Wednesday, August 15, 2012

iRemember (The Untold Story)

A girl wakes up from a coma. She was all alone, without loved ones or relatives around her. Just nurses, doctors, and the like. Beside her was a bag. Inside it was a white iPod Nano. She doesn't remember anything, but she picked up the bag and the iPod and asked the nurses where she came from.

Walking straight her so-called "home", the girl plugs in the iPod's earphones on her ears. The song she played was called "I Remember". As the song played, she began regaining her memories.

She remembered her boyfriend. They were involved in a car accident 5 years ago, and she had been in a coma since. Now, she remembers everything, so she quickly ran to her guy's house.

But things changed during her long sleep. Her boyfriend had already married and now has a family. Though her heart couldn't take it, she managed to approach the house, disguised as a delivery boy. She gave a package to her precious one, and quickly ran away in tears.

Puzzled at first, the guy decided to open the gift. The card said that it was from one of his co-workers who died just last week. It was the iPod Nano, which was actually his. The girl pretended that the co-worker borrowed it from him and now he's returning it to him.

With his heart fallen into pieces, he left one morning in his car. Near a cliff, he put gasoline on his car and ran away, to make it look like he died. And finally, he ran to the girl's house to confront her.

He introduced himself by trying to give her back the iPod Nano, but the girl cried. So he opened the TV and the news indicated that he died from a car explosion. But there he is in one piece, and will now assume a new identity and a new look. And with a sincere hug and a sweet kiss, the 5-year struggle was finally over.

Of course, at the very end, they faced God in the altar together.


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