Friday, September 7, 2012

Elemental Girls

Once upon a time in the community of Houra, in the islands of Enidouka, there were four stepsisters known as the Elemental Girls (fujyohoco kanayuu) who controlled the four elements and lived together in a house. Their names were Chiviko Zarukame (water / ice), Mei Czarshu (fire / blossoms), Kitchie Aomaxiang (nature / earth), and Donna Mmeikayu (light, celestial matter).

One day, they went out of town and ate at a noodle shop. They’ve decided to play a game and put a small jewel into one of the bowls. And then, they asked the waitress to shuffle the bowls, and whoever eats the jewel (according to Enidoukan tradition) will have luck in love life. But as they have gulped down the soup, there was an explosion, and they all got separated because of a war between Houra and the neighboring town Kasaguru.

Mei regained conscious after the smoke and went on to find the girls but there were too many people in the streets already because of the war. So instead of searching for them, she goes back home. But when she used the key…

“Oh no! The jewel that was supposed to be in the key is missing! It can’t work without the jewel because our house is magic-activated!” she said. “Where could it have—”

And then, she remembered the jewel that she had the waitress put in one of the noodles.

“Then…who ate it?”

She went back to town, in search of any of the girls. The first one she encounters was Chiviko.
“I have to open the house…otherwise we will all lose our magic powers if we stay too long with the ordinary humans…”

Mei’s psyche darkens and with her fire powers, she burns down her stepsister to death, as Chiviko was a weak person. She then picks up a pocket knife in her pocket and slashes Chiviko’s stomach, but the jewel wasn’t there.

“Oh okay then…two girls left…”

She then saw Kitchie struggling for air like her. They fought to the end but Kitchie ended up like Chiviko too.

“Mei…how could you…”

“I’m sorry Kitchie…ehehehehehe…hahaha!”

But Kitchie didn’t eat the jewel either.

The last one was Donna, and she ended up like the two previous girls, but didn’t have the jewel either. On the other hand, Mei was already at the verge of losing her breath completely because she and her stepsisters cannot survive fully in the human world without a recharge from their magic-powered house.

“No…” Mei was crying, in a psychotic, dark tone. “No…it was…me…”

She was already near her house when she stabbed herself and finally found the missing jewel. She put it on her key and it finally opened the door.

But unfortunately, as the door opened, she breathed her last, and was not able to get in anyway.


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