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Senshi Melena

"Well well well, if it isn't a transferee...!"
"Why, you look so cute, don't ya?"


"Listen girl, WE are the seniors here. WE decide what's gonna happen and what's not. And if anyone doesn't abide by our rules, well...you'll see for yourself...."


This was Miiri's first day at Shotou Academy. It wasn't exactly the greatest day of her life that she expected. Her parents wanted her to transfer there because it's closer to the city. Unfortunately for her, urban life is much more complicated.

Just as she was going to her boarding house near the school, she almost got ran over by a speeding vehicle.

"Look out!" a boy saved her. It was very close.

"Are you all right?"
"..huh...yeah, I think so...."
"Good!" And then, he notices her uniform. "Are you also from Shotou Academy?"
"Well, yeah." she said. "My name is Miiri Konnokashi, and thanks for saving me."
"No problem. My name is Kira Kousei. I also study there."
"So...we can meet again?"
"Sure thing. Oh, I'll be late for my class! Sorry!"
"It's ok! Thanks again!" And with that, both had gone separate ways.

But who knew they would meet again.

"So, Miiri....did you get 'it'?"
"W-what do you mean?"
"Oh for Pete's sake! The money, you idiot! We told you to--you know!"
"B-but that's...that's stealing! Isn't it?"
The mean girls got angry. "Surely you know what happens when someone opposes us. We don't want you to be one of those.....isn't that right, Miiri?"

Later that afternoon, she comes back to her boarding house, only to discover something surprising. A boy. A very familiar boy.

"Hey..aren't you...Kira?"
"Miiri? You live here too?"
"Well...yeah. Besides, our house is to far away, you know. Glad to know we're next door neighbors!"
"Yeah! Say...why don't we be friends?"
"Sure! 'Friend'...~!"

The next day, Miiri had to face those mean girls again. They were at the park.
"Look, I know I'm kinda opposing you guys sometimes. But...."
"Don't you think what you're doing is way below the belt? I mean, think about it! Stealing from other people, blaming others of the things you did..you know, this is all wrong. So...why don't we try to change things and--"
Suddenly, they knock her out. It was very painful. They stepped on her too. "We don't take orders from a midget like you!"
"Yeah, midget! Small fry!"
"C'mon girls, let's leave this idiot alone. She's better of with herself. Haha!"

Just then, Kira found her.
"A-are you all right? What happened?"
"..those...those girls...they were always mean to me..." She started crying. "And then.....and then....!"
"Yeah, I heard about those weird girls who sometimes boss around people, just because they're seniors. But...there's nothing we can do about it. I think the school admins are on their side, so there's really nothing we can...."
"Ok look. You should just try and get away from them, you know?"
"I already tried! They kept following me! I can't do anything...."
"Don't give up! If you do, nothing good's gonna happen. Nothing will. Okay, Miiri?"
She then wiped her tears. "Ok. I understand."

The next day, it was raining. "No sight of the girls. This is great!"
But as she walked back home, a girl grabbed her by the subway. It was them.
"Well well, look what we caught! A cutie little catfish!"
"Yeah, catfish!"
"Let's see who's side is justice on!" One of the girls grabbed Miiri's bag and took her money, not to mention her homework stuff. Then they heavily beat her.
"Like we told you. Those who oppose us will pay! Take a look over there!" There was also a bunch of freshmen transferees who suffered the same fate. Miiri was already crying.
"Aww, what's the matter? Crying like a little baby?"
"C'mon, get real! There's no reason for you to stay in our academy! You're WAAAY to weak...and one more th---"

"So, are you happy now?" Miiri says in a cold, deep voice. Suddenly, her eyes glowed, and light surrounded the place. She had transformed into a woman carrying a long sword. "Now that you've got what you want, you'll also get what you deserve!" She breaks the ropes on the other freshies.
"W-what? What is this? Who--are you?"
"My name is Melena. I protect the weak people and oppose those who abuse their powers. Get ready!" She holds out her sword. But the girls ran away.
"L-lets get out of here!"
"Yeah, before that witch catches us!!"

And just then, she transformed back into Miiri, and passes out.
"Are you okay?" said one of the freshies.
Suddenly, she wakes up. "Huh? W-what happened?"
"You saved us, remember?"
"Yeah! You transformed into that Melena girl with a huge sword and scared those mean girls away!" said another freshie.
"I....did?" Miiri looked at her hands. She felt a strange power coming from it.

Back at the boarding house, Miiri tells Kira about what happened.
"You...transformed?" said Kira.
"Well, that's what they said. I myself can't belive I had that power." said Miiri.
"How can you not know?" said Kira again. "Didn't your parents told you?"
"Told me what?"
Kira pauses for a while. "May I see your necklace?"
Kira looks at it, and compares it to his necklace.
"See? It's the same, but in a different color! We have the same kind of powers!"
"W-what do you mean?"
"You're the reincarnation of the legendary Senshi Melena!"
"You mean..that girl I just transformed into?"
"Yeah, that's it! Your parents must've been descendants of her clan, but they never told you."
"Ahh, I see now. But, what about yours?"
"Mine? I don't know yet. But my parents says that...I hold another strong warrior within me. Just like Melena."
"Really? Who?"
"I told you. I don't know yet. I never activated him before. You got Melena to fight for the first time. Congratulations!"
"Yeah, well...." she said with a smile.
"Just be sure to use it in a good way, to protect others." said Kira.

Also that night, the mean girls ran to their superior, more known as the Principal of the school.
"So you saw a girl named Melena, eh?"
"Yes, your Excellency. She was carrying a long sword, but we didn't wanna fight her."
The Principal thought deeply. "Hmm...could it be that the two warriors have arrived?"
"Two warriors?"
Just then, the Principal casts some sort of magic spell on them, like powder dust. "You'll soon remember."

And with that, the mean girls regained their lost memories, that they were part of the secret evil organization called 'Eron', with the Principal, originally known as 'Kurama, Queen of Nothingness'.
"Now, my subjects. Do you remember our true purpose?"
"Why of course, your majesty."
"And what might that be?"
"Uhm..." They started whispering at each other. "What was it again, your majesty? Our memory's still kinda fuzzy."
The 'Queen' looked at them with evil eyes. "To control the world and its people, to make a perfect world. To get rid of those who have no value in the society. That's what our goals are. Remember?" She slams the table. The girls got scared.
"First thing's first. I want you to get rid of the two warriors. One of them being that Melena girl. Understand?"
"Understood, your majesty!"

The next day, Miiri and Kira went to school together. But just as they were going to class, a mysterious figure suddenly came out of nowhere and took their bags. They chased the black figure all the way until they reach the park. It turns out that it was the mean girls again.

"You-!" said Miiri.
"You know seniors, this is getting kinda annoying. You can just let go of her and find yourselves a new hobby."
Kyona, one of the girls, started laughing. "Hahaha! Don't you see?" She pulls out two sword-like knives. "THIS is our hobby!" and she begins to charge them, but Kira transforms to his alter ego, much like Miiri's, but a guy. He dodges Kyona's attacks.

"Ahh, the second one. Lan, isn't it?"
"Just shut up, and leave."
"Oh no, we wouldn't do THAT! We'd never run away from hot guys like you!"
"Yeah, and from what I've heard, you once declared a rivalry against Melena. Am I correct?"
"Just shut up already!" And he breaks away, getting ready for a bigger attack. Unfortunately, Kyona blocks it, and dodges it back to him. Lan was seriously injured.
"Are you alright?" said Miiri.
"Call her. Tell her to come."
"Okay." And with that, she transforms into Melena, and pulls out her sword.

"Well well well! Look who joined the show!" said Kyona.
"Yeah, double the fun!" said Reni, also one of the girls.
But Melena was confident. She begins a powerful attack. But it also got dodged back.
"Hahaha! You two are no good if you're gonna keep fighting like that!"
"Yeah, c'mon! Give us something good!"

Just then, Melena looks at Lan.
"You're here." said Melena.
"Yes. I called you. And you came." said Lan.
"And you expect me to help you?"
"Just why are we rivals anyway?"
"You don't remember?"
"Unfortunately, I don't. Sorry."
"Yeah, well, neither of us remember. So then, I guess I'll be helping you out for now."
"Since we can't remember what we were fighting about."

"W-what?" said Kyona.
"Y-you guys are fighting together?" said Nemi.
"What? You haven't seen us team up before?" said Lan.
"C'mon! You gotta have a better memory than that!" said Melena.

Combining each other's strength and abilities, they perform lots of powerful attacks and counterattacks against the group. Not long, they defeated them.
"T-t-this isn't over!" said Kyona, running away with the girls.
"Yeah! You bet!" said Nemi, running away with them.

Melena looked at Lan once again. "Now do you remember?"
"Very well then, let's just go to 'sleep' again. Miiri is late for her class."
"Yeah. Same thing with Kira."

Later, at separate classes...

"Ms. Konnokashi! You're late again!"
"Well...you see...."
"Where have you been, Mr. Kousei?"
"Uhm well....."
They couldn't tell.

That night, Miiri had a dream. She saw Melena and Lan talking under a tree. They looked very calm.
"You know, it's weird." said Melena.
"Huh? What do you mean?" said Lan.
"We both have twin sisters and brothers."
"Oh yeah. But what's so weird about that?"
"It's just a feeling I thought. Maybe we were special."
"You think so?"
"I....I can't say for sure. Maybe someday, we'll find the answers out. Why we met each other, and what's gonna happen next..."
"There she goes with the weird talking again..."
"Oh c'mon! It's just an opinion, after all...."

The day after, she met Kira again.
"You had the same dream?" said Kira.
"Yeah. What do you mean? You had the same dream too?" said Miiri.
"Of course! You know what? I have an idea."
"Why don't we have a look at the library to find out more stuff about our alter egos, Melena and Lan."
"Sure! After class!"

While Miiri was taking down notes, she heard a soft voice in her head. It was Melena.
"So, you want to know more about me?"
"Yeah, I guess." Miiri said softly. "We're going to the library later. I'm sure we'll find something the--"
Just then, the teacher was looking at her.
"Ms. Konnokashi?"
"Yes, mam?"
"Just who are you talking to?"
"Me? U-uhm, nobody, nobody! I'm....just reading what's on the board so that I can understand....ehee..~!" She said with a smile.
"Well, do it a little more quietly."
"Yes mam!"

A few minutes later, Miiri and Kira went to the library to search some stuff about Melena and Lan.
"Look here!" said Kira.
"Oh!" said Miiri.
"This book says everything about two mysterious warriors during the 15th century. They must be them!"

"What does it say?"
"Well, let me read: 'Two mysterious figures who once defeated an organization called Ehron, but were killed because of revenge.'"
"Huh? What does that mean?"
"Beats me."
Suddenly, an earthquake shook the whole library. The whole building began to crumble down.
"Let's get out of here, before this whole thing falls upon on us!" said Kira.
"Yeah, you're right! But I can't find the exit!" said Miiri.
"Over there!" said Kira, and they both head for the exit. But just then, something strange happened. Everything stopped moving. It seems that time itself had stopped for an unknown reason. A mysterious girl in black clothes carrying a long katana (sword) came in their way. She had long, beautiful black hair, but she furiously stared at the two.

"Do you know why Melena and Lan picked your bodies to be their 'vessel'?" said the woman.
"Huh? What do you mean?" said Miiri.
"Just who are you anyway? Are you the one who caused the earthquake?" said Kira.
"Well, duh! What would you expect!" said the woman, who fired a large ball of wind energy at them. But she missed. "I wouldn't just come barging into your lives if I had nothing to do with it!"
"Tell us who you are!" said Kira.
"The name's Yukito. One of the few most trusted servants of the house of Eron. You two don't understand much yet, as you're not directly involved in our story."
"Then, what do you want from us?" said Miiri.
" It's your other selves who I want." said the woman, charging up another attack. But this time, Miiri and Kira both transformed into Melena and Lan.

"Oh, so you're looking for us! How lovely." said Melena.
"And we were just in the middle of something important." said Lan.
"Important?" said Yukito. "You don't say. Are you guys...dating?" she laughed.
Melena and Lan looked at each other, then looked the opposite way.
"Well? I'm right! Am I not?" said Yukito.
"We're in the middle of remembering our past." said Kira.
"And you've got nothing to do with it!" said Melena, as she charges a diving attack, but Yukito dodges. They exchange attacks, and soon Lan joins in the fun. But because it's a two-against-one fight, it's pretty obvious who won.

"Like we said." said Melena. "Do not interfere with us, you thieves."
Suddenly, Yukito started feeling strange. "I'm...fading away....no--my consciousness is fading away..." Yukito's body drops to the ground, unconscious. Both Melena and Lan transform back.
"Are you okay?" said Miiri to the girl.
"...huh? Yeah, I think so." said the girl.
"You're name is Yukito, right? Or were you possessed by somebody.....else?" asked Kira.
"Well, actually, I was possessed by a spirit named Yukito. My real name is Mika. I was part of the senior's team, but I quitted. I couldn't stand the evil things they did. But I paid the price--they summoned Yukito and transferred her to my body. But now she's gone, thanks to you."
"Oh...I see." said Miiri. "Glad we can help!"
After that, timed had moved again, and surprisingly, it seems like everything was back to normal. Not an earthquake damage in sight.

That night, they read the books they took out, and found out some things.
'Eron is a villainous organization made of strong women with supernatural powers. Their goal is to control the world and its vast cities. But not long after, they were eliminated by two warriors known as Melena, Soldier of the Sun and Lan, Soldier of the Moon.'

"I get it now..." said Kira.
"What do you mean?" said Miiri.
"If an Eron member such as Yukito had possessed one of our schoolmates, then, she must not be alone."
"It says here that there are three trusted servants of their organization. The other two must be lurking around in school."
"You may be right. We should be more careful."
"Well, see you tomorrow, Miiri!"
"Good night, Kira!"
"Good night, 'Best Friend'!"

As Miiri went to sleep that night, she had another dream. It was Melena and Lan again. They were near a river.

"So, now that we've defeated the villanous organization Eron, what should we do now?" said Melena.
"Enjoy life, I guess." said Lan. "I might start to get involved in building houses and stuff. How about you?"
"Me? Well, I think I should focus on our little orphanage. They badly need me there, after all."

"But you know?" Melena said as she looked at Lan. "I'm really gonna miss those days. Those days full of adventure and excitement!"
"Yeah, me too. But even heroes like us need a break. We're not God, after all." said Lan.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. I just hope our friendship would always stay the same. Whatever happens!"
"Huh? Where did that come from?"
"I don't know. But it's gonna be true, right?"
"Yeah, I guess. Very well then. I promise I won't change."
"Me too. We'll always be friends...."

The following day, Miiri and Kira went together again, even during lunch at the cafeteria.
"Hey! Don't tell me we had the same dreams again!" said Miiri.
"But I think we did. Heheheh." said Kira.
"What?! No way! This is just getting too weird!"

Just then, another mysterious girl came crashing in. She was faster than Yukito, and maybe more powerful. Miiri and Kira hid in a corner then transformed into Melena and Lan.

"And who might you supposed to be?" asked Melena, pointing out her sword.
"E-eh?" said the girl. "M-my name is Minami! I-i'm also part of Eron, ya know!" said the girl with wavy  hair.
"Ahh...." said Lan. "The silly one..."

"H-hey! Don't you call me like that!" Minami said and she summoned a large body of water and started attacking Melena and Lan.
"Water?" said Melena, as she dodges attack.
"We can handle this!" said Lan, as he charges up a lunar attack. Successfully, it hits.
"Aww....you're way to good!" said Minami. "But I'm gonna be better! I swear!" She turns the water into a whirlpool, which made it hard for the two.

"H-how do we get out of here?" said Lan.
"Don't worry!" said Melena. "I know just the thing!"
And with that, she casts a spell and stops the whirlpool from spinning. They spotted Minami, and went for powerful attacks. In the end, she was also eliminated.

"N-no way!!" and then Minami drops to the ground.
They transform back (without anyone seeing) and helped the girl. It turned out to be one of the seniors' mean girls, Nemi.
"So what if I got possessed by an evil spirit? What's the big deal?" said Nemi.
"Well, you could've wrecked the whole school!" said Miiri.
"I....what? No way! There's just no way I'd--" then she got up and ran away.
"Oh and by the way." said Nemi.
"Huh?" said Miiri.
"Thanks....uhh...you know! For saving me. Oh, almost forgot. Sorry I got involved in the seniors' mess too. She was my friend, I couldn't help her..."

That night, Kira received a text message from someone. It was from Kyona, the seniors' leader.
'Come to the Principal's office tomorrow at 9 AM sharp. Bring your precious little friend too. If you don't, you know what will happen.'

"Kyona wants us to come there?" asked Miiri.
"Yeah. It's just like she blamed us for all the trouble at the cafeteria. What a jerk!" said Kira.
"But like you said, she's a senior. Not to mention, the Principal's only daughter. There's no way we can get out of here."
"Oh really?" said Kira. "Haven't you noticed anything?"
"Most likely, the Eron servants are possessing those who are members of the seniors team! Which could probably mean...."
Miiri thought deeply. "......w-what? Are you serious?"
"We're going there to end this unfinished business!"

'Right, Lan?'
'Right you are, Kira.'

That night, Miiri and Lan had the same dreams again. This time, it was a little serious. It was a scene of Melena and Lan, fighting each other.

"Why did you kill her?" asked Melena.
"Kill who? I killed no one! Maybe it was you who killed my brother!" said Lan.
"Kill your brother? No way! You're just trying to turn things around!"
"Oh, will you shut up already?"
"Why.....why were you guys fighting?" said Miiri in tears.

That morning, she met up with Kira outside. "Well, Miiri. Today's the day! Let's end this!"
"B-but the dreams! If they remember, then they won't fight together!" said Miiri.
"Just come. Besides, anything can happen. We can't turn back now!"

As they were walking along the corridors towards the Principal's office, the background surroundings began to change, as if in a dark castle.
"W-what's going on?" asked Miiri.
"Well, obviously, they might be expecting us here. We should be careful." said Kira.

And then she appeared. Kyona.
"Y-you!" said Miiri.
"W-what do you want from us?" said Kira.
Kyona transformed into her alter ego. "Glad you can come, Melena and Lan. I've long waited for this opportunity."

"Well, if it isn't the great Kitsune. I knew it!" said Melena.
"So, you're here too." said Lan. "Great! Now we can finish this!" He attacks Kitsune, but Kitsune blocked it with a wall of flame.

"Fighting me is meaningless." Kitsune said. "Before you look at the darkness of others, you should look at your own first."

"Huh?" said Melena.
"What do you mean?" said Lan.

Suddenly, both of them felt something strange. They suddenly remember some things. Horrible things.

"Y-you!" said Melena. "You killed my sister!"
"W-what?" said Lan. "There's no way I'd do that! Wasn't it you who killed my brother?"

The two continued arguing until they finally fight each other. Kitsune just stood there and laughed.

"Hahaha! You two are worthless when you go for an 'L.Q.'. Hahaha! How pathetic!" Kitsune then summoned huge balls of flames and threw them at the two. They were hit, and were damaged critically.

Inside of Melena and Lan, Miiri and Kira tried to talk to their respective alter egos.
"Melena, why are you two fighting?" said Miiri.
"Yeah, we've got bigger problems than that, you know." said Kira.

Just then, Melena and Lan saw a strange vision. It was their memories. How dear those memories were! All ruined by a.....

"Wait a minute...." said Melena. "I know now!"
"That's right!" said Lan. "We didn't kill each other's siblings!"

Kitsune was surprised. "W-what do you mean?"

"My sister killed his brother!" said Melena.
"And my brother sent someone who killed her sister before he died!" said Lan.

"W-what? B-but you two killed each other! You know that!" said Kitsune, who was rather confused.

"Well, we did kill each other" said Lan. "But that was because of a stupid identity mistake!"
"Now that we remembered," said Melena, as she points her sword towards Kitsune. "We'll finish you off for good!"

And with that, Melena and Lan did a series of powerful attacks against Kitsune. Unfortunately for Kitsune, her attacks are now worthless against the two.

"Th-this can't be happening!" said Kitsune, as her consciousness fades away. "This is just a bad dream! You guys are already dead!" And her body drops unconscious on the ground.

"Well, aren't we all?" said Melena.
"You should try to think before you speak out." said Lan.

The two went further into the 'castle', and have finally reached the Queen's room. There, they found their target.

"Just as we expected." said Melena.
"The 'Principal' is none other than Kurama, Queen of Nothingness."

The Queen stood up from her throne and raised her staff. "Yes it is I, Kurama, the Queen of Nothingness! The one you two worthless soldiers have banished from the world. Eron would've been successful if it weren't for you. You shall pay for what you did!"

"Pay?" said Melena. "Well, excuse me! You've got lots of debts to the world yourself!"
"Yeah!" said Lan. "Think about those poor girls you possessed. Geez, what a chicken you are to let them fight for you."

"SILENCE!" The Queen was angry. She casted a thunder spell, but Melena and Lan evaded. "I will make sure you two will never come back to this world, ever! I'll teach you a lesson!"

With that, she casts another spell. It was stronger than before. Melena and Lan kept dodging the attacks.

"Man, this is gonna be pretty tough." said Lan.
"Yeah, you bet! Gotta think of a good strategy." said Melena.

Melena and Lan again did a series of powerful attacks, but the Queen's magic makes her invulnerable to attacks.
"Fools! You cannot defeat me! You're just dreaming! Take this!" She casts an even more powerful thunder attack, and it made Melena and Lan fall to the ground.

Suddenly, a bunch of girls came to help. It was Mika, Nemi and Kyona.

"Well well well, if it isn't the dirty old witch." said Mika.
"You sure enjoyed a lot possessing our bodies!" said Nemi.
"And I thought you were nice, Mom!" said Kyona. "You really put the school in a huge mayhem!"

"Why, Kyona! What's gotten into you? You're not teaming up with these two, are you?"
"You're not my mother!" said Kyona, pulling out her katana (sword) which her 'real' mother gave her. "You killed my real mother! And then you pretended to be her! You traitor!" With that, she goes forward and tries to attack the Queen. But she failed.

The Queen laughed. "Hahahaha! You fools can't even touch me!"

Mika and Nemi went to help Melena and Lan.
"Are you two all right?" said Mika.
"Yeah....thanks." said Melena.
"Don't worry. We're here to help!" said Nemi.
"Help?" said Lan. "But how?"
"That's simple." said Kyona, getting up. "We're on your side now. It's five against one. Don't misunderstand me!"

With that, Melena and Lan stood up again, ready to fight, They've got more support now.

"W-what?" said the Queen. "T-this can't be! You're supposed to be on my side, not theirs!"

"Too bad, old witch." said Melena.
"Your magic is toast!" said Lan.

The two launched even more powerful attacks, so powerful that it shook the castle. At last, the Queen was defeated, and was destined to fade back into nothingness, where she belongs.

"Nooooo!! No way!!!"

"Yes way." said Melena.
"Like you said, you really are the Queen of Nothingness." said Lan.

After that, Melena and Lan transformed back into Miiri and Kira. The castle turned back into the principal's office. Then, Melena and Lan's spirits were separated from Miiri and Kira's bodies. It seemed like everything went back to normal.

"So, now that all of this is over..." said Miiri.
"What are you girls gonna do?" said Kira.

"Well..." Kyona thought. "Maybe we should turn over a new leaf. Picking on little freshies is kinda boring, don't ya think?"
"Sure is!" said Nemi.
"That's right!" said Mika. "Maybe we should start an exhibit of the 15th century! You know, for fund raising!"

"W-what?" said Kyona. "N-no..I don't think that's a goo-"
"Nonsense!" Nemi and Mika dragged her back outside. "We're gonna make lots of money!"

"Well, I guess that wraps up the seniors' mess, don't you think?" said Kira.
"Yeah, but..." said Miiri as she looks at Melena and Lan. "What are you guys gonna do now?"

"Well....like we said, we're just spirits now." said Melena.
"In the end, we must go back to our original time." said Lan.
"So...this is goodbye?" said Miiri, as she started to cry.
"Don't worry," said Melena as she hugged Miiri. "Who knows: our paths may cross again one day."
"W-what do you mean?" said Kira.
"Just wait. You'll see." said Lan. "After all, every end has a new beginning."

After that, Melena and Lan opened a bright portal and went in. They said goodbye to their dear friends.
"Well, goodbye!" said Melena.
"Take care!" said Lan.

After a few months, Miiri and Kira's friendship grew stronger. One day, there were two strange visitors in their neighborhood, right next to their boarding houses. It was a man and a woman. For Miiri and Kira, their faces seemed familiar.

They tried to call them, but they just smiled back.


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