Thursday, August 23, 2012


“Big brother!” I quickly shouted as I rushed home. He was outside of the door, waiting for me.

“Maria! Thank God you’re safe.” He said. “We were worried about you.”

I just came home from our retreat, and by God’s blessings, everything went well. Mom and dad had already prepared dinner and together with my brother, Marcus. He was happy as well.

But on that night, when I was fast asleep, I heard loud sounds from downstairs – the sound of guns and knives. I heard screaming and panicking, so I quickly ran towards it.

They were all murdered.

And behind me were all 5 delinquents who rested me to the floor. I couldn’t move an inch. I was scared…totally scared.

One of the guys, who looked too scared to watch everything, set the camera towards me. I think I know where this is going to. But I had nowhere to go. I was frail, weak, and everyone else is dead. I was in hell.

I don’t even have the guts to describe what they did to me, but it was pretty obvious, right?

And then, I was left in the house to die with the rest. My body was torn apart and I could still feel the force pushing my sanity away. My sight started to dim. I was going crazy. I…couldn’t…

“Whoa whoa, take it easy fellas. Don’t make things hard for me and watch them videos on private, ‘kay?”

“C’mon, Hisao! It’s not that bad! I mean, porn is everywhere! It’s an abundant industry in Japan!”

“Katsu is right. I bet even those hard-hearted policemen who raid video rental shops go hook up a random woman to the hotel every night.”

“Alright guys, I understand. But it is getting late, though, and I have to close the shop. You know we don’t want to –”

“T-the lights!”

“W-what happened?”

“Katsu! Kazuo!”

“Son of a…why can’t I see anything?”

“And the goddamn exit is locked.”

“Oh crap, we’re doomed!”

“Who is it?! Show yourself you coward!”

-sound of a blade-




“Oh oh! Here comes the best part!”

“Ahh yeah! That’s it! Yeah…oh….”

-beep beep-

“Arrrgh…that was the best part…oh hello?”

“W-what is this…those three bastards…all dead?!”

“Y-you mean, Hisao, Kazuo and Katsu?”

“I don’t care! I don’t care if it’s you! I get what I want! YOU HEAR ME!?”

“C-calm down, Hideaki…! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation to –”



“W-who are you…? A…woman? N-no way! Y-you’re…!?”


“Oh crap she’s got a scythe! I gotta run!”


“I-I’m sorry…Maria. I was…forced to do it. Katrina will be raped instead if I refused. Please…please forgive me…”


“N-no! I’m telling you the truth! Please…!”



And then…I was slapped by someone.

“You could’ve just listened to him! He was my only one! You only cared about yourself!”

It was Katrina, who grabbed my blade and cut herself to death. Blood spewed out of her mouth and onto my face. I had no emotions, but someone inside of me was crying.

And then, there was a woman in a witch’s clothing. She smiled at me, as if to mock me.

“Maria…you don’t understand anything yet about love. You’re not really a Christian if you’re that selfish, you know.”

“Men do not feel the pain of losing their virginity and innocence. They just chew on people from left to right. I don’t trust them. Ever.”

But I was embraced, and was taken back to my old room, which is now dark.

“My name is Lercy.” The woman said. “I can take you back in time to change all of this. I can help you save both Satoshi and Katrina. Because I know that is what your heart really desires. You were just blinded by darkness.”

“Really?” I thought. “Okay. I accept your offer.”

“H-hold on!” she said. “You gotta trade your weapon first. I like that scythe of yours. I have two guns here…much easier for you to carry. What do you say?”

“Hmm…I like them. We have a deal, Lercy.”

“Good! Now close your eyes…”


“I-I’m sorry…Maria. I was…forced to do it. Katrina will be raped instead if I refused. Please…please forgive me…”

“Satoshi…I forgive you.”

Satoshi started crying by the time I said those words.

 “R-really? Oh thank God! Thank God! I’m so happy. Thank you…”

“Just promise me one thing.”


“Please don’t let others know who killed your friends. Also, please burn the video so that no one gets cursed from watching it…ever again.”

“Of course!”

And then he ran off.

Much later, I saw Satoshi and Katrina in a coffee shop in the town. They looked happy.

And now, I have new weapons. But what on earth do I use them for?

Maybe…just maybe…if there will be more people like me out there…I could…


I was hugged by someone.


“You made it. I knew you can…my little sister.”

On the other hand…who knows! But one thing is for sure…

By now I have two outfits: a long-sleeved white dress, and a spaghetti pair with a C-cup bra. You might be laughing at that idea, though. I was flat-chested when I was still alive.

But yeah, so I lost my innocence. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t go back to God.

And to make sure I have control over everything, I was given a necklace by Lercy, which, when taken off, turns me into…an entity that men will die for.

Even thinking about it…is quite horrible.


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