Thursday, August 23, 2012

Phantom Brothers

In the story that you are about to read, you will encounter a great story of brotherhood. It is the story about us, Lian and Shen Metter, originally dubbed by the public as the “Phantom Brothers.”

We once belonged to a famous syndicate, because our parents were killed by unknown people and we had nowhere to go. Things were okay at first, but they trained us to be assassins going on dirty jobs and missions. But hey, at least we were earning money while we were still young, and we lived with great friends.

The syndicate chapter that we were in was ruled by a man named Goddsharks, who is also an expert in chemical engineering stuff. Along with us are Brucia Zollenchi (a Latin-American woman who is good at martial arts), Afro-Gay (an African-American guy who loves to smoke), Xylem (who is good at hacking and computers), and Cholorophil (who sometimes goes with us on our missions).

But by the time we were at the right age, things started to crumble down with our relationship as brothers. Lian is 14 and Shen is 12, so Lian sometimes tends to boss Shen around. Shen, on the other hand, doesn’t mind, but he gets weak at most missions because he was thinner and smaller than his brother. But the thing is that he is also faster than his brother, which made Lian a bit jealous sometimes.

But one day, Lian went on a mission alone. He tried rescuing a woman in distress inside a bank, but members of another chapter stopped him. He was in the danger of being executed if Shen didn’t do anything to save him.

Fortunately, Shen heard about this secret drug that Goddsharks just finished formulating. He had also read about what it could do to him on the label, when he found it on the boss’ table while sneaking in. He drank some of it and went to bed, slightly worried but hopeful.

On the next day, Shen woke up in a terrible position – his clothes became too small for him, or rather, he slightly grew up. He became about 16 years old (slightly older than his brother) due to what he drank last night. With this, he consulted all of his friends, and they have all agreed to Shen’s plan of rescuing Lian from the other chapter’s hands, and also, finally breaking free from the syndicate and moving to another place, away from Great Britain. After all, they were also planning to do the same thing – live a better life.

Shen also had newfound powers that came along with the drug, so he was confident. He could break walls, added to his original speed skills. They were able to save Lian at the right time, and kill all of the chapter members and leaders.

Lian saw Shen’s determination and how he sacrificed his years (and his health, since no one was sure whether the drug had side effects or not), and was no longer jealous of him. Our relationship was restored.

But just as we were going to the pier, Goddsharks was in front of us.

However, he only explained that the drug was actually a way to test our brotherhood, and also to overthrow the other chapter due to their being abusive and all. He lets us go and pays us our last salaries. After that, he sends each of us to different countries as we desired. We’ve decided to be sent to Japan, since we love anime and stuff. He then says goodbye to us, and decides to retire and go back to his own family to live a quiet life.

We then settled in a small apartment, owned by one of Goddsharks’ old employees. It turns out that our boss actually lets go of his employees when the right time comes. And as for our life, not only did we study again, but we also worked part-time during weekends and sold some ice cream. After all, that is something we share as a common interest.


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