Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Of Faith

Track 1: Misery

Rachela: I used to believe in the power of destiny...but somehow, after the following events occurred...destiny began creating mistakes of its own.

** Song begin **

R: A pure and gentle garden of rose
Withstands the flow of time
A soul so lonely but meant to die
It came to no surprise...

How can this be a godless world?
When you're here with me?

I keep the ring that never rusts
As dawn turns to dusk
You will never know just who to trust
To serve him if you must

But I think that I don't know
What led me to this kind of show
And now the great applause comes next
Curtain calls, the tragedy ends

H: The hills, they call, they sleep in fall
It’s just a thing that we call life...

R: A pure and gentle garden of rose
Caress me endlessly...

...and be destroyed!

** Song end **

Track 2: The Sin of Remembrance

Rachela: (It's been...two days. Two days since my fiancé died. Helbe Sigreto...he left one morning after our heated argument the other night. Just then, the news found his bloody corpse on his vehicle, when he was supposed to go to work. )

** Flashback **
Helbe: God doesn't exist! How many times do I have to make you believe that?
Rachela: I loved you not because of your faith, but because you are you!
Helbe: How many people have been killed by God himself? My real parents died in a car accident. Even my foster parents whom I hate so much were murdered. What kind of a man-loving God do you believe in anyways?
Rachela: It's not what you think, Helbe. God gives us these tests so we can become stronger people...
Helbe: So what? So what if we become stronger? What the hell do we receive from him? Heaven...there's no guarantee that the things we look for on earth will be found on heaven! It's just ridiculous!
Rachela: B-but...if God hated us...then he would've had us...
Helbe: That's enough!
Rachela: ...killed from the start.
Helbe: Hmph! I don't wanna hear more of your stupid excuses. Marry me under a judge, and a judge only. No Catholic or Protestant stuff. Or I'll leave ya. Got that?
Rachela: *nods weakly* Y-yes...

Rachela: (I guess he was right. Maybe God hates us. Or he doesn't even exist. I mean, look everywhere! Hostages, rapists, killers, etc. I could rarely find a trace of hope anywhere. But...)

***SFX: Burning house, people panicking***

Rachela: Hah....not my house too! My documents, my life....*cries*

*walking sound*

Rachela: (Tsk. From now on, it's time to live practically. No more memories, no more hope, no more emotions. Forget Hebel, forget mom and dad, forget God.)

*sound of bell from tower*

*walking sound, wind*

Rachela: (A boy...sleeping on a bench...tsk. Whatever. )
Klas: *awakes* H-huh...?

*running sound*

Rachela: H-hey! L-let go of me! Look, I don't have money, so get!
Klas: P-please let me s-stay with you! I'm hungry....I'm cold...
Rachela: Geez. *sigh* Fine fine, you can stay at my other apartment. That's where I'll be staying for the night. And look here kid, my house just burned a few minutes ago, so don't be too greedy when we get there, kay?
Klas: I-I promise!
Rachela: Hmmm...good.

*traffic sound & walking*

*door close*

*table sound/eating, bath sounds & tucking to bed*

Klas: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...
Rachela: (W-what in the world....?
Klas: God, please help me find my mother. I can't remember anything when I found myself on the bench at the park. And please tell her that I love her so much...and thanks for giving me a good mentor to take care of me for the meantime...
Rachela: *tucks Klas to bed* Alright kid...uhm...Good night....pleasant dreams...what's your name again?
Klas: My name is Klas Sergefort. And thanks for taking care of me...thanks God...
Rachela: You're too young kid. You don't know what will befall on your path when you walk into the road of adolescence. Lots of creepy stuff.
Klas: I'll be long as God is here....
Rachela: Oh...and don't put too much trust on God alone.
Klas: Huh?
Rachela: Sometimes his plans are wrong. They destroy you and your life. Sometimes you gotta act yourself if you wanna be happy.
Klas: ...but God is...
Rachela: Yeah yeah, I know. See you in the morning.
Klas: Goodnight, Rachela.
Rachela:....? (That accent....familiar...NO WAY! What the hell. Never mind.)

* close door *

*morning, birds chirping*

Klas: Good morning Rachela! It's a beautiful day!
Rachela: Not so fast kid! Today's the day you'll be going back to the streets. We had a deal remember?
Klas: Awww. Okay. Thanks for letting me stay though! May Godbl---oh sorry.
Rachela: *smirks* Okay, you can pack up now.
Klas: But I don't have anything.
Rachela: Poor boy. *drawer open & close * Here. Some clothes oughtta keep you warm. And take this too.
Klas: Mayo sandwich? T-thank you!
Rachela: Yeah, you're welcome. Alright, let's get you outside.

*door open*

Klas: Goodbye Rachela! I'll come visit you again someday!
Rachela: Yeah...Goodbye....whatever.

*door close*

Rachela: Whew. Glad that's over. *sigh* I wish Helbe was here....w-wait! What the hell am I thinking? Erase erase erase. Gotta live life my way!

*city sounds + walking*

Klas: (Rachela doesn't believe in God anymore...because of her fiancé’s death, her house burned, and many others. But...God will surely help her...because God mercies everyo-)

*gunshot and Klas surprised, drops to floor*

Unknown man: We've got some business to take care of. Come with me.

* city sounds *

* walk *

Rachela: (Haaaah! What a stupid party that was. Those goons were so laaaame. They should just give up on women. Boys are such a nuisance to the world.)

*door open*

Rachela: H-huh? K-klas? What the hell are you doing here? Didn't we have a deal?
Klas: Helbe Sigreto. Son of Aredo and Amalia Abrizon, who died in a car accident. Foster son of Keled and Dia Sigreto, who were both found dead on the same day in different locations.
Rachela: W-what the? H-how'd you know about Helbe!? Are you a spy or something? Wha-
Klas: Keled was actually killed by Helbe, while Dia was able to escape from him. Helbe tried to defy God by destroying everything he had. Now, *faces Rachela* I remember everything.
Rachela: R-red eyes? W-what.....are you?

*run rush sound + grab, knife sound, Rachela shakes in fear*
Klas: Helbe died because of depression, which disturbed his driving. It was most likely because of his bride-to-be...Rachela Archeblud.
Rachela: H-hah!? I didn't kill him! I loved him! I loved him so much! It's just that...I wanted to forget everything because.....nothing matters in this world anymore now that he's gone. And it's pointless to- *gasp + knife sound*
Klas: Heheheh...Rachela....I cannot forgive you....FOR KILLING MY HALF-BROTHER!!

*stab sound + Rachela gasp and in pain*
*Klas changes voice*

Klas: *grim laugh*
Rachela: Y-you changed your appearance...what exactly....are you?
Klas: In case you didn't know, Hebel's last will was for me to kill the same age as he is! That was why someone granted be this body...
Rachela: *pant* You...just want me dead, don't you? Just kill me right here. I want to die like Helbe. And even if I end up in hell....I'll be okay...

*gun set + Rachela react*

Klas: Don't worry, Rachela. You won't be alone. You were right...God doesn't have the right to exist in our lives anymore. He only brings misery. We decide what we want to do. And today....I'll be making my own happiness.

*Rachela scared*

Rachela: ...very well, the floor is yours. It shall be my happiness too for my own existence to be ended.
Klas: Let's go to hell....TOGETHER!!

*double gunshot, double drop on floor*

Track 3: Solitude

K: And now on this day, the moon shall pass
The greatest sin in life, be gone!

For I have ended the eerie parade
And you, my accomplice, the woman of despair.

R: I flap my wings all covered in blood
While black butterflies won't let me be in touch
Of a golden flower within a memory
That was just history...

K: Entrust youself to the cradle of death
R: I can't resist the offer you would tell
K: The fate in my hands
R: The fate in my hands
Both: Eternal preamble of sorrow...

Is it over?
Just a blank sky
Staring at the forbidden earth
That shares nothing but darkness....

Both: Solitude in my hands....

*spoken end*

Rachela: It goes to show you that...happiness only exists...inside our minds. And therefore, we can create our own...whenever we want to. Right now *flame sounds*...I'm happy for those who are still innocent up to this day.


And on that day, I woke up again from my slumber. I thought that I was bound to be in hell forever. Until he woke me up. And who was right next to me? Helbe.

Klas was in front of us; he explained everything.

He had disguised himself as Helbe and started murdering people close to me, even the real Helbe. But how could he do this? He says that he is an immortal, and brought us back to life through immortality. Therefore, we became immortals as well.

Klas’s real identity is that…he is my brother-in-law. My father originally had an affair with another woman, even at the time when I was still a little girl. This woman died in vain not being able to even see my father again after they were discovered by my mom, who was also a very strict person. This woman was Klas’ mother.

Klas then lived as an orphan, under the care of a certain Kurumi Murasaki, who is also the one who gave him immortality and the power to shape-shift into anyone and anything that he desires.

I felt ashamed about everything. I didn’t know I had a brother-in-law who just wants the affection of a father. I apologized to him for getting the love of our father but he says it’s now alright. He then transforms into his original chronological age and hugs me with a smile.

It seems that he is actually older than me, or maybe he is just taller. I don’t really know.

But anyway, Helbe and I moved to Japan, near where Murasaki allows Klas to stay in. We registered ourselves there as “Hiro Asahi and Ria Asahi”. Afterwards, we gave birth to our first child, whom we named Naoko. As of today, she studies in a school called Kaizen University, somewhere in Tokyo.

And pretty soon, I discover more about my immortality powers: I have also remembered that I was part of a lineage that can time travel and manipulate time. Currently, I don’t know how to do it yet, but one of these days, I will try it.

And our lives went smoothly afterwards.

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