Thursday, August 23, 2012


--Record Start--


A woman angrily shouted, as she entered the room. On the bed was her husband, Keitaro, sleeping with another woman. Upon hearing her scream, the man wakes up.

"H-honey? W-w-wha-what are you doing here? I-I thought you were going for an overt-"

"You bastard!" The woman shouted. "Who the hell is that woman? Tell me!"


"Shut up!" The woman picks up a gun from her bag and aims at the two. The woman in the bed wake up, feeling scared as she saw the woman. "Die, you demons, die!" She shoots the woman, as well as her husband, Keitaro. Both of them fell dead on the floor.

Suddenly, the woman, Ai Tachibana, runs outside of their house, and stands near the edge of the hill where the house stood. Without any regrets, she jumps off and commits suicide.

--Record End--

"This is great." Said a girl behind the house. She was holding a spy camera, which recorded the whole scene. After that, she runs away. That girl with a mask...I wonder who...

The next day, an innocent and geeky-looking girl, Noriko Narusegawa, makes her way to her class, almost late. She bumps into the good-looking Shotarou Hanabishi, known in their school not only as a campus heartthrob, but also because he's a rich guy, who owns a video website called Blue-Tube.


Now Noriko knew that Shoutaro had a girlfriend. But she was persistent and often talked to him during class breaks.

And then it happened. One day, Shoutaro’s girlfriend unexpectedly committed suicide. There was blood on the floor. She stabbed herself even before she hanged herself on the ceiling.

“Shoutaro…I’m sorry for your loss.”
“No, it’s okay. I was already planning to leave her anyway…she’s too much to handle. She’s always frantic and paranoid about things. It’s like she doesn’t trust me.”

And since that day, Shoutaro and Noriko had their relationship.

After quite some time, they both graduated from college and got married to each other. Both of them were very happy.

And then, a video uploader on Blue-Tube suddenly gained popularity due to her “masterpieces”, the “Tragic Death Scene” videos, which are original footages of hideous and dramatic crimes. The said uploader was a woman with a deep voice, who wears a unique mask that covers her face. She was called “Spycam Girl”.

Shoutaro didn’t like how she gained popularity, but there was no way to trace her, because she keeps using proxies wherever she goes.

Until, somewhere in a village, Ai Tachibana awakens from a long sleep. She goes back to her old town and hears these rumors about her being in a “video”.

“This…!” She saw her face in the video of the news. It was from Blue-Tube, uploaded by Spycam Girl. “Whoever that woman is…I will never forgive her for invading my privacy!”

But Ai also learned that Spycam Girl is still untraceable.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Shoutaro had died in the bathroom due to drowning. That was the press release.

Noriko since then inherited Shoutaro’s fortune of being the owner of Blue-Tube. She then spends a lot of time shopping, going to social parties, and even having plastic surgeries and such to make her appear more attractive. She looked happy.

But there was this one TDS video that appeared out of nowhere, that wasn’t Spycam Girl’s, but of another user’s. It was that of a woman who attempted to kill her husband to gain the inheritance. In the end of the video, she forces her husband to kill her to repent for everything. The husband then kills himself in the end.

Ai, while coming out of a coffee shop, received a small note given to her by a random child who passed by.

“Come, Ai…to Shotarou Hanabishi’s house.” The note said.

She was reluctant at first, but went into the mansion. The guards were expecting her. Being told to come to the guest room, Ai was ready for anything.

“Ai, you are very blessed. You are the first to find out about my true identity.”

“W-who is th…Noriko Narusegawa!? Shotarou’s wife?”

She was holding Spycam Girl’s mask.


Ai was shocked. “What do you mean?”

“I set up all of the crimes! I wanted to make good sceneries on the web! I…”

Ai was getting ready to slap her but Noriko stopped it. She hands her a gun.

“Now…be a good woman…and kill me.” Said Noriko.

But Ai was puzzled. Although she remembered that she also watched that particular last TDS video that wasn’t uploaded by Spycam Girl. She then assumes Noriko had watched it too.

“What are you waiting for? Click it! Your life will always be hell if you don’t end it here!”

With slight tears in her eyes, Ai pulled the trigger and shot Noriko so many times. Noriko fell dead on the floor, with some last words…


Later on, Ai discovers that there was a spy camera hanging on the door, with a note. She turns off the camera and reads the note.

“Please do me a favor and upload this video under my account. After that, change the password so that no one will be able to hack it. Read the instructions on the note beside my desktop.”

And so Ai did as Noriko wished.


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