Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello everyone. My name is Lenlen Zamora. You can call me Kreatora. I live somewhere in Cebu, Philippines. I would like to tell you my story. My experiences. My life. Who I am.

I am a second-year high school student. I live alone, because my parents are abroad. I have no siblings. My neighbors are often cold towards me since they never seem to greet me. I didn’t get it. I felt so alone.

This is why I got into creative writing. I invented stories, characters, and places, and wrote them in many pieces of paper. They were precious to me. They were the only company I had left.

Life was always like this until one day, a surprise came through my door.

It was Annalisa Sanchez from my story White Tears. There was also Peter Flores from my other story Dawn of the Guardian. And lastly, there was Lady Venusa, the gay protagonist of my latest story La Musa and the Virgin Flowers.

‘T-they came to life?’ I thought. How bizaare.

They even brought some stuff they recently bought from SM, a mall in the Philippines. They cooked dinner for me. But of course, I helped out.

Oh, I almost forgot. I would like to tell you who these three really are.

Annalisa is the protagonist of my story White Tears. She’s a nurse who actually wanted to be an actress. She has a special gift: when she cries, her tears can change another person’s personality. If the person is evil-hearted, he/she will become good, and vice versa. Although she seldomly speaks, she is a very kind person.

She loved fridge cakes or graham cakes, also called “tiramisu” here in the country. She was like a sister to me, especially when she helps me get ready for school everyday.

Peter is the main character of my story Dawn of the Guardian. He used to live in the human’s world as an engineer for an electronics company, but he was called by a fairy to another world to be the secret guardian of the destined fairy to save the fairy world. Upon staying in the fairy world, he gained the four elements (fire, water, earth and wind) as his powers. He maybe a little bit stubborn but he remains faithful to his mission.

He loved online games and spent the whole evening playing Warcraft. I couldn’t stop him. After all, he was like a brother to me when he drives me to school and back home.

And last, but not least, there’s Lady Venusa of my story La Musa and the Virgin Flowers. ‘She’ may be a gay, buy she’s destined to become the La Musa, or the Savior Muse of an alternate universe where evil women abuse men for power.

Venusa is one noisy character, as I created ‘her’ to be. But despite that, she’s very fun to be with, and takes away my sadness and emptiness, especially during karaoke (videoke) hours.

At first, I thought they were just imposters, or cosplayers, or something. But I felt the connection – they were definitely my characters. They just had to be. Now I’ll never go alone anymore.

Well, at least, not until one day.

I was walking home when I realized, my house wasn’t there! I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. But it was all so real.

I heard footsteps behind me. It was my original characters. What could they want?

“We’re sorry to say this, little girl…but we don’t want to keep hurting you further.” Said Annalisa.
“You do realize why your house isn’t here, and why you actually never met your parents in person?” said Peter.
“And lastly, why do you think everyone ignores you?” said Venusa.

I was confused. What do they mean? I’m here. Are they saying I’m some sort of illusion to the world?

“Kreatora…you’re nothing more than our artificially intelligent original character.” Annalisa said.

My ears went deaf by the word ‘original character’.

“Your memories were implanted using programs.” Peter said. “This is why you act as if you really existed.”

“But all of those memories are fake. We are actually a team of programmers and story writers. You never really existed in the real world, only here in our virtual world.” Venusa said.

I fell down on my knees. I cried. I didn’t know what to do.

“But even so, Kreatora…” Venusa knelt down and cheered me up. “You made us happy these past days.”

“That’s right.” Said Peter. “You don’t know how it feels to actually play video games with your own original character.”

“And dress her up for school.” Annalisa said. “Well, at least now you felt it. Even if you were nothing more than a program we’ve created, you’re packed with true emotions. Astounding. It’s as if you had a soul of your own.”

And after that, I requested them to delete me completely. But they refused, saying that I’m a breakthrough in science. In reality’s sense, I’m a holographic virtual girl trapped inside a virtual world built by these three: Annalisa, Peter and Venusa, whose real names are Anna Lozano, Gerard Flores, and Ramon Perez – 3D animators and programmers as well.

I was called “Project Kreatora: The interactive girl in a realistic world.”

Even with that truth, I was happy. I was happy to make other people happy. Even if it was fake happiness, I accepted everything with a smile.


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