Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Inochinureta (First Arc)

Ancient Japan was a beautiful place to live. I shall tell you of my experience there, to you who have become my future self.

There was a legend in the country of three women referred to as the “Goddesses” who blessed people with their powers. One could grant immortality, the other can manipulate objects and talk to the dead, and the last one can travel through time and manipulate it as well. They were known as Murasaki, Uriya and Ena, respectively.

Ena, the Goddess of Time Travelling, was also a helper in our community dojo. She was particularly close with one of our students, Madoka, who was very cheerful and bright despite her young age. On the other hand, I do have a favorite student too. His name was Kohaku.

Now Kohaku was a young boy I rescued from battle. He was a bit silent and emotional about his parents’ death, but he is also an eager student. We would usually spend time together near the lake, talking about legends and myths.

But one day, another war waged in our village, and he was one of the victims. I feel really bad not being able to protect him.

Months have passed and I received a visit from my long-time-no-see brother, Moto. Though we considered each other rivals, we still keep a good brotherly relationship. However, that is what I thought.

I caught him one night, attempting to do something to Ena. The problem is that I loved her from the beginning; thus a sibling rivalry for romance begun since that day.

Things took a worse turn after that. Ena became depressed and have reportedly jumped off a cliff and committed suicide. Our foolishness killed her.

The great Murasaki then confronted us when we visited the hill where Ena died. She placed a curse upon us, but she says that this is actually a “gift”. We are to be immortals forever, unless we perform two provocative actions that will “destroy” our contract with her.

Moto was forbidden to kiss his own brother.

But I was forbidden to kiss the love of my life, even after she reincarnates in another life.

Thus, we separated ways and dealt with our newfound immortality powers. And I never saw him again after that. Or so I thought.

I survived thousands of years and have witnessed countless stupidities of the human race. I saw cold war and people killing for money. I saw children suffering in the streets, without someone to guide them. I saw chaos, in the big picture.

However, I kept changing identities so that people would not recognize me as a monster or anything. But it all seem to have ended for a while when I had to hide under a secret passage during the World War II. And since I could change form, I hid there as a child and slept for a bit. I have also auto-adjusted my growth interval, so that I automatically age like normal humans to avoid suspicion.

And that is where your memories begin, young one. You and I are one and the same. I was able to write this because these memories have always been awake inside your soul. You fell asleep for quite a while that you have forgotten everything.

You are me. Your true name is…

alarm clock sound—

“W-wha-what happened...?” I was gasping for breath. “Was that…just a dream? Or was it…real?”

I looked at the clock.

“Oh crap! I’m late for school! Can’t be late for the first day!” 

And I scurried to the bathroom, then to the kitchen for my breakfast, and rode my bicycle to school.

Things were looking good on my first day in college. Everyone and everything looked normal.

Until I saw her. She had beautiful pink hair and eyes that I might have already seen before. She had a smile that shone like the sun, and a voice that rang a bell in my ear somehow. 

“Maybe…maybe…I met her before…” I whispered in my brain.

In that instant, I remembered my dream. Then I looked at her. And suddenly, all of these memories started flashing onto my brain, as if I had amnesia.

Well what do you know; the dream was telling the truth.

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