Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Inochinureta (Second Arc)

My name is Minako Harukata, and I shall tell you things that have happened to me ever since that day, when I spent my first Senior High day in college.

I was waiting for the professor to arrive, when suddenly, this new student, with red hair and red eyes, stared at me in an unusual way. I also stared back at him, wondering if he would say something to me, but he didn’t. It was strange…at some point, I felt like I already met him before.

After class, I went home, and kept thinking about that guy. I almost bumped into many objects in my confusion and wondering.

My dad is a famous government official and my mom is a CEO of a company, so you could say that I’m pretty much a lucky girl, but not on that night. When I came home, both of them were dead, lying on the floor. I didn’t know what to do; I just froze there.

And just then, a voice behind me said these words:

“Hello, Minako Harukata. My name is Eiji Murakata, your new classmate.”

I saw him with a knife, with blood stains on his hands. Afterwards, he dropped the knife and gave me a grim smile. It’s like he’s asking me to kill him for murdering my parents. I was in a state of confusion.

I picked up the knife and stabbed him. But he didn’t feel a thing. He never screamed. He just stood there, like a ghost. And the blood on his chest returned back to his body, as if the stabbing process was reversed. I was terrified.

“I shall tell you what happened after these thousands of years…my dear Ena.”

‘Ena’? Who was Ena? I thought. And then it happened – he told me about everything…about my past life as a ‘Goddess’ in the Ancient Japan period, and how he was connected to me.

“Aji…!? Is that you!?” I recognized him now. He was my long lost lover. He was cursed by my ‘sister’, Murasaki, and became an immortal, all because I committed suicide due to being stuck between the sibling rivalry of Aji and his brother, Moto. Everything makes sense now.
“But why did you kill my parents?” I asked him.

“They were political retards.” He said. “The world needs to be cleaned of evil people.”
And through a holographic memory screen that floated in the air, he revealed to me what my parents had done – things I never even knew about. I was ashamed of them after that.

Aji also told me about his immortality contract; he cannot kiss me because that would mean he would not only cease on being an immortal, but also, his soul will perish in existence. I didn’t want that to happen, so…

“I think it’s best that we should part ways for good.” I said, with slight tears.

“If that’s what you want, Ena.” He said. “All I want is for your happiness. And for you…I will keep on living in this world, because you are my reason for living.”

I never called the police that night. I just burned my parents’ corpses and cleaned up the scene as if nothing happened. And on the next day, I left the house and moved to an apartment, leaving a note behind the door that says “Our clan has moved to a place that will no longer be disclosed to the public. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

On this apartment, I found my ‘sister’ in the former reincarnation, Murasaki. She happens to be the landlady of the place, and recognized me easily. I begged of her to revoke the contract of Aji so that I could kiss him, but she didn’t agree. I was disappointed, but I stayed in the place anyway.

But on my way to school, I was sprayed with sleeping gas and fell unconscious. And when I woke up, I was in a dark room, with only a man in a rich guy’s suit. He had glasses and looked a bit like Aji, but slightly older than him. But I recognized this guy – he was Takeshi Tadashi, one of the newest government officials in our area. However…

“Hello…my dearest Ena.” He said, with a demented voice.

I knew it. This man...he is Moto, Aji’s older brother. He also wanted my hand like Aji, and that is how the sibling rivalry began. This looks bad…I need Aji…

He’s…the real person I love…

 “Ena!!” There was a blast on the wall of the room. It was him. He came to save me. But how did he even know I’m here?

“Well well, brother, we meet again.” Said Moto. “Are you here to give your princess a goodnight kiss and perish for all eternity?”

Aji was a bit shocked, but he was steadfast. “I don’t care about the contract! I want her back!”

And then the two brothers fought each other. Meanwhile, a woman grabbed my hand and hid me behind a table. It was Murasaki.

“As you know, Moto is an immortal too.” She said. And then she told me about the rest of what happened, and Moto’s contract as well.

“I couldn’t stand what was happening, so I called up Aji. His house was only a few blocks away.” She said.

But there was something that happened. There was a smoke explosion, and then I saw…a clone of me?! I wanted to check it out right away but Murasaki pulled me back. She said I shouldn’t interfere.

Moto approached the other me to kiss her. But after the kiss, the clone transformed to Aji! I was like “WHAT? HOW DID HE---”

“That is one of an immortal’s powers – being able to transform into anyone and anything.” Murasaki said to me.

And then…Moto disappeared slowly. His soul began to fade in fragments. I saw the tears in his eyes, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Murasaki gave him that curse for being a greedy person…

After that, Murasaki talked with me, as well as Aji. She revoked the contract so that I can finally kiss my one true love. Also, she made me an immortal as well, and reminded me of my original powers, which is time-travelling.

But even as Aji (or Eiji) and I are together at last in peace, he sometimes seems to appear lonely and misses his brother. However, Murasaki only gave these words:

“Don’t worry Ena. All things that had been lost in the past will be found again in the future.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about, but I do believe that the two brothers could reunite again someday.


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