guys..."

Again she had a dream. She saw that the calendar on the wall was on the month of May. Nathan was still on the desk, but suddenly the room was on fire. Lilia wanted to save Nathan, but she couldn't go closer. She screamed in terror as she finally wakes up from the bad dream. "So...that's how Nathan was killed....? How tragic..."

The days went by, and Lilia seemed to distance away from Michika and the others. She would always talk and confront Nathan in private. Michika was getting worried, when one day, she came across their professor in World Literature, Mr. Areva.

"You must be Michika Morelli, Lilia Cress's friend, am I right?"
"Uhm, yes sir! Why? Is there something wrong with her?"
"Well..." Mr. Areva took of his glasses and leaned closer to Michika's ear. "I have something to tell you."

Meanwhile, Lilia spent her time talking to Nathan near the ocean, somewhere in the north.

"Well, since my ascension day is tomorrow..."
"I...I want to show you something. Look inside your bag."

Lilia looked into her bag and found a book with a tulip design for the cover. "W-what is this? Isn't this from the dreams? Your book? H-how did it get there?"
"I gave you that before we even met. Now open it, and close your eyes."

Lilia was totally confused. "W-what? H-how? I never met you before..."
But Nathan, even as a ghost, went closer to her face and said, "Trust me. You'll regret opening this after I go to heaven."

As Lilia opened the book, it glowed. In her mind, thousands of memories entered her brain, as if trying to make her remember. Most are memories of her old school, her favorite professor, Mr. Areva, who originally belonged to that school and was her tutor in English, her friend Nely who loved pocketbooks, and Nely's older brother, Nathan, Lilia's boyfriend who died tragically during a fire accident. Lilia tried to save her, rushing to his house, but she got hit by a speeding motorcycle and had amnesia. But now she remembered everything. It was a pain to accept that her love is now dead.

"Lilia...the one who killed me is..."
She tried listening to Nathan despite crying her eyes out.
"Chow Dosery, the one who kidnapped you and got away."
"W-w-hat? T-that perv!? He's the one who had a grudge against you...for not having me..." She wiped her eyes, trying to be strong. "But that freak deserves to be dead!"
"Yes, I know." Nathan tries to embrace her even if he couldn't. "Be strong, Lilia. We can put him to rest before my time ends."
Lilia put the book back in her bag and looked at Nathan's holographic face. "I understand, Nathan. I believe in you."

The next day, Lilia went to school as usual, but she was captured again by Chow and some new goons. "Don't worry..." Nathan whispered to her. "This is our chance."

Michika was having coffee alone in a shop when two people, Mr. Areva and Nely Lorr, went to her.
"Lilia has awakened." Mr. Areva said to her. "She has regained her memories."
"Eh?" Michika knew it all along when the prof told her one day. "Nathan communicated with you in a dream?"
"Yup, sure did. Oh, and I want you to meet his little sister right here, Nely Lorr. She used to be friends with Lilia on my previous school, but we decided to keep her away from remembering things until Nathan says so."
" weird." Michika looked at the cute yet eccentric little girl carrying a pocket book in her right hand.
"Err...hello Nely! I'm Michika, nice to meet you!"
Nely smiled at her.
"Uhm....she's mute?" Michika thought.
"Not exactly." Said Mr. Areva. "She's just antisocial, because of Nathan's death or something like that. Anyways, we must go now. Lilia and Nathan need us to be there."
"The old warehouse in the next block."

Lilia was still tied up there. But just before Chow got the hold of her, Lilia transformed into Nathan, which again surprised Chow. "Y-you seem famillar, dude...who the hell are ya?"
Nathan smirked. "An old friend you killed last May."
Chow pulled a long sword. "W-what!? No way! You were the one who saved Lilia the other day, right? Reincarnation?! How the hell!?" He charged at Nathan. "Fine then, I'll finish your soul and the girl's!"

And as planned, Nathan pulled his fountain pen that transformed into a sword. The two fought intensely, and Nathan even took out the goons while battling Chow! Lilia was given the chance for her own consciousness to be awake at the same time Nathan is awake and fighting for her. And with a last blow of Nathan's sword, Chow dies bloody on the floor, putting justice to his own death.
The police busted in just in time, and Nathan has already reverted back to Lilia, with some of her energy exhausted.

"There was a guy who saved me and killed these guys." Lilia explained to the cops. "But before I could thank him, he was gone."
"So you mean the previous times she was in trouble, she was saved by this underground hero?" said one cop.
"Look's like the girl's got a guardian angel or something. Pretty cool." Said another cop.
"Nah..." Mr. Areva was behind the cops. "She was just plain innocent and lucky. God was with her."

Michika and the rest of the gang treated Lilia for a picnic at the beach, right after the incident. Her mother was also there, and apologized for lying to her the whole time.
By the time the sun was about to set, Nathan's soul separated from Lilia's body. The heavens shone. It was his time to go.

" should've never lied to me...I love you and I always will!" Lilia cried so hard while trying to embrace Nathan but failed, for he was only air. "I wish that you could stay with me forever...I'll carry the promise we made when you were alive...I'll keep it in my heart forever..."

Although Nathan was a ghost, at that very last moment, he was granted by God a temporary tangible body and embraced Lilia. They felt each other's warmth, even on that final moment they would be together, and Nathan wiped Lilia's tears.

"Don't cry, Lilia. I only lied to you because I didn't want to prolong the days you'll be in pain when you see me as a ghost, knowing we'll be physically apart. But remember this: I'll always live through your heart, and each and every person's heart who decides to keep my memories and make me exist in this world forever."

And as the sun began to set on the clear ocean water, they kissed.

A man came from the shining sky. It was an old man.

"Papa?" Lilia went towards her father. "W-what are you doing here?"
"I'm taking Nathan with me, so he would not be alone." Her father said. "Be strong for now, Lilia. This is what we want for you. And besides, we'll always be in your heart."

Nathan smiled as he bid farewell to his loved ones. "Well, this is it, Mr. Areva, Michika, Nely and my precious Lilia. Thanks for the seven-day experience, especially to you, Lilia. I was very happy. See you in the next life."

And both men ascended into the glorious light. An evergreen scenery. One Lilia could never forget all her life.

Twenty years have passed. Mr. Areva has established his own publishing company. Nely had married Mr. Areva's son, Lester, who is also a pocket book freak. Michika and Lilia are now professors of Mr. Areva's old school. Although Michika was engaged to a photographer, Lilia never married throughout her whole life, and never will.

One day, she visited the grave of her loved one, Nathan Lorr. The candle she placed there last week was still there, but without the light. She stroke a match and gave it light. Then, she smiled, while carrying a fountain pen. The same pen Nathan used for fighting for her. She left it beside the tulips she laid down. After a few prayers and moments of silence, she left, still with tears on her still innocent eyes.

But a man who just passed by went to her with the pen she laid down.

"I believe this is yours, Miss." Then he quickly walked away.
"Err...thanks...but...." Lilia looked at the pen. She embraced it as if it was Nathan.
"Thanks, Nathan. I'll keep this beside me, to remind me of our eternal love."


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