Monday, September 3, 2012

The Adventures of Travis and Tracy

In the streets of Marin County, California, on January 29, 2012, there was a young 16-year-old girl running from a madman in the middle of the night. Wearing only pajamas and a spaghetti top, she had long, black hair, and was carrying around a bloody blanket. When she took a detour around a store, she made it through the traffic light and suddenly, she saw the madman chasing her. The man was hit brutally by a speeding vehicle.

Then there was a boy, probably in another place, with tears of joy running from his eyes.

Early the next day, the young girl, who had slight bandages, went to the hospital. She seemed so excited for something.

But for now, let's rewind to 2005.

The Melbourne family lived in Marin County as a middle-class family. John and Amy Melbourne had two children: Tracy, who was 9-years old in that time, and Travis, who was 7. John works as an executive of a men's clothing company, and Amy is a regular housewife.

Unfortunately, the husband and wife often engage in heated arguments, and this disrupts the children's perception of their parents. They think that they are not loved. There was always fighting and shouting and they couldn't stand it.

Until one fateful day, Pert Lisbon, their 22-year-old brother-in-law from Amy's former marriage, came into the house for frequent visits. Pert would then play and take care of Tracy and Travis in the absence of their real parents' care.

But things didn't take a good turn after that.

Pert was actually a rebel child who used drugs, and it influenced his way of thinking. He became addicted to sexual habits, and began to apply them to the kids. Often times, he even physically abuses them when they are not following him, probably due to his jealousy to the kids. He also threatened them not to tell their parents or they will get killed.

There was one particular day when Tracy was so badly hurt that she couldn't stand. But when Travis tried to help, Pert pushed him towards the wall and injuring his head badly. He fell into a coma and was sent to the hospital. Tracy stood courageous to the one who hurt her brother; she witnessed against Pert. And with the help of her parents, Pert was put in jail and never to bother them again.

Meanwhile, Travis was still in a deep coma. He started living his life in a dream world.

In this dream world, he and his sister are the young children of the king and queen of a kingdom known as Mariensse. They are knights-in-training who once helped in capturing a wild dragon and putting it into a dungeon. He and his sister lived peacefully together, along with his parents.

Until one day, a huge storm came. Strikes of lightning and earthquakes shook the dungeon and tearing it apart. The dragon was set free.

Travis and his sister Tracy were sword-training one night when they heard a big explosion in the castle. To their disappointment, the castle was burned down and crushed by the dragon, killing all of the people there, including their parents. They cried so hard.

But that didn't mean that they gave up everything.

With the remaining knights outside, they set forth to chase the dragon by riding in the small flying chariots. Travis picked up his sword, passed it to Tracy, and Tracy took aim for the dragon's heart.

With a courageous thrush, tears of joy fell from the boy's eyes. The dragon had finally died.

The catastrophic scene fades away as Travis held his sister tight while crying. A white light surrounds him after that, seeing his sister smiling and saying goodbye.

We are now back to January 2012, where this 16-year-old girl goes to a hospital very excited.

She opens a room that has the sign: "Travis Melbourne".

With tears from her eyes, she finally receives the reward of her long sacrifice. Travis wakes up from his 7-year coma, reuniting with his sister, Tracy.

"Welcome back, Travis!" Tracy said with a smile.
"Glad to be back, sis!" Travis said, but quite confused. "But why do you look different now? A-and why am I different also?"
"Seven years have passed, Travis. You and I have grown up, and so has Pert."
Travis remembered quickly. "Pert...what happened to him? Did he...die?"
"H-how did you know?"
"W-well, there was a dragon in my dream that both of us had killed. I got the feeling that it was him."
"Oh really?" Tracy was surprised. "Then you probably knew what happened to our parents!"
Travis thought for a moment, and then broke in to slight tears. "Oh yeah...they died too." He said with a sigh.
"Sad, isn't it?" Tracy embraced her brother.

"But hey, it's okay! At least you and I are here! And we're alive!", said Tracy.

They wiped each other's tears.

"Yeah, you're right." said Travis. "But I need to catch up to the real world now. I can't believe I missed a lot. I'm still a kid in mind, after all."
"Oh don't worry about that." said Tracy with a smile. "I've got a boyfriend now. We can help you catch up!"

After they left the hospital, there was a news report on the TV of the information area. A 29-year-old man who escaped from prison last week was hit brutally by a speeding vehicle. His skull was busted open, exposing his brains. His body was also covered in a pool of blood. He was reported to be chasing a young girl in a bloody blanket, but the girl was nowhere to be found, as not many people saw her face.

Just to make sure, Tracy cut her hair short, and dyed it back to its original color when they were kids, which is mahogany.


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