Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loic Descent: Prologue

The following is a summary of our project called “Supernatural System”, built successfully in the planet Earth. Its goal is to establish the “magical” atmosphere on this newly-sprung planet and to advance civilization. It will also enable the dead souls to still integrate with the world and manipulate things related to matter and existence. The report’s purpose is for future researchers of the human race to find out more about this project, and as a reference for our souls as further reincarnate through time in this world.

Day 1 of our descent.
Everything went smoothly when we landed from our mother planet, Loic, to this new planet, called Earth, or Errtos in our language. We have all disguised as temporary humans to avoid suspicion by nearby inhibitants. It was me, Ir Itttrec, and two of my research colleagues, Mer Attyyc and Ac Cwaggr. We rested for a while in an empty valley and built ourselves a native-looking hut, still with our (for the humans sake), high-tech gadgets and equipment. Throughout the day, we waited for our allies from another planet, Ofpsic. They have arrived when the sun has settled down.

Day 2 of our descent.
The three women, Murasaki, Ena and Uriya, are what humans would call “goddesses” because of their powers in three different fields. We from Loic have set up the first tower, which will serve as a “main server” for the project. Take note that, these towers that we will build (3 actually) are invisible from normal human eyes. The women gave the tower servers a little “blessing” of their skills (programming, I presume). We worked out the programming for the hardware parts as well. The day ended with all of us around a campfire.

Day 3 of our descent.
We travelled (teleported) to another place on Earth (presumably somewhere in the north) to build the second server. The first one was somewhere in the middle because it was a desert facing the sun. This spot that we are in has a lot of snow and cold things, but it didn’t hinder our mission. Everything still went smoothly despite the atmospheric changes. Meanwhile, me and Murasaki are preparing our constructed programming language called “Hexacode”, to serve as the interaction language in processing requests on these servers, and for normal people to be able to harness supernatural things and achieve the “impossible”.

Day 4 of our descent.
After the second server, we packed up and teleported to another place. It was near the ocean and was quite windy. After this third server is up, it’s time to put Hexacode into action. All of us programmed the structure and content of the database as planned on the blueprints. It was a long and hard experience, but we managed to do half of the plan.

Day 5 of our descent.
Our target date is tomorrow, so we had to speed things up, without sacrificing the quality. The program and the servers are pretty much ready and had been beta tested, but what we really need are human respondents. Note that the subjects’ memories were wiped out after the experiments. The results however made us decide to have a lower-language version of Hexacode, since humans are not that ready for such complicated things yet. So, we developed and launched Data Space Hack overnight. Good thing it was in my backup plans.

Day 6 of our descent.
By this time, the servers for the Supernatural System are all fully-functioning and ready to be given commands and such. It can also operate by itself like an artificially-intelligent life form, so we will have no problems worrying about it after we incarnate into real human lives. Because tomorrow, on the 7th day, we will simply bond with each other, rest, and by night we shall depart from each other to live on different lives, to keep us from being suspected as villains of the land.

Day 7 of our descent.
It has been 7 days since the six of us came to this planet, and I would say that those 7 days were great. The humans were good by nature, but the environment sadly makes them miserable and sinful. People did not like the idea of death that hinders them from communicating with their loved ones. They also did not like being inside a cage of simple reality and want impossible things to happen, even for a price. That is the true goal of this project. 

And as I write this, in a few minutes we will all be transferred into newborn human beings, not having memories of each other and living different lives. But I have made sure that we will still remember our plan someday, as I have implanted this and other documents within each of our souls.

My research team…Mer, Ac, Murasaki, Uriya and Ena. May we all remember each other again…someday…

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