Thursday, September 27, 2012


It was late at night, and I was visiting Madrid. I went into this club because I got hungry and wanted some good time. But a surprise caught me as I entered the doorway.

It was a mansion inside.

I thought it was some sort of illusion, but I was sure that the carpets and walls were real. And, there was nobody around, except that the lights suddenly opened, and I heard a woman’s voice.

“Greetings, visitor. My name is Rosa and you shall now play my game. It is your only way to either death or freedom. Simply surpass the challenges that await you around this mansion and meet me on the Master’s Bedroom. Good luck.”

And after hearing those words, I fell through a trap door which I was actually standing on. I dropped into an underground river, or more like a sewer. I swam for my life as I got away from a crocodile that chased me, and I climbed up a ladder to what seems to be the first floor.

There were four boxes, and I found a key on each one, but only one of the keys fit through the door, and I had to hurry, because water was leaking out of the ceiling. I was glad to have made it outside of the door, with sweat and water all over my face. I then walk towards the hallway near the stairs, but the stairs was blocked.

I came across a room with a talking doll – a very creepy talking doll that asked “How many times do you want to stab me?”

What a weird question, I thought. I didn’t know what to answer, so I went back to the last room, but it was locked. But on the door, there was a roman numeral 4 (IV) on a piece of paper that was stuck to it. I gave the doll my answer and it finally opened the way to the next floor – the second floor.

On this floor, I ended up trapped inside a room filled with picture frames with blank pictures, and on the floor were puzzle pieces that seemingly fit on each of the three frames. I solved them one by one.

On the first one, it formed a picture of a brown comb, like one that was built from honey wax. And as I put the last piece on it, a drawer opened and I saw a bunch of medical certificates that came from a mental institution that had Rosa’s name on it, but the surname was erased so much that I couldn’t read it. Alongside were some contracts pertaining to modeling, also presumably hers. And on the deepest part of the drawer, I found the key towards outside.

But I didn’t open the door right away; something was bugging my conscience, and telling me that I should solve all three puzzles, so I did.

When I solved the second puzzle, which revealed a picture of a lipstick in pink to magenta color, the drawer revealed to me a medium-sized autographed picture of a woman sitting in a field of roses. I also assume that this woman is Rosa, the one behind all of this.

So with the two clues that I found…is she a model who had some mental issues? I wonder.
And on the last puzzle that revealed a picture of a red rose (which matches her name), I saw a diary on the drawer. Without regret, I opened it, because at some point, my conscience tells me that I should read it.

I read the last few pages, which were covered in blood stains. I also noticed a bunch of ‘white shards’ on the edges of the diary. All of the years stated that she wrote this on 1983.

January 26th, Wednesday
          Everybody told me to stop crying, so I carved off my eyelids with a small shaving blade.

January 27th, Thursday
          Everybody thinks I’m lazy, so I burned my left hand on the stove.

January 28th, Friday
          Everybody thinks I’m crazy, so I cut my hair in uneven lengths.

January 29th, Saturday
          Everybody is driving me crazy, so I killed them all.

January 30th, Sunday
          Everybody is gone, so I set many traps and cut myself to death.

To you, who read my diary, thank you. Society is a liar, and I have lived a life of paper roses.

I trembled and shook as I read every line on the diary. I couldn’t stand it, but it was there. So…she’s dead? I’m playing a game with a ghost? This is…ridiculous.

But I went on ahead, opened the door, and went outside to find the Master’s Bedroom.

Just then, I got chased by a tractor that chased me towards the farthest end. Good thing, I climbed a ladder to the upper floor. This is, presumably, the third floor. I hoped it was the last.

And yes, it was. I saw a bunch of rooms and looked for the Master’s Bedroom. Some rooms revealed stuffed toys and more of those ‘white shards’ from the diary. And at the farthest end, I found the Master’s Bedroom and opened the door.

The room was dark but I was brave. I knew Rosa is somewhere inside. And then, I heard a voice, her voice, once again.

“Answer these questions. First, do you believe that I’m a ghost?”

I didn’t know what to answer, but something is telling me she really did commit suicide and that the notes were real, and she was really depressed.


“Good. Second, do you believe that I’m crazy?”
I didn’t want to offend her, but judging from the type of personality she seems to be portraying, she wants people to be direct to her.


“Good. Now, finally, I give you this question. Do you want me to gouge your eyes out?”

I trembled in fear as I heard those words. I wanted to say no immediately, but I get the feeling that she might just be testing me.

I also smell blood around the room, even if I couldn’t see anything. I get the feeling she has gouged many eyes before.

So I answered:


And then, the lights opened and revealed her figure. She was a blonde-haired woman (just as the picture from the puzzle drawers revealed) who cut her hair in uneven lengths, had a burnt hand, and her eyelids and the bottom of her eyes had been shaved and still bloody. She looked pale, like a Zombie, but stood there, smiling at me.

“Congratulations. You are the first person to pass my test.” she said with a smile and slight tears in her eyes. It was mixing with the blood from her wounds.

And then, I saw all of the dead corpses around us. Their eyes were bleeding and gouged out, and most of them are actually women like her.

“Why…did you do all of this?” I asked her.

“Because…I was lonely; no one understood me. I always stood there and they would judge me. My life had always been…like this.”

I saw the pain in her eyes. I felt like she was a young child who was neglected by her parents. And gently, I hugged her.

“Rosa…you don’t have to be lonely anymore. I’ll be here for you if you need someone.”

“R-really?” she said, wiping her tears. “Thank you…thank you so much!”

And in the blink of an eye, the mansion started disappearing and we were transported outside, to see the mansion revealing the ruins of an old mansion, the original one, her home that was destroyed by time.

She explained to me that even though she is already dead, she can make herself be like a human being and still live in this world, so she needed a partner. And that is where I probably came in for.

After rescuing her, me and Rosa had our first date at a real club that sold coffee, since she loved coffee so much, as she said.
“Thank you Aron, for rescuing me. I hope there are others like me out there who can be rescued too.” she said to me.


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