Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adventures of Heai Madrid

It was a sunny afternoon somewhere in Marin County, California. Tracy Melbourne was driving her car home, and in it was her younger brother, Travis, who just woke up from a coma a few days ago.

But due to being awake for a long time during the nights when she struggled under the hands of a madman, she began to feel sleepy. She couldn't focus on the road anymore.

And then there was a speeding motorcycle that overtook them. It crashed on the speeding train that was right in front of them.

They went in to the scene to check out the investigation and who died. Tracy and Travis had figured out that if it weren't for the motorcycle, Tracy wouldn't have noticed that a train was passing by and going to hit them ahead.

But as they uncovered the corpse of the accident, it was an unknown homosexual who rode the motorcycle. But when they looked at him again, the world seemed upside down.

A few days ago...

Heai Madrid and his troop of homosexual friends tried robbing a bank. But unfortunately, the police quickly busted in and killed almost all of them. During the chase, Heai was caught and saved by a mysterious man wrapped with bandages in his head and hands; dark clothes, and wore shades.

He introduced himself as Carlos Carazza.

Still panting from the chase, Heai thanked Carlos for saving him, and asked of him what he wants as an exchange gift. Carlos only said these words:

"Love me, and stay with me even after death."

Confused but slightly convinced, Heai accepts the offer. How did Carlos know that Heai was gay? These thoughts raced through Heai's head as the man gives 'her' a torrid kiss.

Then Carlos gave him a cross necklace. Heai wore it with delight.

"Yo Carlos dude, I dunno what ya really be lookin' like, but I think you've got some appeal in ya."

Later on, they make their escape on Carlos' motorbike.

A few days later, they were passing through the city. They suddenly encounter a red car. Carlos seemed to be amused at what he saw, like it was very familiar to him. Then Heai pointed ahead; there was a speeding train, and the car's driver doesn't seem to notice.

"Looks like she's drunk or somethin'." said Heai.

"I want to save that car from being hit." said Carlos.

"W-what do you mean?"

But Carlos only smiled.

Their motorbike went full speed, overtaking the car. In the midst of the terminal velocity, Carlos and Heai's memories flashed back onto each other.

Carlos' father was killed by a man named Herald, and was only left with his mother to take care of him. This caused him to engage in drugs, sex, crime, and all other mischief in life.

And later on, he abused his siblings-in-law and killed both his mother, and his mother's new husband.

On the other hand, Heai's father was revealed to be the one who killed Carlos' father. Heai also grew up with a single mother. But this mother of his was a drunkard and would usually nag and physically abuse him. Heai got fed up with the scenario and murdered her too. He ran away and changed his identity, becoming part of a crime syndicate. Formerly named Samuel Madrid, he was now known as Heai Madrid.

"So that's your life, huh?" said Heai. "Sorry about my father. I also heard from mom long ago that he's a jackass dude and always into cocaine."

There was one more question in Heai's mind.

"Your story seemed a little...familiar. I mean, c'mon, everybody in Marin County heard of that pedophile convict who got his final judgment when he was rammed by a car the other night. So I was wondering..."

" can't be..."

"But even so, I won't run away. I'll save them with you."

Back at the scene of the accident, Travis and Tracy couldn't believe their eyes.

The victim, identified to be the infamous homosexual outlaw Heai Madrid, wore a cross necklace. The same one that Pert Lisbon wore during the days that the two siblings were being abused.

"H-how...did this gay dude get the necklace?" Tracy wondered.
"Yeah, I still remember Pert wearing it even on his dead corpse during the funeral services a few days ago." said Travis.

"Could this be..."
"N-no way..."

Still with many questions in their minds, Tracy and Travis went back home. But when Tracy was looking for the key, she couldn't find it anywhere.

Then there was a man who gave him the key, and quickly ran off.

"Hey wait!"

Tracy and Travis chased the man all the way to their backyard. They couldn't believe their eyes.

It was the ghost of Pert Lisbon. And alongside him was the ghost of Heai Madrid. They were holding each other's hands.

Pert and Heai told the two siblings about everything else that happened, and about their family histories. Both Travis and Tracy were quite surprised, and suddenly changed their viewpoint of their demented brother-in-law.

"So you did this for a reason, huh?" Said Travis.
"You just wanted to be loved, right?" Said Tracy. "So it was true that mom didn't really care about you and only sought after men."

But Pert just smiled at them. "That's all in the past now. Like it or not, me and Heai are still going to hell, to pay the necessary damages."

Pert also introduced Heai to them. They felt comfortable with each other.

"Please take care of our elder brother, Heai." said Travis.
"Yeah, even though he used to be evil, he's still our brother by our mother's side." said Tracy.

"I understand, guys. Don't worry about him...he's in good hands." said Heai.

Both men then descended into a dark pit, and was gone forever.

But suddenly, there was a bright light. Two other spirit figures appeared in front of the siblings. It was their parents.

"Tracy, the order of God in the heavens..." said their dad.
"Pert and Heai are still qualified for Heaven, because they have saved your lives at the last minute." said their mom.

Tracy and Travis fell into tears as both Pert and Heai were taken back from hell and back to the surface of the earth. And with a final farewell, they both entered the skies, along with Mr. and Mrs. Melbourne. It was the most magnificent sight that Tracy and Travis would encounter in their whole life.

Many years later, Tracy married a man named Chuck and had two children. Travis had a girlfriend named Stacey. And even on that time and far beyond, the two siblings continued to tell about their adventures with Pert and Heai, and taught them the value of love and being loved.


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