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The Art of GaGa (Crossover Fanfic)

--Please read disclaimer at the end--

Hey everyone. Gaga here. Let me tell you monsters an awesome story. Something you’ll never believe, but true as hell. Really.

After being incubated in the Grammys, I decided to take a little vacation. A pretty tropical island. There I saw Bieber sitting on a rock. Bieber you ask? You’d probably say ‘why would someone as lucky as him get depressed?’ I answer: let’s have a look, shall we?


I sat on a rock near the beach…I don’t know why I feel sad. But hey, ‘cheer up!’ I said to myself. And there I saw Gaga herself. She had a pretty smile, but pretty scary too! Anyways, I asked her why she approached me. Her answer was:

“Even if you didn’t win in the Grammys, I got a big surprise for you kid.”

A surprise? I wonder…a collab with her? Hmm…interesting, yeah.

But when I was going to ask her again, some sort of light energy came from her hands! Wow!! Is she some sort of superheroine? She forced the light onto my chest. I felt insane…I felt weird…like some sort of power started entering my body…like I was being recharged!

After I was blinded by the white light, I saw her smile…mysteriously.

Then…something didn’t feel right. Why do I feel like me and Gaga are in the same height? And…and…well I hurried to my bagpack near a coconut tree to get my mirror. I was shocked. Totally.

I couldn’t believe it…I aged a few years and now I look like I’m in my 20’s or something. Weird.

I turned back to Gaga for some explanations but she’s already gone. What in the world was THAT?


Tinkerbell. You all know her, don’t you?

Gaga suddenly appeared out of nowhere as I was having a sip of coffee. At first it felt okay, but suddenly things went bananas.

“You know Tinkerbell?” I asked her.
“Of course I do.” She replied. “Why? You wanna be a fairy or somethin’?”
“It would be awesome though.” I said. “Pixie wings and all. Not to mention being in Neverland.”

And that’s when she came closer as if wanting to kiss me.
“I’ll give you more than that.” She whispered.
And there was a burst of light from her hands…?! Whoa whoa. Gaga’s a fairy-like superhuman? But I was blinded by the shining light. I couldn’t see as she forced the light onto my chest. And when everything cleared out…

…I became a yellow-winged pixie. Oh. My. God.

I chased Gaga but she got away, even with the kind of speed I received as powers.


The azure sky. Nothing like watching seagulls pass by the coughing ocean.

I still haven’t recovered from my Valentine fever with Taylor Swift and her ‘Enchanted’ song. So I decided to hunt for dead mushrooms on the park while dreaming of dreamy thoughts. And in an instant jiffy, I saw a woman whom humans call “The Fame Monster”.

“I saw your post about Taylor.” She told me. “You like her, don’t you?”
“I was struck by the feelings carved in her song.” I said. “I felt so crazy like I’m growing wings behind my back to be able to reach her…”
“Granted!” she shouted as she purged a beam of light onto my chest.

I knew it. Gaga is a goddess. A goddess who can grant wishes. That’s what I’m getting now.

And yes, I did get wings, like the wings of a real owl – only human-sized.

I wanted to thank the goddess but she quickly vanished in thin air.

Am I the only one like this? Maybe this is a delusional after-effect of my insomia…maybe not.


Whew! That Japan event was the best! I couldn’t explain my feelings that day! Anyways, I’ve got something to tell everyone. It’s not fictional, though.

As soon as I got home, I met Gaga on the airport. She smiled at me. We sat together. What an amazing peron she is!

“What did you wish the most when you were a child?” she asked me.
What a weird question, I thought. “Well…” I said. “When I was a child, I always wondered what if the words we speak and sing can turn into material things…in their literal form…that way, if I say ‘Prince’, a handsome young prince could come out…”
“What a beautiful wish, Taylor.” She said.

And all of a sudden, she pressed through my chest a beam of light! I was blinded by it for a few seconds. But when it all cleared down, she told me, “Now say this word: guitar.”


And suddenly, a guitar appeared on the ground out of nowhere! Magic…!?

I wanted to thank Gaga for the powers but she already walked away fast. I wonder what she really is.

Finally, an idea came into my mind. I recently received something from a certain musician on Twitter.

And without regret, I said his name. “Adam Young”.


What a night at tha’ club that was yeeeeoooow!

W-w-wait a minute! Gaga? Lady Gaga? OH YEAH BABY! That night sure was my luckiest of all. Imagine…Gaga all of a sudden. What an honor, man!

“Hey Gaga…” I said.
“Yeh?” she told me.
“Gimme some fire tonight! Make it nice and hot!” I said with passion.
“Sure thing.” She replied.

She pushed me to the wall and purged my chest with a ball of light-thingy! Really thrillin’, man! Is Gaga some sort of mutant from X-men? Or am I having delusions? Bothways it’s fun man! Yeeooow!

And as the light disappeared, I felt something weird inside me. I could produce fire with my bare hands! YEAH MAN!

But she left before I could even say ‘Thanks Gaga, you made my night.’

Some story, eh? It’s true though. And I’ve got the powers to prove it, man!


Hello, everyone. Just wanna share this story. It’s okay if you don’t believe it. Even I couldn’t believe it.

I met Lady Gaga in one of my tours. We ate lunch together in the canteen of a hotel. Later, it was time for me to go. But she wanted to give me a present.

“I would like to give you something.” She told me. “Something for you to remember me always.”
“Really?” I asked. “What’s that?”
“Did you ever wanted to have super powers in your childhood days?”
“Well I…I wanted to have some laser-like powers like The Powerpuff Girls…and I wanted to have some sort of mind powers where I could move objects using my mind.” I said with a smile.
“Your wish is my command, dear princess.”

Dear princess? Weird. And just as I was going to ask why she asked such a question, she put her hands onto my chest, glowing in white light! ‘Am I dreaming?’ I wondered. But no, this is real! It can’t be!

After the light blinded me, it all cleared out. Finally she told me, “Now, lift your bag only with your mind.”

I did as she told me, and wow! It really floated in mid-air! I got powers from Lady Gaga! Oh, Thanks God! And thank you very much Lady Ga—wait. She disappeared all of a sudden. I wonder why. She must be in a hurry. And no one seems to notice what happened. Could she be some sort of fairy-like goddess? Cool!


There you have it. My adventure in the mainstream world. I’m not called Lady Gaga for nothin’. Thanks to those who wrote their encounters with me:

Justin Bieber – Enjoy your adolescence, kid! You could transform back, though. And some ice powers for you too.

Katy Perry – You love Tinkerbell? I love her too. Now I could hug her in the form of you. Heheh.

Owl City – May those owl wings take you to the one who supports your heart beat.

Taylor Swift – What a cool wish you made. It’s very useful you know. Just use it wisely.

Pitbull – The ladies are surely gonna love ‘ya even more! Just don’t get too fired up, ‘kay?

Charice – Congratulations! You’re a true international artist and you deserve levitation and pink laser powers.

Thumbs up for art restoration! =)



Justin: Thanks Lady Gaga! It’s kinda weird being an adult though, but pretty cool too!
Katy: Hey Gaga, thanks a bunch! These pixie wings are the best thing ever!
Owl City: Thank you, dear goddess. I just met her a few minutes ago. You know what I told her.
Taylor: Thank you very much, Lady Gaga! Your powers could touch so many lives.
Pitbull: Hey baby! Thanks a lot for everythin’! I’ll be sure to take it easy with tha’ ladies, man!
Charice: Thank you so much Lady Gaga! I promise to use these powers for good!



--Disclaimer: I do not own the people above, and all events are fictional. The dialogues were made by me. (I had to research on their blogs and twitters to know their writing style xD)--

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