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Truth and Unification

The following is a collection of what happened to everyone after the events of 5 CCB members (including me, Debug) were rescued from a dream-like world, before a “unification process” and afterwards.

Part 1: Knowing our Reincarnations
As Null said before to us, when we die, we are more likely to recall our past incarnations. So as I asked everybody when they finally remembered their past (including me), I came up with this list so far:

·         Broken:
o   Kohaku (琥珀), 8 years old, Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan. He was one of Eiji / Aji’s students. Oh by the way, Aji is also a Murasaki Immortal, like me.
o   Juan Miguel Gomez, 22 years old, Philippine-Spanish Era. He used to work with known novelist and national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal.
·         Format:
o   Annaliese Kluge, 16 years old, Beethoven’s Era, Germany. She was a copyist, or a person who makes copies of a musical score of a composer, because there was no copying machines or printing presses yet back then.
·         Null:
o   Ir Itttrec, Loic. He reveals to us that he has two other siblings and that they originally came from an alien planet called Loic.
o   Icnoyotl , Aztec Era, South America.
o   Moto () [Soul Fragment], Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan. He discovers that he has a portion of Moto’s soul. Aji is Moto’s brother who “perishes” due to accidentally going against his Immortality contract.
o   Oh and another added thing: Null also revealed that his real name is Nang Myung Ki (낭뮹기) and he was really a half-American half-Korean who ran away from home and killed his parents. We eventually found his lost siblings when they came unexpectedly to the club’s HQ (probably contacted by Null himself).
·         Debug (me):
o   Joan of Arc (Jeanne d’Arc), England vs. France Era, France. Yes, I was actually the French heroine who died for her country. I couldn’t believe it, but it was there. My memories of being burned by my enemies. But oh well.
o   Madoka (円香), Three Goddess’ Era, Ancient Japan. I was one of Minako / Ena’s students, as Murasaki-sama told me. Ms. Minako is Aji’s fiancée.
·         Filter:
o   Judas Iscariot, Jesus Christ Era, Ancient Israel. It’s pretty odd and unlikely, because Filter was a Roman Catholic who believed in God and Jesus Christ, despite being a free vampire. But the good thing is that Jesus Christ appeared to both of us and He explained that Filter didn’t do anything wrong; he just fulfilled God’s plan. We were relieved.
·         Minako:
o   Ena, Three Goddess Era, Ancient Japan. Yes, she is one of the three famous Goddesses, and she is the Goddess of time-travelling.
·         Miki (Broken’s sister):
o   Uriya, Three Goddess Era, Ancient Japan. She is the Goddess of data manipulation, and revealed herself to be the author of Data Space Hack.
·         Min Ji (Null’s real sister)
o   Mer Attyyc, Loic. She’s also a sibling of Null in Loic.
o   Hamid Atika, Saudi Arabia. She worked there as a prostitute.
o   (Possibly) Junko Furuta, Japan. I’ve heard about this woman’s case, and I still can’t believe she reincarnated as a Korean woman. I…don’t know what to say about this though.
·         Mun Hi (Null’s brother)
o   Ac Cwaggr, Loic. He’s also a sibling of Null in Loic.
o   One of Houdini’s male assistants. Not many details were given on this though.

Added to this, we were also given by Null and Miki Data Hack codes to be able to transform into our past incarnation forms. I’m glad to actually be a bit taller in my Joan of Arc form though. Heheh.

Part 2: Giant Octopus and Darkness Takeovers

A giant octopus was spotted on the city, and many Zerytes (and other races like Immortals and the like) battled this monster, that was said to have come from the impending darkness in the world. Murasaki-sama said that we need to hurry on with the “unification / integration” process to get rid of these kinds of evil easily, as the Earth’s inhabitants are slowly completely giving into the darkness.

There was also a time when ‘Darkness Takeovers’ attack us. It’s like an invitation to the darkness in which Zerytes (like me) lose their minds when they get depressed and endlessly attack others. The only way to stop a takeover is to soothe the affected Zeryte by a similar Zeryte, especially one who is close to that person. When Filter had a takeover, I made him calm down by transforming to my other form ‘Time traveler Debug’ (an older version of me, since time travelers can shape-shift too), seducing him, and kissing him, letting him know that I’m always there for him. My other colleagues couldn’t do anything because he had the ability to disable data hack commands from Zerytes. But I was also a Time Traveler and an Immortal, so I could do more.

Part 3: Broken’s Real Past

This has to be the saddest thing that I’ve ever heard from anyone. It’s about Broken’s past.

Miki revealed to all of us that Data Space Hack can actually be used not just to alter physical reality and appearances, but also to alter memories. Broken was not really born in 1990; he was born in 2003, and the rest of his memories were altered by Miki, with the help of Ena / Minako as a time-traveler. In the non-Data-hacked reality also, Null was the real boyfriend of Format, but decided to break up because of Null’s plan of upbringing Broken as a “member” of the “integration” process, which is still unclear to me. Format’s memories were also manipulated, but when she and Broken remembered everything, it was a very sad scene. I don’t have the words to describe it.

Murasaki-sama then explained the integration process. It was a plan to clean up the Supernatural System, or the server that enables us to be Zerytes, Immortals, or whatever. It was already full of flaws stemming from people who use it for evil plans and schemes. The “members” or communicators of the ritual would be me, Broken and Aji, because we are the only three surviving souls of the Ancient Japan era, and we have almost the same kind of connective power as the Three Goddesses. But with Broken learning the truth…I don’t know…

Null volunteered though, because he holds a part of Moto’s soul, and Moto was also from that era. But he says that it doesn’t guarantee that it will work or if he will be safe, because he isn’t from the era, only Moto is.

Part 4: Unification / Integration Process

On that morning of the integration process, I was dressed up in a yukata, and so was Aji-kun. But Broken was nowhere to be found. I guess Null would be the one to take his place.

However, Murasaki said to wait a little longer.
Meanwhile, I saw a guy come out of the car. He wore white traditional Japanese clothes. It was Broken…he finally made it.

“I’m ready to do this. I accept everything…” he said. I could never forget those words…I felt so sorry for him…but he was smiling on that day, like nothing happened.

And so the ritual began. We became mediums to the Ancient Japan era by recalling our past lives there. Energy was gathered from that era to “refresh” the system back to its old, fresh state, eliminating flaws and evil stuff. After it was done, Murasaki told us that we should do this every thousand years.

Part 5: Beginning of Project Moto

Under the guidance of Murasaki-sama, Null began his solo project of attempting to resurrect Moto, using his own soul fragment of him, and collecting as many fragments as he can from around the world. It was explained that Moto’s soul only became fragmented (back then people thought that these souls perish in existence). “Fragmented” means that the soul's fragments will scatter all through the world, thus rendering his or her existence almost impossible. The only way to put the person together is by using Hexacode manipulation, which only Null and his siblings are capable of, although, the Three Goddesses know a bit of it too, especially Miki.

Part 6: Meeting Other Zerytes and Races

Things started to get casual as we met different Zerytes and races which are all covered and supported by this ‘Supernatural System’. We also learned a lot from them.

Oh and another added thing: Broken once had a teddy bear named Poko on his original reality. He requested his sister (who is the Data Hack Master) to bring him to life as his brother. She agreed. He is now called Hideki Kurobu, and a part of CCB. Miki also became part of the club along with him.

Also, because Broken discovered his original age as a young boy, he was granted by Null a special form to transform himself into his old form as a young boy, and back to a grown-up. Null also gave Filter a form similar to his appearance before he became a free vampire, much like a Zeryte. It was when he was hit by a speeding vehicle and was turned into a free vampire by his brother, Dante.

Part 7: Shedding a Light on the Supernatural System

Now, we learned a lot from Null about the Supernatural System. It was built by Null and his siblings (along with the Three Goddesses) when they first landed on earth. It allows different special people (e.g. Hexa-Manipulators, Murasaki Immortals, Zerytes, IMs, and others) to manipulate matter and existences. The supported races were:
  • Goddess
  • Murasaki Immortal
  • Zeryte
  • Free Vampire
  • Time Traveler
  • Creator
  • Crafter
  • IM
  • Hexa-Manipulator
  • Okami Tribe
Part 8: Reunion of Aji and Moto

Finally, Project Moto comes to an end, and Null is finally able to piece the fragments of Moto’s soul together and process it through Hexacode. He was helped by Murasaki-sama though, who seems to have some affection towards Moto, I suspect. Heheh.

I remembered one time; Aji was able to communicate with his brother but only faintly. The moment showed how much their brotherhood was still thicker than water and it was the first time Aji showed his emotional side for his brother after almost a hundred years.

It was a long and delicate process, but after a few months, Moto/Takeshi (Takeshi Tadashi is his modern era name, just as Aji’s modern era name is Eiji Murakata) was back and was able to see his brother again. Aji missed him so much and the two forgave each other. I was so happy for them!

From here on, the world governed by the Supernatural System rarely encountered flaws. Everyone seemed happier than before.

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