Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Short Film

My name is Drew Jeremy Jepsen. No, I am not related to the singer of “Call Me Maybe” – we just share the same surname by coincidence.

As you are reading this, I am probably already dead by now; I’m writing this as fast as I can while I can still breathe. I’m going to tell you everything that happened.

It was 7 in the evening and I was home alone. I saw this video on YouTube called “A Short Film” while munching some Lays and drinking Coke. I don’t really like short films, but things were getting boring these days so I thought I tried one of them. 

The first scene of the video was a piano with a centipede on the top. It seemed scary and disturbing for me because it was black and white with too much contrast. But I’m pretty much used to horror genres and stuff, so it was okay.

“Hello everyone. My name is Marcos Cuarez, and as you are watching this video, I will slowly reveal my secrets and my story when I was still in this world.”
His name resounded like a familiar ringtone in my ears. Where could I have heard his name from?

“I had a stepbrother who is the same age as me (19 years old), and whom I play counterstrike with so many times. We would often laugh at each other’s mistakes and have fun all day. But that all changed pretty soon.”

The video wasn’t a short film at all; it was only a still picture of the piano and the centipede. But somehow, I feel like the picture moves a bit. Or am I having delusions?

“My brother got jealous of me overtime. I was getting so many good hits at the game that I feel like he didn’t seem to care about me anymore when we lived together.”

Suddenly, I felt a certain pain inside my head and my heart. I couldn’t explain it very well, but it really hurts like hell back then.

“On one day that he lost against me, he ran to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed me in the heart. Not only that, he turned on the gas range and burned my face. It was horrible.”

I was sweating so much and gasping for my breath. I feel like I’m inside the story itself.
“He wrestled me and broke my arms and legs, because he was older and stronger than me. Afterwards, he kept swinging the knife and I received so many cuts and wounds.”

My nose was bleeding at that time, and I had to stop it with a tissue. I became paranoid and anxious; I wanted to turn off the laptop but I couldn’t. I wanted to know what else happened.

“And at that final moment, he took dad’s hunting gun from the wall and fired it on my head. I died instantly, with blood spewing out of my mouth and eyes.”

I froze to death at that moment. I hit the power button on my laptop and strangely, it didn’t turn off! What the hell? This is a nightmare! 

“He knelt down and cried, and panicked. He ran towards the door and outside of the house. I still saw him as he got ran over by a car, though I did not know anymore if he is still alive or not but…”

The video stopped. I noticed the duration of the video: it was 6:66 in length. I was doomed, for sure.

Suddenly I heard a noise outside of our house; it sounded like a person who was hit by a car. I went over to the front yard and found a gun on the ground. It was a hunting gun.
As soon as I picked it up, everything made sense now. I remembered everything now. When suddenly…

I saw his face in the middle of the darkness. I thought of nothing else but to shoot him with the gun. I fired as many bullets as I can. I wanted him to get away from me but he won’t disappear. I’ve had enough of this. Tears were falling from my eyes as I pull the trigger so many times.

But on the last shot, I discovered that I was the one who was hit. I fell to the ground and still saw him as he came in closer. He picked me up all the way to my room as I was gasping for breath. The laptop was still on, and it showed my desktop, which is a picture of cute little kittens. Then, he opened Microsoft Word and told me to type everything that happened. This is what you are reading right now.

To you who read this story, you’d better believe it. He will continue to come at people who are sore losers in video games or in any sport or contest. And when he does, you will regret everything you have done to the person you have taken a grudge on. But how am I able to tell you all of this?

Because he is my stepbrother.


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