Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bongcheon Epilogue

After the incident in Bongcheon-Dong, where I passed out after getting attacked by the ghost woman, I found myself more curious than scared when I heard about her case. So I’ve decided to do some research on my own.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Song Mi-Cha, a student who lives around the apartments in Bongcheon-Dong, where the incident happened.

Anyway, from what I found out from the residents and her former apartment neighbors, the woman’s full name was Cho Eun-Jung, whose husband was actually an abusive man and always physically threatens her. It was reported that this man only framed Mrs. Cho to look like she was cheating just to get the custody of their daughter. The case ended badly for her, so she decided to commit suicide.

The neighbors also say that she was already in a state of depression even during the time she was being abused.

Luckily, I got the permission to search around the room where she once stayed. It was filled with her stuff, and on the table, there was a picture of a little girl, presumably her daughter, with the name at the back of the photo: “Cho Eun-Ae”.

I felt so sorry for her. She just wanted her baby back, but I don’t know where to look. The neighbors said that after Mrs. Cho committed suicide, the husband was nowhere to be found.

Later on, I got tired and went outside on that night because it was getting dark. But on my way, there was a child walking towards me. She was crying and seemed familiar to me.

“Where’s my mommy?” She approached me while wiping tears. She seems to be running away from someone, as I see someone catching up with her.

It was a man. I bet this man was Mrs. Cho’s husband.

“Come here, little sugar. Your daddy’s worried about you.” he said in a grim tone.

The poor girl, Eun-Ae was crying so hard. I kept her safe with me and ran off from the man. I heard gunshots behind me, which scared me so hard. But I kept running with her.

And out of nowhere, a woman stood in front of us. It was her. It was Mrs. Cho.

“Y-you!!” said the man. “You…son of a…I thought you were dead!” And he pulls the trigger towards the woman, but it didn’t work. Instead, he was the one who was bleeding.

I was in total shock, but this is what had to be done. I had to give justice over her suicide and most importantly, get her daughter back to her.

And then the two reunited.

“Mommy?” said Eun-Ae.

“Eun-Ae! I’m so glad you’re okay!” said Mrs. Cho, or rather, Eun-Jung.

I was a bit sweaty with nervousness, but I smiled to tears during that moment. And then, she turned around and looked at me. I was a bit freaked out but when I saw her smiling, that all changed.

“Thank you for bringing back my baby to me, little girl.” she said.

“Uhm…you’re welcome! I just…feel sorry about both of you, so I’ve decided to help out.” I said.

After that, she magically transformed herself back to a normal woman, with straight limbs and more formal clothes. Her hair is also fixed and let down. She was no longer bloody, but she explained that she was still dead after that.

And after having some conversations with her along the way, she took me home, and we promised to meet again sometime, when I’m not busy, so I can play along with her daughter.

Finally, the century-long South Korean urban legend comes to an end. And I’m glad to take part of it in a good way, to take away the misunderstanding.


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