Thursday, September 13, 2012


Once upon a time, there were three Enidoukan warriors who controlled celestial bodies. They were known as Di-Soa (Three Stars). Their names were Yozu Maichin, Jay Kinamoto and Eiko Zeuchun.
They were travelling through different planets other than the Earth, and on the planet Jupiter, they found a lonely, but powerful warrior. He called himself Jason Hupiterum.

“So…you want to challenge me, huh? Jason said arrogantly.

“Whoa whoa.” Yozu said calmly. “We’re not here to pick up a fight. We just want to know why such a human like you is here and—”

“Human?” Jason laughed. “No…I’m no longer human. I’m…”

And then he summons a bright light and charges it towards Yozu’s team. But they were able to dodge.

“You’re clearly a human being…” Yozu said. “Maybe you just got…powers…like us…”

But Jason kept attacking. Yozu had no choice but to fight him, and told Jay and Eiko to step aside.

“I can read through your mind.” Yozu said. “You are longing for your lost friends, who have probably been in another planet, lost like you. Well, don’t worry if you’re not that strong yet…we can help you find them.”

“NO!” Jason said. “You’re just like them!”

“I understand how many aliens who crossed our galaxy have fooled you, but I assure you, we are humans like you. We’ll get you back to Earth with your missing friends. If you just let us…”

But Jason was too fire up, so Yozu did something. He performed a spell which froze Jason’s body and helped him calm down.

“W-what happened?” said Eiko.

“What’s that coming out of Jason’s body? Black aura?” Jay noticed.

Yozu then released Jason from the spell and left him unconscious. “Yup, pretty much. He was probably consumed by the dark auras of the planet.”

“Dark auras?” asked Eiko.

“You see, every planet in our Solar System has dark auras which pull the dark side of a person when he or she is in negative emotions. Jason was missing his friends but cannot fly outside of the planet for an unknown reason, despite his powers.”

“But what can you tell us about Jason’s past?” asked Jay. “After all, you can read minds, right?”

“Right, I’ll tell you.” said Yozu. “Jason and his friends were once humans from Earth like us, but they were not from Enidouka, but from America. They were abducted by aliens, injected with superhuman powers (except flying) and while they were unconscious, they were dropped into different planets, where they probably eventually grew up. Jason got stuck here in Jupiter.”

“So now we have to look for his friends in other planets?” asked Jay.

“Apparently yes.”

And so the three carried Jason back to their glass spaceship powered with Enidoukan magic.

Meanwhile, they found their way to Neptune, and met a girl named Ethel Neptunis. She was also possessed by the black aura, just like Jason.

“Eiko, go fight her and render her unconscious. She must be one of Jason’s friends.” said Yozu to Eiko.

“Oh okay!” said Eiko and she prepares for battle.

Ethel was quite powerful, but with Eiko’s overwhelming defense and concentration, she was able to capture Ethel.

“It looks like there were three of them,” said Eiko. “She told me about them. We have one more guy to take care of.”

“Whoa, a guy?” said Jay. “Let me handle him! I haven’t experienced battle yet.”

“Oh okay.” said Yozu, and then the group left with an unconscious Ethel.

Their last destination was Saturn, because they found nothing on Pluto and Uranus. On Saturn, there was a tall guy named Zachary Saturner. It was Jay’s turn for action.

“Alright Zacky, bring it on!” he shouted.

Now both Zach and Jay are good at brawling and stuff, so they are a perfect match. But Jay was victorious.

“I’ve finished reading all of their memories.” said Yozu. “I know now where we should return them.”

And so the group flew back to Earth, to a place in USA called Mississipi. When the three “Solar Stormers” (as Yozu called them) have awakened, they were happy to have reunited and be back to their home.

“Looks like time really flew by.” said Jason.
“Yeah, we’re all grown-ups now, aside from our powers.” said Zach.
“But hey, at least we’re still going to be together forever.” said Ethel.

It also turns out that their surnames were just given to them by the aliens, implanted into their memories. However, their memories of Earth were too strong for the aliens to erase, so they remembered each other.

After they settled down on their old house (with their parents), they said goodbye to Yozu’s group.

“It’s time to head home guys.” said Yozu.
“Oh, I can’t wait to have a nice bath!” said Eiko.
“Yeah, and a good meal too! All that travelling got me exhausted!” said Jay.

But even after that, Yozu’s group, the Three Stars, gave Jason and his siblings, access to Enidouka with a portal on their backyard, so they can see each other from time to time.


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